Best Business Model For Beginners


Joe Troyer: Rocco asks, “What is the best business opportunity to start with for a beginner that’s low cost and that can turn into a monthly income?” So, how about an opportunity that you can start with for a beginner that has almost no cost, and that will turn into a monthly income? Let’s turn that question around a little bit.

Joe Troyer: So, guys I’ve talked about this on the AMA calls, I’ve talked about this over the years that you guys have been following me. I believe that the best business model for beginners is getting paid to learn. Getting paid to implement, and getting paid to perfect your skill or perfect your craft. Which means you do some type of service for local business owners. Consulting, or actually doing a service. At the end of the day, at the end of the day, a lot of people, including me take way too long to figure this out. It’s like, let me think about a business model. Let me just keep thinking about it, and keep getting better training and more training, and eventually I’ll do something with this training. And it all comes down to more and more and more training is the answer. It’s not. It’s not the answer.

Joe Troyer: So this reminds me of a story, so just the other day, I was … I go to cryotherapy almost every day. So basically I get in this chamber that’s really, really super freaking cold, powered by nitrogen. I go in it for whatever it is. Three minutes, or whatever. It’s cold as shit. But I get out of there, and then I’m sitting there, I’d just done squats for the day, my legs are freaking killing me. So then I have this thing called NormaTec, and it’s like these almost like boots you put on so to speak. Essentially it’s like compression.

Joe Troyer: So I do the NormaTec, and I’m sitting there, kind of on my phone, playing around, chatting with my team. One of the guys that works there, this lady walked in, and he introduced me to her. He’s like, “Hey Joe, meet Mia,” or whatever her name was, I forget. “She’s all into social media, she just started a new business, and I told her that she should chat with you.” So I’m like, “Oh, great.” And I’m just kind of shooting the shit with her while I’m sitting there.

Joe Troyer: Guys, at the end of the day, I want you to take this away. She has absolutely zero idea what she’s doing in terms of social media. She just went and bought a course on how to do social media services for people. But the key important thing is, before she ever even bought the course, she went and sold five businesses. Five. To do this on a recurring basis, she freaking jumped. She leaped, and then she went and figured out how to do it. I’ve got to commend her. At the end of the day, you know who you are. She took that freaking leap, and a lot of us just got to get used to taking that leap.

Joe Troyer: What’s the thing, right now that’s going to have the biggest impact on your business? Most of the time, you’re not going to want to admit it, but it’s taking some kind of big leap for you, just like that. I encourage you. Don’t be a pussy. Thou shall not be a pussy. Leap.

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