The One Hour Per Week Content Marketing Plan for Agencies

The One Hour Per Week Content Marketing Plan for Agencies

Table of Contents

Table of Contents



Joe Troyer: Without further adieu, we’re going to go ahead and we’re going to jump right in today. So the goal for me in content marketing is to be able for me to stay in front of my audience, right, and to be able to do so in a very, very leveraged way. So I’m talking about spending one hour or less per week ideally creating content, and I don’t mean like one hour shooting video. I mean one hour planning, one hour shooting, one hour from start to finish, okay?

Joe Troyer: So the way that I do this is through these weekly AMAs. The way that I’m doing this and I’m running this process inside of my agency, my new agency that I’m building, I don’t have a ton of customers, so I’m doing it from scratch. So I’m still every week running a webinar to just cut, or running and ask me anything, there’s nobody on. I think last week we had two people on. I’m running it just to do the recording, then we’re cutting it and we’re going from there, so don’t think like you have to have a bunch of customers to jump on a weekly call with you for this to be worthwhile.

Joe Troyer: The reason I like to do it live is again I like to do everything that I do in bulk. If I’m writing emails, I’m going to do that in bulk. If I’m writing a webinar, I’m going to do it in bulk. If I’m replying to my customers, I’m going to do it in bulk. That’s how I get leverage and that’s how you guys should be getting leverage as well.

Joe Troyer: All right, so when I create a video for the first time, the first one is going to suck. The second one is going to get better, the third one is going to get even better. I’m going to find a sweet spot, I’m going to find a groove, and that’s how I get leverage and that’s how you guys should too.

Joe Troyer: So my goal is to create seven five-minute videos roughly. Now, some will be, guys, six months, some will be three minutes, but at the end of the day, I want you guys to see here that on average, seven videos at five minutes apiece, that’s only 35 minutes. How many of you guys can dedicate 35 minutes to answering some frequently asked questions about the things that you do in your business? I’m not asking you to go spend hours and hours and hours researching things. I’m asking you guys to take all the training and all of the knowledge that you guys have, and trust me when I say you guys have a ton as marketers versus any business owner that doesn’t run a marketing agency. I can ask you guys a question, and with some context, and today I’m going to teach you guys the context and the formula, you guys are going to be able to create videos super, super easy.

Joe Troyer: So again, my goal is every single day to drop out a brand new piece of content. For me, I release my content at nine a.m. Eastern. It doesn’t matter so much, guys, at the end of the day when you drop it, just make the commitment to drop it. For me, I can tell you guys that I make the commitment to do it every day because that’s how I build a habit. When I started working out, I started getting in shape, I made up the decision in my head that I was going to do something. For me, the next step was all about making it a habit. I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t create a habit if I don’t do it every day.

Joe Troyer: The great thing is is once you decide to do that and you do it every day, and you can make that public declaration to your customers, to your prospects, to the people that you know that this is what you’re going to do, trust me when I say it, they’ll call you out if you don’t do it.

Joe Troyer: So I record the video. Each video gets sliced up, so in a webinar like this, I could record five little segments, I could record seven little segments, and at the end of the day, they’re all just going to get cut up into their own little pieces of content. Then we’re going to take that and we’re going to embed the video on, our blog. You would embed it on your blog, and then we’re going to go order the transcript from is where we’re currently using to do the transcript, and then we’re going to put the transcript below the video. Then last, but not least, all the content gets shared across all the major social channels, or at least for me, guys, all of my major social channels. Richard Jones says, “Didn’t see the email about the reminder, sorry I’m late.” Not a problem, brother. Good to have you.

Joe Troyer: So high level guys, this is what it looks like, right? I run the webinar, I batch record. Then I go to repurpose, and when I go to repurpose, I clip a little video. What’s in this example is that funeral service website audit. I then go put that on YouTube, I embed it on the blog, and then I put the transcript below it, and then last, but not least, it gets dripped out to social.




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