10 Best Google Analytics Alternatives For 2024 (Free and Paid)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Google Analytics collects data from apps and websites to provide reports that provide business insights. However, it is not GDPR compliant and has several limitations. To be fully compliant with GDPR, you must request permission, which means that if visitors decline to be monitored, you may not receive an accurate picture of your data. Businesses seek alternatives to Google Analytics because of these reasons so if you want to use a different tool for your business, continue reading as we discuss the best Google Analytics alternatives in 2024, both free and paid.

What Is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a tool for search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing. It collects information from apps and websites to produce reports that will give you insights into how well your business is doing. It can gather demographic data, track client task completion, discover trends and patterns in behavior, and provide information on the success of a company’s marketing strategies and campaigns. Google Analytics lets users track how visitors connect with their web pages over time.

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Alternative to Google Analytics Platform: Top 10 Picks

1. Clicky

Web analytics software called Clicky offers real-time analytics about the website traffic data while respecting your privacy. In addition to giving other services like uptime monitoring and heatmaps, which let you see the user’s path across your website, it prioritizes quantitative data. The traffic analytics features of Clicky also let you set up automated notifications for conversions, the amount of logged-in visitors, and other relevant data. Up-time monitoring also lets you know right away if your website is offline.

Clicky offers a 21-day free trial for new users and four subscription plans.

  • Pro – Monthly pricing is $9.99. Annual pricing is $79.99.
  • Pro Plus – Monthly pricing is $14.99. Annual pricing is $119.99.
  • Pro Platinum – Monthly pricing is $19.99. Annual pricing is $159.99.
  • Custom – Customized pricing.

2. Matomo

Matomo is a Google Analytics alternative that’s an open-source web analytics platform created to help enterprises improve customer experience and decision-making while preserving personal data privacy, compliance, and data ownership. With a comprehensive set of features like heatmaps, session recordings, objectives, form analytics, e-commerce, and funnels, this premium web analytics and conversion optimization tool is made to provide you with the most compelling information.

Nearly all Google Analytics features are available in Matomo, along with extras like heatmaps, session recordings, SEO keyword reporting, and A/B testing. It offers real-time updates on visitor information and has goal conversion tracking to keep tabs on corporate goals. 

Matomo offers two plans: On-Premise for free, with additional features available for a fee, and Cloud for €19 per month. In addition, you can create an enterprise plan by selecting custom features from each plan.

3. Fathom Analytics

Fathom Analytics is a software platform that concentrates on its software’s usability and digital privacy. Only the fact that a page was viewed will be recorded when someone visits your website, but not by whom. It is compliant with the GDPR, CCPA, ePrivacy, and PECR, among others. 

Providing your website’s usage data on a single page containing the most pertinent information fulfills its commitment to simple analytics. In addition, it claims that it can get through ad blockers and that its embed code runs faster than GA’s, making it more SEO-friendly.

Fathom Analytics offers a 30-day free trial and monthly plans depending on your average monthly page views.

Here are some of the pricing examples: (More plans available for higher page views)

  • 100,000 monthly page views – Monthly pricing is $14. Annual pricing is $140.
  • 200,000 monthly page views – Monthly pricing is $24. Annual pricing is $240.
  • 500,000 monthly page views – Monthly pricing is $44. Annual pricing is $440.
  • 1,000,000 monthly page views – Monthly pricing is $54. Annual pricing is $540.

4. Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics is a sophisticated, cloud-based web advanced analytics tool. It is designed to assist in monitoring web impact, identifying opportunities, and isolating issues. They emphasize attribution and predictive analytics, which analyze customer data and predict future behavior.

The program offers real-time data, reporting on interactive interfaces, and ad hoc analysis. Adobe Analytics can also evaluate the effectiveness of mobile campaigns and videos. It also generates customized reports for site visitors and is a scalable and secure application.

Adobe Analytics has three subscription plans: Select, Prime, and Ultimate, which are all quotation-based.

5. Plausible 

Plausible Analytics is a compact website analytics tool designed for site owners concerned with privacy. The platform provides useful statistics businesses can use to enhance the end-user experience. Installing and integrating with popular tools like WordPress, Ghost, Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly is easy. Hash-based routing and single-page applications are supported.

Plausible is intuitive and enables users to monitor traffic with monthly and/or weekly reports and receive real-time alerts for hacking activity. It integrates with Google Search Console to display in your Plausible interface the search queries visitors utilize to find your site in Google’s search results.

Subscription plans for Plausible Analytics are priced based on your monthly traffic volume. The subscription cost depends on the total number of pageviews across all the websites connected to your account. 

6. Simple Analytics

Simple Analytics is the only privacy-friendly Google Analytics alternative and a web analytics application that is GDPR-compliant. It is a web analytics tool and a real-time analytics tool with a simplified, user-friendly dashboard that displays your website’s traffic, sources, and user actions. Teams can obtain insights into website performance and receive weekly or monthly email reports. Your data is always encrypted, and no personally identifiable information about your visitors is ever stored. It automatically captures downloads, outgoing links, and email clicks. This allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of any button, hit, or page visit, allowing you to optimize your website based on user interactions.

Simple Analytics has three subscription plans: Starter, Business, and Enterprise.

  • Starter – Monthly pricing is $19. Annual pricing is $9/month ($108 billed annually)
  • Business – Monthly pricing is $59. Annual pricing is $49/month ($588 billed annually)
  • Enterprise – Customized pricing starting at $99+ per month, depending on usage.

7. Mixpanel

Mixpanel Analytics allows you to collect and analyze data for valuable product growth insights. With its advanced and solely quantitative analytics tool and user-friendly interface, it has gained popularity among SaaS companies. It’s a tool for analyzing how consumers interact with your web-based product. It analyzes conversions, app usage, and customer retention rate.

It enables the creation of reports and customized analytics dashboards for analyzing product adoption, conversion rates across various segments, and other crucial metrics. The group analytics feature of Mixapanel enables you to analyze behavioral data as a group and calculate metrics at the account or company level. Its simple integrations with other marketing tools enable more efficient tracking of marketing data.

Mixpanel Analytics offers a free version and two custom subscription plans; Starter, Growth, and Enterprise.

  • Starter – Free plan
  • Growth – Custom pricing starting at $20+ per month.
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing starting at $833+ per month.

8. Woopra

Real-Time Customer Analytics from Woopra enables you to comprehend and interact with your customers and should be viewed as a customer experience analytics tool instead of simple customer tracking software. With a single click, it integrates with dozens of popular third-party applications, including Slack, Zendesk, Google Ads, Google Drive, and WordPress.

It has a live tab that displays visitors who are currently active on your site, where each visitor is located, how each visitor arrived at the site, pages they’ve navigated, and any external links they’ve selected, as well as the option to initiate a live chat with a specific visitor. The funnel reports enable you to identify where your consumers hesitate or abandon their purchases and then monitor the impact of the changes you make in response.

Woopra has three pricing plans: Core, Pro, and Enterprise.

  • Core – Free plan
  • Pro – $999 per month (Offers free 14-day trial)
  • Enterprise – Customized pricing.

9. Heap

Heap is the first digital insights platform that provides a complete picture of your customer journey, allowing you to quickly enhance conversion, retention, and customer happiness. It helps you understand how and why customers interact with your website. In addition, it identifies pain areas in the user experience or conversion funnels.

Heap has a free version and three pricing plans: Growth, Pro, and Premier.

  • Growth – Starts at $3,600 per year.
  • Pro – Customized pricing.
  • Premier – Customized pricing.

10. GoSquared

Go Squared focuses on basic e-commerce analytics that scale from the demands of new businesses to the different services required by a government entity. It gives you an overview of all the key parameters influencing your site’s traffic.

The dashboard is easy to read and access, with everything from source information to visitor count and a dynamic chronology to interaction metrics in one place. Go Squared makes it simple to monitor e-commerce stores, blogs, and online apps all in one place.

GoSquared offers a 7-day free trial. Paid subscriptions begin at $9 monthly, depending on the number of projects and monthly page views.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should You Not Use Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a cookie-based web analytics tool that cannot be used without them. Google Analytics employs cookies, so you will receive permission to store cookies, and your website data is saved on their servers.

What Is Google Analytics Now Called?

Google Analytics 4 replaces Universal Analytics as the next-generation measurement solution. Standard Universal Analytics properties will cease data processing on July 1, 2023. GA4 offers more sophisticated cross-device tracking capabilities, allowing marketers to better understand the consumer journey across numerous devices and touchpoints.

What Blocks Google Analytics?

Many ad blockers, by default, disable Google Analytics, and many of these programs are utilized by Chrome users. If the Easylist option is enabled, the Adblock + Adblock plus Chrome extensions also block Google Analytics. Mozilla Firefox’s Tracking Protection function automatically disables Google Analytics. Google Analytics is disabled by default in browsers such as Ghost.


Understanding your website’s customer behavior while acknowledging privacy laws is crucial to the effectiveness of your online presence. As discussed above, many options exist when seeking alternatives to Google Analytics. Choosing the best analytics alternatives for your website will depend on your personal unique needs and budget to subscribe to a specific analytics tool. Optimizing your online initiatives can improve user experiences and produce measurable advantages for your organization.



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