Ex Recruiter $18,000 in 48 hours



  1. Atlanta TV Installation

    How did he track who opened his emails?

    • Daniel Fortes

      When you use lead Kahuna they have something called “lead aware” that puts a cookie in your emails to let you know who opened it and how many times. It’s pretty cool software.

      • Atlanta TV Installation

        Thanks Daniel

      • Brad Wilson

        I hear that you need an invite to get Lead Kahuna so where can I get it?

    • Reaper73

      If you have a Gmail account and use Chrome there’s a free extension called Streak that’s awesome.

      Also, great vid Joe and congrats Barton!


  2. Sarvy Emo

    Awesome! Congrats, very inspiring indeed

  3. Paul Davies @Crank Start Media

    @Buy Backlinks – I personally use Yesware – ( no aff link ) They have a free plan you can run indefinitely based on volume. Then it becomes a paid option. You can view , time read , location and device, pretty handy info !

    • Atlanta TV Installation


  4. Paul Davies @Crank Start Media

    Thanks Joe and Bart , great motivation video !

  5. Daniel Fortes

    Congratulations Barton! I love when you said in your email “after 7 years of this sh*t” that was hilarious! Continued success! Joe awesome stuff as usual man!

    • bartonmurray

      thanks Daniel, its true though!!

  6. Joe Troyer

    Talked to bartonmurray last night and hes up to 4 clients @ $1,497 Per Month! Kicking ass and taking names!

  7. LeRoy

    Awesome breakthrough, I’m interested on how you sold him and still negotiated to own the website? Is there any content that talks about these types of deals?

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