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Credit Repair Cloud Review

Credit Repair Cloud


Credit Repair Cloud is a credit repair software product that is offered for a fee by the credit repair company. This software cannot be used to repair the credit of an individual.

Credit Repair Cloud is a software designed to help business management for clients as well as several other tools. This package can help meet many business needs if a company needs help with the creation of credit repair businesses.

The company also promises that the product contains all of the necessary tools to launch an innovative credit recovery business.

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What Are the Best Platforms For Selling Digital Products?

Credit Repair Cloud Company Overview

Credit Repair Cloud provides cloud-based, B2B, and SaaS solutions for credit repair companies worldwide. The software provides credit-repairing software with a CRM platform and fuels much of the American credit repair industry today. 

Credit Repair Cloud is used by over 3000 customers worldwide. It is used by lenders to enhance clients’ credit scores or if an individual is seeking credit repairs. Credit Repair Cloud is a comprehensive business solution software for creating recurring revenue businesses.

How Credit Repair Started

Daniel Rosen established the Credit Repair Cloud software in 2002 in Silicon seaside, California, after pulling his hair out trying to repair his very own credit score.

He knew there had been a want for this form of credit document software program, which allowed him to end up the biggest credit repair software inside the enterprise.

There are hundreds of satisfied customers and users, and no person can question its excellence. Moreover, it redefines the billion-dollar enterprise and is one of the world’s most a success credit repair software offerings.

They have a superb workplace in Los Angeles, California, and lots of credit heroes make money working from home.

Stick around, and I will give some greater interesting and beneficial statistics.


Pros and Cons


Credit Repair Cloud Pricing

he cost for the credit repair Cloud subscription is dependent on client numbers for the credit repair business. The more customers you manage, the greater your monthly costs. Credit Repair Cloud consists of four basic plans. The package includes additional clients and teams for a nominal fee. An annual bill would save you 5%. Credit Repair Cloud offers its customers unlimited storage and an online portal. Credit Repair Cloud offers no refunds, but you may cancel the service anytime. The site offers a 30-day trial.

Start Plan

Introducing Payment plans offers a convenient and easy way to get started with credit repair. You will also learn about the different ways you can repair client credit, including business credit.

  • $179/month $143.20/month annual bill
  • Add up to 3 team members
  • Access to core features to train you
  • Unlimited storage, affiliates, and leads
  • Add Up to 300 clients
  • All amazing core features

Grow Plan

These plans are aimed primarily at high-income entrepreneurship. The account will have 600 leads, partners, or team members. Consequently, it is possible to reach 600 customers a month.

  • $299/month $239.20/month annual bill
  • Add up to 6 employees
  • Up to 600 active clients
  • All amazing core features

Scale Plan

It gives everything you need to launch a business. For only $399 monthly, Scale packages offer a domain host and website that can be used for a variety of businesses. The offer includes unlimited emails, unlimited affiliate accounts, unlimited storage, and more than 1000 clients monthly.

  • $399/month $319.20/month annual bill
  • Add up to 12 team members
  • Unlimited storage, affiliates, and leads
  • All amazing core features
  • Up to 1200 active clients

Enterprise Plan

Enterprises are of the highest level and are the most efficient ones at a very affordable cost. This program is intended for companies planning large-scale, high-volume operations using Credit Restore Cloud. Enterprise gives you the ability to use a CRM system in multiple ways – with 24 active customers. Almost all packages can differ in design so each item will aid you in your journey to your goal, it is a different phase for each product. You can start with the Start Package, learn free classes and read some of the books.

  • $599/month $479.20/month annual bill
  • Add up to 24 employees
  • Unlimited storage, affiliates, and leads
  • Up to 2400 active clients
  • All amazing core features

Additional Features

Credit Repair Cloud subscribers have a few basic features, including unlimited storage. Credit Repair Cloud provides several additional tools to handle your credit repair business. The above features of each credit repair cloud subscription as a standard features.


How to Start with Credit Repair Cloud

  • This article will teach you the easiest way to establish a business credit repair with these tools:
  • Register on Credit Repair Cloud and submit a form online. Once the verification has been completed, the staff will contact the customer service representative to obtain further details. They guide you through the process of establishing a new business.
  • When you join Credit Repair Cloud, your advisors will help you all the way. You will have easy-to-understand instruction manuals, video tutorials, support ticketing & custom training programs available.
  • The company provides a web design service that will support the creation of a new business website, managing clients, and recurring billing solutions.

Who is Credit Repair Cloud For?

This Credit Repair Cloud Software is best for beginners and experienced professionals, such as:

Real Estate & Car Sales

It can help you with selling houses for buyers and sellers. Your clients need a good credit rating when refinancing or purchasing a home. If the customer doesn’t get the credit approval, you can improve his or her credit score. The same applies to salespeople. Your client needs to get approval at the lowest interest rate to offer excellent services to your prospective clients.


It’s in my place of origin. Anyone can start a successful business. I worked 9-5 and had suggested to a good friend about fixing credit problems and assisting people. We said yes. We started. We took on the Credit Repair Cloud Challenge. Certainly, anyone can achieve this. You need to learn the process as well as the technical abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Credit Repair cloud an MLM?

Credit Repair Cloud has no MLM. So you don’t get a commission because you are affiliates.

Can I trust Credit Repair Cloud?

Can credit repair services be trusted with other online services such as credit repair? Credit Repair is a leading online repair service. This company proved the company’s ability to contest questionable documents in its customer’s credit histories.

Can you make money doing credit repair?

Credit Repair can make your life more productive. You can start this business using computers and the desire for change in the way people live. Learn how you can repair credit and build a profitable business from home. Some earn millions every year and change their own life.

How much money can a credit repair specialist make?

How many dollars are required for a credit repair agency? Industry-standard costs average $79 to 9999 annually. You can make a decent wage from 50-100 clients with the typical salary range.

Does Credit Repair cloud work in Canada?

Yes. Credit Repair Cloud has a worldwide presence!

Credit Repair Cloud Customer Reviews

Credit RepairCloud offers a direct link to their Trustpilot reviews. At first, it seems to show only positive reviews, however, when you look through the Trustpilot reviews it seems overwhelmingly positive. Four-star reviewers praise credit repair cloud’s informative materials. It’s the only thing that the majority mentions.

We found the majority of reviews very positive and only talk about training but do little use of the software. So, we searched further to find an extensive review that revealed the reasons for this decision.

Wrap Up

Credit Repair Cloud Software could be the best solution for you. Their automated dispute management system as well as integrated tools make them the best place for a credit repair business in any industry.

Nevertheless, it will need some money first. Software subscription prices seem quite costly. While some training is free, some advanced classes are no longer offered. Other premium fee-based added services (for example, web hosting) exist.



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