TC 031: Brad Costanzo – A Doublecast on Content Marketing, Masterminds & Much More

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Today we have on good friend Brad Costanzo for something unique… the first ever ‘doublecast’.
Brad runs the awesome podcast Bacon Wrapped Business so we decided to do something special and create a podcast that simultaneous went out both on The TriggerCast and on Bacon Wrapped Business. It’s a bit of a double interview where Brad and Sweeney go back and forth on different topics.

Here’s a few of the highlights Brad and Sweeney shared in the interview:

  • What we’ve learned from podcasting for the past year
  • Getting great guests on your show
  • Content Marketing: How to spread your blogposts leveraging BuzzSumo and Influencers
  • Baking in the promotion into the content
  • Our most successful podcasts and why they were so successful
  • Trust Me I’m Lying for manipulating blogs and news stories
  • Should you join a mastermind group? Paying the litmus fee.
  • ‘The most success I’ve ever had is through the relationships. The best relationships I’ve had are through masterminds. The best masterminds are typically paid. The more you pay the better access you get.’
  • ‘If I had to do it again I probably would have joined the biggest mastermind I could find.’
  • Find a success story, or testimonial, and follow up with them to see what they did.
  • The 3 and half questions he asks himself or his clients to solve a majority of business problems.  Who else has what I need and who else needs what I have?
  • Importance of Design and UX
  • Running a Giveaway






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