Best Agency Cold Outreach Strategy


Joe Troyer: Next up, the question that we got was Joe, what’s the best agency cold outreach strategy? Give it to me blank. Give it to me without the B.S., right? Tell me what it is.

Joe Troyer: For me guys, at the end of the day really where this question was headed is like what’s the model that’s best? Is it LinkedIn? Is it Facebook? Is it cold email? What’s the method, so to speak? What’s the medium I guess is really the better question.

Joe Troyer: And folks, what I would suggest … this person is trying to hit a grand slam right out of the gate and not have to go through a learning curve. Understand that that’s not going to happen. You’re going to have to iterate. You’re going to have to play with your messaging.

Joe Troyer: And the medium in terms of where you’re doing it, again whether it’s cold email, whether it’s Facebook, whether it’s a LinkedIn, whether it’s something completely different if I were you I wouldn’t focus on the medium. Okay?

Joe Troyer: Instead I would focus on the messaging. Okay? I would focus on the messaging. Once we get the messaging down we have a market that has a problem, we know how to solve the problem and we know how to demonstrate that via messaging to a customer or to a prospect and close them. Medium is going to work as long as the person’s there. As long as that person is active. Right? The person that you’re trying to sell whether it’s a marketing director or whether it’s the business owner. As long as that person resides in email whether that person resides in LinkedIn, whether that person actually goes on Facebook is really the only question at that stage. Can I get their attention on this platform?

Joe Troyer: Does that make sense? If you try to go prospect on LinkedIn and I tell you LinkedIn and you don’t nail your messaging, you just start with the medium instead. You could go after a niche, right, that quite literally isn’t on LinkedIn and you’re just wasting your damn time.

Joe Troyer: Instead, let’s focus on the messaging. Because if you nail your messaging like this is the key to scale. The key to scale is having an offer that really, really works and that you know what to say, how to say it. You can speak the language. You can speak that person’s niche’s language.

Joe Troyer: Is it an appointment? Is it a doctor? Is it a patient? What do they call things? What are prospects worth to them? How long is their lead time? You gotta get down that lingo so you can have an educated conversation with a prospect without being green. Without being a newbie cannon, right?

Joe Troyer: So if I were you, I wouldn’t focus, again, on the medium in terms of where am I doing it. Instead, I would focus on the messaging. Okay? So don’t focus on the medium, instead focus on the messaging.

Joe Troyer: Next I would pick one niche so that you can get really, really, really hyper focused on the messaging. Right? Because how do you prove your messaging if you’re changing up the niche from time to time to time. That would mean the offer is going to change, the words are going to change. You’re going to have to be thinking on your feet about is this a dentist, is this a home services client, is this a roofing client? What’s the average customer? What’s this? What’s that? Instead of just being able to listen to the fricking’ prospect.

Joe Troyer: So next I think definitely pick one niche. And then folks, this is it. This is all that you have to do in the next 30 days and you could build in the next 30 days your MVP, your minimum viable product. And you could collect six figures in annual contracts, no problem, just focusing on this and throwing the rest of the shit out the fucking window.

Joe Troyer: Don’t build a website. Don’t do this. Don’t do that. Don’t do everything else. This is the MVP. If you do nothing else in the next month, do this. This is what’s going to get you the furthest, okay?

Joe Troyer: There’s one final step that I would use when you start reaching out to prospects cold. And if you have a warm traffic source like you know 10 dentists and that’s the niche that you want to go after. Like we’ll hit all ten of them up and focus on them first and just focus on the messaging and win that before you go on further.

Joe Troyer: But once you exhaust those warm resources and you got to go cold like when you’re leading or when you’re prospecting cold, the last kind of fourth trick, the last kind of big thing is to lead with value. Make them an offer that they can’t refuse. And I’m not saying pitch them in an email on your first acquaintance. That’s too much. You’re trying to take your first date to bed when you just met them at the bar and you didn’t even buy them a drink. It’s just not how things work. So make them an offer. Find something, find your perfect prospect and then find something that’s wrong. Find an issue, find an opportunity and offer to solve it for free.

Joe Troyer: Like hey ABC dentist, Dr. Mike, I saw that there’s a big problem with your website. Your web form isn’t working. I [inaudible] went to fill it out to request to be a patient and it’s not working. Can we jump on a quick 15 minute call and I’ll fix it? Who’s going to tell you no? Then while you’re fixing it you get the idea or you get the opportunity to start focusing on your messaging and start asking questions.

Joe Troyer: Hey Dr. Mike, what are the problems that you’re having in your business right now? What marketing’s working? And just use that as an opportunity to pick their brain. Even if you don’t have an offer yet, don’t worry about that. Just get on the phone and fricking’ learn. Like be a sponge, right? And if you don’t have an offer to go right away, that’s fine. Just be like, “All right Dr. Mike, is there anything that I could help you with right now?” After you get done solving the first problem. Are there any other issues you can think of that maybe I could help you with? Just ask for the business.

Joe Troyer: Use it as a chance to get closer and to learn the niche. Become a student. Become a stu. So this is the four step strategy if I were you to really work on developing an offer and to develop the messaging for that offer and to tie that to a niche. And then ultimately when you start prospecting, you’re going to have to go out cold and you’re not going to be an expert in the niche yet. When you do that, I think personally the best way when you’re in that scenario and your prospecting cold is to lead with value.

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