How to Get a Good Quality Score for a Landing Page

How to Get a Good Quality Score for a Landing Page

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Joe Troyer: Let’s see. So Carolyn says, how do you measure the quality score of the landing page? Does Google tell you. Yeah, exactly. So Google tells you the quality score.

Joe Troyer: So here’s what happens, in my experience, and I’ll give you a little bit of psychology when it comes to Google ads and and how I believe you should play the game when it comes to Google ads. When you first start out a Google ads account, your quality score on your campaigns, or even when you add new campaigns. Your quality score when you just start is going to be like nothing, right? And you need to prove to Google that people are going to visit the landing page, that they’re not going to bounce on the landing page, that you’re going to give the user a good experience. And you have to just play this waiting game with Google for them to give you a good quality score.

Joe Troyer: So there’s other things that you can do by all means to help get a good quality score. You’ve got a good landing page, you have good ads that have a high click through rate. But essentially for me, it’s a timing game, right? You can either take a month to go through and get a good quality score, or you can take a week, right? So time is money, right? And so for me, when I’m running Google ads campaigns, I will purposely bid high and frankly, pay through the nose for the first week to two weeks, just so that I can get enough impressions and I can get enough clicks to raise my quality score. So what you’ll see is in my first two weeks, my quality score is jack. It’s horrible, it’s crap, it’s nothing. And my cost per click is really high.

Joe Troyer: But then what happens is my click through rate goes up, my quality score goes up and my cost per click, like nosedives in a good way, and my cost per click goes down. And, my point of view, you can either do that like I do, and you can spend your way to getting faster results. Or you can quite literally play the game with Google for months, and quite literally folks, months.

Joe Troyer: So for me, time is money and I don’t want to be playing that game longterm. So when I have a customer that comes on board, I advise them that the first couple of weeks, the first couple of months, we are going to push the envelope. And the goal is not break even, the goal is to figure out what’s happening and come up with a game plan to then break even.

Joe Troyer: Does that make sense to everybody? So for me, the way that I get good quality score is, when launching a campaign, paying through the nose, and giving Google enough data so that they can say that my site is good. Cool.




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