How To Sell As An Introvert?


Joe Troyer: Joe Kellen asks, if I’m somewhat introverted and are known to stutter, or mush, or mouth, or talk too fast, how can I become good at sales? So, I kind of just relabeled this as how to sell as an introvert. At the end of the day, sales comes down to a whole lot more than a good sales pitch, right? It comes down to really being a good listener, being able to listen to people, being able to ask really good questions, being able to dive deeper and frankly, at the end of the day, I believe that people that do that best are actually introverts, right? Not extroverts.

Joe Troyer: Understand that in any sales pitch, any sales process as well, you shouldn’t be winging it. Understand that there’s a process, right? We use a process inside the mastermind when we teach a sales process here at Digital Triggers, right? And the process, high level goes like this, after we have a prospect agree that it’s good for them to meet with us, right? When we’re meeting with them, we first build rapport, we see if there’s a fit. We then give our very quick elevator pitch. Okay? We answer any or [inaudible] about the elevator pitch and then last we ask for the sale.

Joe Troyer: Most of the time that is spent on this build rapport phase, all right? And, people that we’ve tossed our sales process to, that have done the best typically are introverts. So, at the end of the day follow a process. You shouldn’t be winging it. Get better at that process and think about your connections. When we go down this rabbit hole and we’re talking about this, it’s hard for me to get back or I’m getting really irrelevant with the conversation, I need to stay back over here. Or when I was able to connect the ROI that they’re getting from their other services and talk about our ROI, or what they could get with other marketing systems, right? That’s when the light bulb went off in the client’s head and that’s why they said yes. When you make those synapses or those connections in your head, right? You’re constantly getting better, and better, and better at that sales process and that sales “Pitch,” right? All of these items to me are part of that process. Okay? You don’t have to be some slick salesperson to do a consultative type of pitch like this.

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