The YouTube Creator Academy – A Comprehensive Review of the Graham Stephan Course

YouTube Creator Academy review

Are you an aspiring YouTube creator? If so, you may have considered or come across the YouTube Creator Academy, also known as the Graham Stephan Course.

In the course, Graham Stephan provides a step-by-step system to help aspiring creators create videos that will get noticed, build an engaged audience, and make money from their YouTube channel.

But is it legit?… Is it worth it?

Due to the fake offers and low-quality courses that swarm on the Internet, it may be a concern.

Read on to discover what we found in our review.

YouTube Creator Academy

The YouTube Creator Academy


The Graham Course is an in-depth course that teaches aspiring YouTube creators the skills and strategies they need to plan, start and grow their channels.

The course instructor is Graham Stephan, a successful YouTube creator with over 2.6 million subscribers.

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Table Of Contents

What Are the Best Platforms For Selling Digital Products?

Who Is Graham Stephan?

graham stephan

Graham Stephan is an American real estate agent who works for the Oppenheimer Group, an agency that has built a reputation selling luxury homes in LA.

He also has a brilliant career outside the real estate business. Graham is a YouTube personality best known for his videos on financial topics, and he owns and manages some rental properties in San Bernardino county and Los Angeles in his spare time.

In 2019 CNBC’s Millennial Money series profiled the then-31-year-old Graham Stephan and how he had made $1 million from YouTube.Since then, his life has changed significantly.

He has decreased his time as a real estate agent and to build a solid career as a content creator (YouTube channels and courses like the real estate agent academy).

His YouTube career took off with a shift in the kind of content he creates for his YouTube channel and brand.

The topics of his YouTube videos range from investing and the real estate business to complex financial subjects and analyses of today’s world.

He is an excellent example of how a life can change for the better due to the right career moves and other significant life changes.


What Is the Graham Stephan Course?

According to his website, It is a course where you will learn the strategies and SEO growth hacks that he used to go from zero social media presence and no video editing or YouTube experience to having an +$300,000 per month income from YouTube and different YouTube-related businesses.

In his courses, he shares the strategies that helped him build his YouTube audience step by step as a side hustle while he still had a full-time job during the day.

He collected information from different sources like YouTube videos, forums, and a good dose of trial and error that helped him discover what truly works.

The course condenses all the information he has gathered to help people achieve organic growth on their YouTube channels and valuable hacks to increase your YouTube revenue shortly and without investing in ads.

There are a few public lessons to showcase how the course is delivered, so you can have an idea and decide if it is the kind of program you want to enroll in.

Buying the course gives you access to the entire Graham blueprint for building a YouTube presence and turning your hobby or side hustle into a profitable business and your primary source of income.

What Is the Content of the course?

Testimonials of Success and Introduction to The YouTube Creator Academy Course

Social proof is essential for every kind of business. The beginning of the course is all about the testimonials from successful students that have grown their channels thanks to this course and Graham’s insight.

After this section, the course moves to an introduction to the YouTube Creator Academy, where Graham tells you his story of success as an inspiration for you to see that what you want is achievable if you know and apply the proper hacks and strategies.

Why YouTube

After the introduction, the course answers one fundamental question: Why YouTube? There are multiple platforms to become a successful digital content creator and make revenue from it, like Instagram and Twitter.

Graham explains that there is a fundamental difference between YouTube and most platforms.

First and most important, YouTube enables you to host long videos on niche topics. The second factor is that YouTube is the second search engine after Google.

The platform is not only a place to entertain but also a place to inform and grow your audience.

Finally, the uniqueness of the monetization model from YouTube enables you to generate income through different channels, increasing your chances and sources of revenue.

Before You Start

It is the part where you approach how to prepare a professional YouTube video that stands out from the crowd.

The more effort you put into your production, the more likely you are to produce a high-performing YouTube video.

He talks about the elements to create a video, like keyword research, content planning, video editing, thumbnail design, and more.

He remarks that it is fundamental to be consistent and post high-quality videos regularly.

What Camera Equipment to Use

The quality of your video relies largely on the quality of your equipment. In this section, Grahams teaches what you will need depending on the kind of videos you want to produce. If you are o a budget he also teaches you how to make videos with your phone.

Graham states that people are more inclined to watch professional-looking videos, and by the end of this section you would have learned about how to get the perfect audio, which tripod to use, editing software, and more.

Planning Your Videos

It is time to talk about niche selection. He explains that you need to select a niche you are passionate about, has a high demand and you can see yourself talking about for the following years.

He emphasizes that it is important to have expertise in your niche because it will make the content creation process way easier. Then he embarks into the debate of whether you need to show your face in your videos and also gives you tips on how to select the name for your channel.

Creating Your Videos

It is video creation time! This is the module where Graham outlines the elements you need to shoot a perfect video. He advises you to use simple terms to make the tone of your video fluent and conversation-like so you can convey your message successfully.

This is a strategy to engage your viewers and make them stay until the end of your video. A high retention rate means more views and a higher ranking for your video on organic search.

He closes this section by giving you tips on how to discover viral video ideas and tips to engage your audience.

How To Edit Your Videos

You already have Graham’s insights on the what and the why, and it is the moment to discover how to.

Most of the editing is using iMovie, so he begins by giving a tutorial on the video editing software, including the terms you need to know and the features that will help you edit your video.

According to Graham, your video should be clean and professional. He says the way to achieve it is by increasing watch time and sound effects. By the end of the module, apart from the editing tutorials, you get guidance on how to add end-screen videos and an algorithm trick that will boost your videos.

Creating Your Channel

It’s time to create and optimize your Channel so it can look professional and Rank on YouTube.

At the beginning of this module, Graham teaches the importance of a good thumbnail and banner for your channel. He talks about all the elements you have to consider to design a thumbnail that represents your brand, and a banner that has to be eye-catching and appealing to your audience.

After the first part of the module he talks about customizing your channel template to get more views, and he talks about how to complete the about you section to rank better and be recognized by YouTube and your viewers.

In this section of the course, Graham advises having a channel introductory video and providing viewers with an idea of what you offer and the value you deliver with your content.

Ninja SEO Techniques To Rank First

When you get to this point of your curse you probably already know what you need and how to make a professional-looking YouTube video. It is the moment to learn how to rank your content so you can gain visibility and begin to build your audience.

Graham reminds you that YouTube, and Google, is a search engine which means that SEO plays a huge role in ranking your video. He teaches how to optimize your, a short title is fundamental as well as a specific description that takes into account the keywords you want to rank for.

Finally, he advises you to make the most out of the tags space that YouTube allows you, and put every keyword related to your video to bring as much organic traffic as possible. Finally, he reminds you that a good-looking and attractive thumbnail is fundamental for the success of your video. If your thumbnail is poor and looks bad people think your video will be the same.

Ninja Tactics to Grow Your Channel

In module number 10 Graham shares with you some of his secret and proven tactics to grow a YouTube channel fast and steadily. He begins talking about when to post your videos, and he advises you to consider your demographic to find out the specific time you should publish.

Beast on his own experience growing his YouTube channel drama advises posting at least three times per week because if you post too frequently people will miss out on some of your content and if you don’t post regularly your Channel won’t grow fast.

He also had lights highlighting the importance of promoting your video during the first two to 24 hours after posting. This way you can make YouTube notice your video and push it to new viewers to increase your possibility to go viral.

Remember that you should interact with anyone who comments on your video to post the ranking, especially during the first 24 hours.

Beating the YouTube Algorithm

Discover valuable tricks to help you beat the YouTube algorithm. He explains the importance of social proof (subscribers) because people will be more likely to watch your channel if it has reviews. He advises you to buy subscribers if you have less than 100 when you begin.

He also mentions the importance of collaborating with other channels because cross-promotion is an excellent way to gain a few subscribers and build visibility.

Graham also shares the blueprint for viral content, and other hacks to grow fast.

YouTube Growth Hacks + Monetization Techniques

In the last module, Graham discusses the two types of videos that will help you grow your channel. One type is the algorithm video, which is a clickbaity video that is likely to go viral in just a short amount of time.

The second type of video is the evergreen approach, which continues to receive traffic over time and does not fluctuate much in view and engagement. Monetization is also covered in this module.

There is a dedicated video explaining how to make $100,000 a year with Youtube in this module that you have never heard before. He also explains how to handle copyright claims and demonetization in this module.

Bonus Content

It is important to get familiar with everything you’ll encounter in your YouTube adventure, so after providing the tools and insights on how to succeed with your channel, he gives you access to a Youtube coaching call so you can know what to expect and how to be prepared when your turn comes.

What is the price of the course?

The price of Graham Stephan’s YouTube Creator Academy Course is $397. It includes access to the course content and lifetime access to the private Facebook group. The course provides step-by-step guidance on creating and growing a successful YouTube channel. You’ll learn how to create compelling videos, market your channel, and monetize your content. With the course, you’ll also get access to exclusive interviews with successful YouTube creators

The YouTube Creator Academy by Graham Stephan is a valuable resource for those looking to make money on YouTube. It provides a comprehensive overview of all the basics of becoming a successful YouTube creator, from building an engaged audience to monetizing your channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Graham Stephan have a college degree?

No, he doesn’t. Instead, he decided to become a licensed real estate agent, and he made the right decision because since 2008 he has sold over $120,000,000 of residential real estate. Skipping college, becoming a realtor, and developing a career as a content creator was the right professional move for Graham Stephan.

Does Graham Stephan have a real estate license?

Yes, he does. He obtained his real estate agency at age 18, after finishing high school. According to the Oppenheimer group, the secret to his success is a genuine passion and enthusiasm for the industry.

How old was Graham Stephan when he became a millionaire?

At the age of 26, Graham Stephan became a millionaire. He started filming and uploading videos about real estate three years before, and through his main YouTube channel, he was able to bring in an average of $81,428 a month in 2019.

Final Thoughts

The Graham Stephan course is not a scam. Joining the program gives you immediate access to The YouTube Creator Academy. First, consider if the content and the format are right for you. We recommend you access the free lessons to determine if the program is what you expect.

Use our outline of the content course to decide if it offers the kind of content and skills you are looking forward to acquiring.

Learning is a personal and unique process, if you decide this program is the right one for you, enjoy your course and set yourself in learning mode.

YouTube content creation is a rewarding and excellent way to improve your income and lifestyle, follow your passion and prepare to share your great content with the world.



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