Don’t Rely On Google My Business Insights For Tracking

Don't Rely On Gmb

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

As an Agency we have NEVER relied on Google My Business to accurately track, and report results to our customers! Yet, I see it time and time again with other agencies.

We don’t trust Google’s data inside the Google My Business platform.


It’s just like Google’s Search Volume ๐Ÿ˜‰

It’s just not right.

Don’t believe me just watch…

Sorry had to sneak in the Bruno Mars lyrics, my son has them stuck in my head today! 

Google Insights reports 55 phone calls in the Month.

Analytic Call Tracking reports 64 Calls in the last 7 days!

*** And this is JUST from our GMB Call Tracking Number…

Yes, you can use a Call Tracking phone number in Google My Business WITHOUT messing up your citations, or your NAP consistency!


  1. ALWAYS double check your stats!
  2. Never forget that numbers, and understanding what’s working is how you scale.
  3. If you’re a consultant you MUST show you’re value…  Show your client your delivering 64 calls in 7 days, vs 55 calls in a month!


Here’s a complete step by step tutorial for setting up your GMB phone call tracking here.




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