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This interview was so great we couldn’t include it all.  Get our bonus notes including things like Colin’s  ‘4 Beats to a Story’ which will have you creating stories that sell in 4 simple steps.   Plus learn more about how he positions free content versus promotions and advice for a newbie copywriter.  Lastly you’ll even get our personal notes from the interview on everything we talked about.

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After 5 corrupted Google Hangouts and 3 Skype calls, we have an incredible interview with Master Copywriter Colin Theriot.

He accidentally fell into a job writing copy and helped create sales material for a campaign that did $24 million with StomperNet.

Since then he’s had a very successful career as a freelancer and now focuses instead on products rather than client work.  His ‘Cult of Copy’ Facebook group has grown organically to over 11,000 members as of writing.

This is a packed interview and we cover topics such as:

  • How he accidentally helped write a sales material for a $24 million launch
  • Becoming the ultimate authority
  • Turning your competitors into your customers
  •  Creating a 5 year plan for ‘guru’ status
  • Transitioning from a service business to a product business
  • 3 Foolproof Ways to Create Real Scarcity
  • The Secrets High Paid Copywriters Don’t Admit
  • Handling Objections for Better Copy
  • The 3 Emotions That Will Resonate for Any Market or Niche
  • Creating Content that Easily Presells Your Products

We’ve Provided the Transcription Directly Below