7 Best Local SEO Courses Ranked & Reviewed May 2023

When it comes to promoting your local business online, local SEO is one of the essential strategies you can use. After all, when customers search for a nearby business, they're likely to check Google first. The same goes for marketers and agencies out there promoting their client sites locally. You want to broaden their online visibility and help them generate more sales. Local SEO is one of the best ways to achieve this.
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What Are the Best Local SEO Courses?

You need to whip your local SEO knowledge to shape so you can maximize your efforts from this strategy.

Below are some of the best free and paid courses out there talking about local SEO.

We’ll talk about their respective features, pricing, and who should sign up for which one. This way, you’ll have all the details you need to make an informed decision as to which course to take.

What Are the Best Local SEO Courses?

Before we begin listing down which among the local SEO courses is right for you, we must define what makes these courses the “best” out there.

Truth be told, the answer may vary depending on who you ask, but a few key factors are important when considering any type of local SEO training:

  1. The quality of the content and whether or not it is up-to-date. There is no point in paying for an SEO course that covers outdated information because the tactics being taught will be less effective or, in some cases, completely obsolete.
  2. It should be taught by an experienced instructor. Someone who can provide real-world examples and answer any questions you might have.
  3. Consider the delivery method. Some people prefer to learn by watching videos, while others prefer reading text or listening to audio. There is no right or wrong answer here, and it simply comes down to personal preference.
  4. The price of the online course. It is essential to find an affordable course that still delivers quality content. Unfortunately, there are a lot of courses out there that are overpriced and offer very little value.

With all of that in mind, let’s look at some of your options for the best local SEO course that would be a good match for you.

1. Pigzilla Local SEO Training

Bring The Bacon By Pigzilla

Pigzilla offers one of the best local SEO courses. They’re focused on helping you learn how to optimize your website for search engines with their ‘Bring Home the Bacon’ program. It provides coaching and mentorship throughout all stages of development, from beginners to experts!

Top Features:

Pricing Plans

Pigzilla Pricing
  1. Bring Home the Bacon: Community Only – Access to Private Slack Group Only // Cancel Whenever You Want for $5/month.

  2. Bring Home the Bacon: Content + Community (7 Days Free) – Access to SEO Training Guides + Private Slack Group // Cancel Whenever You Want for $49/month.

Joe's Take:

I have to say that I am incredibly impressed with Pigzilla.

Pigzilla offers comprehensive SEO services for small and large businesses. No matter what kind of website or campaign size we are talking about – they’ve got something right. They also give you the best of both worlds: expertise without the hefty price tag! Try their local SEO training program free for 7 days.

Pricing: Prices range from $4-$49 per month. 

2. Bright Local Academy

Bright Local Academy will help you learn how to use local keywords to your advantage with this free, hands-on local SEO training. A local search expert teaches you the fundamentals of local keyword research before moving on to more advanced tactics to put you ahead of the pack.

Top Features:

Pricing Plans

All local SEO courses offered by BrightLocal are free of charge.

Joe's Take:

Bright Local is a good place to start with your foundational understanding of local SEO. Their simple explanations make it an excellent opportunity for beginners to maximize SEO for businesses.

The courses allow you to get a certificate to start your career as an SEO specialist. Check out their free SEO courses.

3. Local U Local University

Local U Local University Local Search & SEO

Local U Local University believes everyone should have access to the best marketing techniques.

Their local SEO courses are geared toward professionals from all walks of life, including small business owners. Their local SEO training provides great insights to marketing professionals to learn how they can take their business or agency’s reach beyond what was possible before.

Whether you’re an individual looking into basic training options or someone with big aspirations who want hands-on experience in all aspects of local SEO.

Top Features:

Pricing Plans

  1. Premium – 12 sessions for $10,000 
  2. Plus – 6 sessions for $7,500
  3. Lite – 1 session for $1,500


Local U is the only course on the list that offers live training the latest, which makes it one of the most useful and valuable. The interactivity between trainers and attendees regarding the lesson paves way for a more dynamic way of learning local SEO. Get in touch with one of their experts by signing up!

4. Local SEO Training By Yoast

Yoast’s Local SEO Course contains five modules covering all you need to start or improve your website’s performance in Google Maps listings. The videos provide plenty of examples as well. This program will inspire anyone who wants more success with their online presence by ensuring they are at the top spot on those first few pages where traffic comes from.

Top Features:

Pricing Plans

  1. Free – Basics of SEO, WordPress, and the free version of the Yoast SEO plugin.
  2. Premium – Access to all Yoast SEO academy courses and premium SEO plugins for $99/year.


The Local SEO Course by Yoast provides you with all the information you need to develop a winning local search engine optimization strategy.

When choosing between the two packages, go with Premium instead. You get to unlock all of Yoast’s training materials and access its premium plugin which you can use to implement all its teachings on your WordPress site.
You can start a free trial lesson by signing up.

5. Local SEO Fundamentals By Moz

Moz’s resources always deliver when it comes to the ABCs for SEO. Its Local SEO Fundamentals course is no different. It consists of various courses covering the different aspects of local SEO. It’s a practical, skills-building workshop that covers essential topics in an easy-to-understand way.

Top Features:

Pricing Plans

  1. Starter Pack, three courses for $149
  2. SEO Essentials Certification, six courses for $595
  3. Technical SEO Certification, five courses for $395
  4. SEO Competitive Analysis Certification, six courses for $395
  5. Other packages they offer


Moz’s local SEO courses are ideal for agencies and marketers who are knowledgeable on different aspects of local SEO but need to brush up their skills with the rest.

Best of all, each course grants you an SEO Certification, which is proof that they passed Moz’s rigorous training with flying colors. They can use it as a way to showcase their local SEO knowledge to attract new clients.

Browse Moz’s full catalog of courses by clicking here.

6. Local SEO By Fiverr

Fiverr’s Local SEO: Put Your Business on The Map will help you discover how to improve a company’s local SEO performance. It is jam-packed with real-world examples, doable activities, and downloadable materials.

The training course is easy to understand and will allow you to use them to optimize a website for local search immediately.

By the end, not only will you know how to increase social media followers or sales but also how to get more customers!

Top Features:

Pricing Plans

PackageLocal SEO: Put Your Business On The Map, 9 chapter course syllabus plus a quiz to test your knowledge for $52.


Fiverr’s course is geared towards people who want to learn local SEO skills at an affordable price. It covers a wide range of topics guaranteed to help them understand the finer things of ranking small businesses on local organic search.

Sign up for $52 to get unlimited access to course materials and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

This includes exercises and quizzes to help you put theory into practice.

7. Local SEO Course by SEMrush

In this course by SEMrush, you’ll learn from an expert how to make sure that SEO is done right and what tools are best practices at every stage of digital marketing—from web design all way down to content strategy, so your site will be ranking high in local search results!

Top Features:

Pricing Plans

Package: Good news! The Local SEO courses that they offer are FREE!

  1. SEO Fundamentals Course
  2. Mobile SEO Course
  3. MobileInternational, and Local SEO Course

You might also like to explore their other free local SEO courses.


SEMrush’s simple course structure is ideal for learning local ranking factors and how they impact your online visibility, which are the building blocks for local SEO.

Also, after passing SEMrush’s Local SEO Exam based on the teachings from its free courses, you receive a certification that verifies you knwledge about building and implementing local SEO strategies for businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can learn SEO on your own. However, it will take some time and effort to do so. There are a lot of resources available online and in libraries that can help you learn the basics of SEO. Once you understand the basics, you can start experimenting with different techniques to see what works best for your website.

Coding is not a requirement for SEO. However, it would be an advantage to have at least a basic knowledge about coding, which can help you better understand how a local search engine works and what they look for when they index websites.Its secure checkout process helps protect your shop from fraud and prevents unauthorized access to your files.
Additionally, Shopify's analytics dashboard allows you to track transactions, measure the success of marketing campaigns, engage with customers, monitor inventory levels, and easily accept payments, so you don't have to worry about monitoring or managing them manually. In short, Shopify is an excellent choice if you want to sell physical and digital products.

More and more local businesses recognize the importance of investing in organic search visibility, and they are willing to pay for it. In addition, there is a lot of potential for professionals that have local SEO skills.Additionally, Shopify's analytics dashboard allows you to track transactions, measure the success of marketing campaigns, engage with customers, monitor inventory levels, and easily accept payments, so you don't have to worry about monitoring or managing them manually. In short, Shopify is an excellent choice if you want to sell physical and digital products.

Yes, small companies need local SEO. It allows small businesses to compete with more prominent corporations. In addition, SEO helps consumers locate your business and build trust and credibility with potential local customers.Additionally, Shopify's analytics dashboard allows you to track transactions, measure the success of marketing campaigns, engage with customers, monitor inventory levels, and easily accept payments, so you don't have to worry about monitoring or managing them manually. In short, Shopify is an excellent choice if you want to sell physical and digital products.

If you are starting from scratch with no prior experience, it will probably take you several months to learn SEO basics. But if you are already familiar with web technologies and have some marketing experience, you can probably learn the basics quite quickly, in weeks or even days.


Deciding which among the resources above is the best local SEO course for you depends on various factors.

For now, we highly recommended Pigzilla as your local SEO training course of choice. It covers the basic and advanced tactics and strategies for helping local clients or even your small business to get in touch with your local audience more effectively. Not to mention, its vibrant Slack channel is a goldmine of ideas from other members that perfectly complement the online modules.

Agencies with a local SEO team will greatly benefit from Local U‘s approach to training its local SEO students. The live, hands-on session provides an immersive experience guaranteed to help your organization get the most information from the course.

Finally, Yoast’s Premium SEO course is perfect for site owners looking to grow their local organic presence themselves with the help of one of the most popular WordPress plugins available.



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