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Table of Contents

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A well-liked kind of entertainment is business reality TV, which highlights the struggles, triumphs, and failures of business owners, financiers, and executives.

There are a lot of TV shows for everyone, whether they are seeking fun, education, or inspiration. The best TV programs to watch in 2024 are listed below.

What Are Business Reality TV Shows?

A reality TV show is a kind of television program that seeks to depict how regular people act in real-world events or scenarios constructed frequently by the show’s producers seeking to reflect life.

Best Business TV Shows for Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2023

There are both fictional and reality business TV series on television but each one can teach you something that will make you a better businessperson.

Shark Tank

The American adaptation of a global concept known as The Tigers of Money, which first debuted in Japan in 2001, the show premiered in 2009.

It is an entrepreneurial series that encourages viewers to have bigger dreams and advance their companies with resources and know-how.

Watch as aspiring businesses present their innovative ideas to a group of influential investors who will risk their capital to get a piece of the game. As these aspirational start-ups compete to realize their ideas, there are high-stakes elements involving pressure and persuasion at play.

In this fast-paced corporate world, it’s sink or swim with nail-biting negotiations, game-changing agreements, and inspirational success tales.

Likewise, it is an accurate reflection of how difficult and stressful it can present a product and how crucial it is aware of and comprehend your company’s financial aspects.

The show assists entrepreneurs with the infrastructure they need to make their businesses succeed. eCommerce, manufacturing, company management, and branding.

Silicon Valley

Released in 2019, also it was influenced by Mike Judge, the series’ co-creator, who worked at a software firm in Silicon Valley in the 1980s. 

The antics of software developers and programmers as they try to be successful entrepreneurs in the San Francisco Bay Area are the focus of this comedic series. It demonstrates how challenging it can be for business people to stand out in such a cutthroat environment. 

The program places a solid emphasis on the value of investor connections and networking. Silicon Valley serves as another example of the significance of timing in the introduction of new goods and services. Entrepreneurs can improve their probability of achievement in Silicon Valley by comprehending these ideas.

This tech show relies somewhat on real companies and people, like with other tech shows. As a result, the series offers a fantastic insight into the technology sector and a fairly accurate portrayal of daily life in Silicon Valley.

Restaurant Startup

The television show debuted in 2014. The show’s last episode aired in 2016. It is a three-season American cooking competition television program that aired on CNBC.

The two judge-investors interact with prospective chefs on the show, sample their food, hear about their ideas, and then choose which of them they want to help in their culinary careers.

Between two aspiring entrepreneurs for a new restaurant, the judges/investors make their selection. The winning team will then receive $7,500, a location, and some assistants to develop their restaurant concept (including the branding, decoration, and menu) and convert it into a working restaurant in under 36 hours.

The staff runs the restaurant for several hours after bringing in customers. After the team and the investors have met, a single or both of the sponsors may present an investment proposal.

Planet of the Apps

Planet of the Apps was released in 2017. It is equivalent to Shark Tank for mobile applications. To collaborate with one of the four judges for six weeks, programmers have sixty seconds to propose the concept of their app to the judges.

The program gives viewers a look inside at how a software business is founded, from idea generation to investor presentation. The “pitch-off” involving the teams that conclude each episode allows the judges to select which app will advance to the next stage. For anybody interested in creating their own business, Planet of the Apps serves as an educational and enjoyable television series.

Dragons’ Den

In the UK, Den debuted in 2005. Although the show’s premise is identical to the one of Shark Tank, its structure is quite different.

It is a reality television show that follows a group of business owners presenting their ideas to an investment panel. For students who would launch their firms, the program might provide insight into the business world.

Successful business people with a wealth of expertise and knowledge make up the Dragon’s Den panel. As a result, they are in a position to offer the entrepreneurs helpful comments. Entrepreneurs can improve their chances of success by revising their business strategies with the help of this feedback.

Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon Ramsey, a British chef, is the foul-mouthed protagonist of Kitchen Nightmares. This television program focuses on giving struggling restaurant owners a second chance.

In addition to that, they were also yelled at, cursed at, and treated badly throughout the arduous procedure. His brutally honest attitude to his work, particularly with restaurant business leaders and staff, has thousands of detractors, but it’s an excellent method to learn how to conduct small business with people you’ve never met.

Furthermore, he has a really special way of reviving restaurant enterprises that were on the verge of failure; as a result, it’s a terrific approach to understanding how to triumph over adversity.

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How I Made My Millionaire

This program gives viewers a behind-the-scenes peek into multimillion-dollar companies to demonstrate how typically unremarkable people have developed their ideas into wildly prosperous businesses.

The featured business owners all took some risks, had faith in their concepts, worked incredibly hard, and help you become billionaires.

This program is intriguing because it tells the history of several well-known companies and shows how Whitehall built multinational corporations from nothing.

You will find this to be both motivating and inspiring as an entrepreneur.

The Apprentice

The first season of the American reality business show, The Apprentice US aired in 2004. The UK quickly followed suit and debuted its version of the program in 2005.

Into the boardroom, where aspiring business leaders battle fiercely for coveted positions across vast global corporations. Each week, candidates are required to demonstrate their mettle in arduous undertakings and brutal negotiations, but one of them will prevail.

This high-stakes event, which is hosted by a well-known entrepreneur, provides essential insights into the abilities and tactics required to succeed in today’s cutthroat business environment.

Undercover Boss

A huge, successful business will physically go undercover by donning a disguise and acting as a new hire, typically doing a less-than-glamorous function.

All of this is done so that the CEO may see their company honestly, from the inside, and without the customary gloss.

They do a fantastic job of ensuring that the entire firm is scrutinized. Business systems up to interactions between employees and customers.

Once the managers’ working week is through, they choose a select group of really deserving employees and give them some rather significant awards.

It is one of the business-related TV series that is not only about generating money; it’s also a terrific lesson in humility and highlights how treating your employees properly usually results in better work and more loyalty.

The Profit

This television program is about Marcus Lemonis, the chief executive officer of Camping World. When Lemonis isn’t operating his firm, he works to salvage small enterprises by providing financing in exchange for ownership stakes in the businesses. More than one hundred small enterprises have been successfully turned around by Lemonis.

As it offers an inside look at the difficulties and accomplishments of operating a business, the program is a fantastic source of knowledge and motivation for business.

Lemonis frequently explores new and uncharted businesses, and watching The Profit is an excellent method to learn about other industries. It was released in 2013.


Released in 2019, the series that follows the veteran NFL player who is now attempting to establish a new profession as the agent and financial officer for present NFL players is followed in this incredibly lighthearted and humorous show.

Nevertheless, the show is entertaining, it also offers insightful information about the corporate world. Ballers offers a behind-the-scenes look into the sports sector, which is useful for many entrepreneurs.

The program covers a range of subjects, including contract negotiations, endorsement arrangements, and money management. Entrepreneurs may obtain helpful insights into the professional sports industry that will aid them in running their enterprises.

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What Qualifies a TV Show as Successful?

The television show isn’t deemed successful by industry standards until it has shown more than 100 episodes. Likewise, a season of television typically consists of 22 episodes, a program must air for a total of four and a half seasons until it becomes a hit.

What Four Categories of Reality TV Exist?

Dating reality shows, unique family reality shows, gaming reality shows, and reality programs that blend different cultures are the four main categories of reality television.

What Does a Series-A Investor Want?

The potential of the enterprise, how much it is valued, and how that value may fluctuate over time are the underlying assumptions of the entire venture. Several Series-A investors desire substantial returns on their investments, with 200% to 300% targets over several years not uncommon.


Watching business reality TV is a fantastic way to be entertained and educated at the same time. You may learn from them about the worlds of leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship. They may encourage you to work for your objectives and aspirations.

Regardless of whether you enjoy Silicon Valley, The Profit, Shark Tank, or any other TV program, you can always find something interesting to watch. Reality series can be inspiring and educational in addition to being entertaining. They are the ideal fusion of work and pleasure.



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