TC 015 : Charles Kirkland – The Best Traffic Sources You’ve Never Heard Of

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Today we have on Charles Kirkland the Founder of the Media Buyers Association. He is one of the leaders in paid digital media, media buying and a repeat Top Vendor on Clickbank.

He tells us all about the secret sources that can drive HUGE amounts of traffic.

We cover a huge range of topics related to media buying and traffic such as…

  • He covers what media buying is.
  • The mindset of the user and how that effects your landing page and offer.
  • How important metrics are for paid media.
  • Dayparting to make sure your ad shows up at the highest ROI timeframe.
  • Why sometimes it’s better to be number #2.
  • Using Level A and Level B for your targeting.
  • A special tool that will help you generate 1,000s of sites to target from one competitor.
  • Becoming a ‘Sniper’ with your bidding.
  • Why targeting different variations of a URL can drastically increase or decrease your ROI.
  • Targeting based on User Intent.
  • Verifying your traffic so you never get burned.





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