Joe Troyer Gets Interviewed By Local Client Takeover

This interview is a gold mine of tips and tricks. Here’s just a bit of what gets covered:

  • Monetizing Local Markets, Call Tracking & Icebreaker For Lead Gen
  • Where ACT came from
  • How To Build High Converting Local Sites
  • How To Pick A Local Lead Gen Niche
  • Why We Go After Local Marketing Vs Affiliate Marketing
  • 100 Calls A Week From Local SEO In Just 2 Weeks
  • Average Customer Volume vs. Volume



  1. Gene

    Dude, as always I got some great nuggets from you. Thanks for the info.

    • Joe Troyer

      Glad you enjoyed it Gene!

  2. James Hunter

    Joe how is it possible to contact you? I cannot see an email form or support on the site. Thanks.

    • Joe Troyer

      Hey James twitter is the easiest way @joetroyer

      • James Hunter

        Joe does the LBT course show you how to rank the sites, etc and how to convert them into Lead Gen sites on Google Plus?

        • Joe Troyer

          Theres 2 trainings in there, and one is yes how to rank – seo, maps, etc

  3. James Hunter

    Any other way? Sorry but I am not on twitter Joe.

    • Joe Troyer

      Google plus?

  4. Robert

    Joe, I understand you can’t reveal the actual sites you’ve published.
    Could you share a mockup of the WordPress theme you’ve developed for local.
    Or, is it available for sale?
    It sounds successful.


  5. Robert

    In this video you indicate video converts poorly and you only use it to bump competitors off page 1 of the SERP.
    That said, why bother developing video assets for local?
    If they convert as poorly as you indicate, what is the selling point for this service?


    • Joe Troyer

      That’s my main objective yes. Why? Because Google maps and a website convert much better.

      Does that mean video rankings aren’t worth doing? No.

      1. Easy way when you go into a market to get rankings, traffic and calls.
      2. Easy easy way to push your competitors off of page 1.

  6. Charles

    Surely the best part of you tube instant rankings is you can pick out a business owner that is hungry and use it as a selling tool? Then once you have locked them in on a couple of FREE offers you can get them on board for a monthly $500 per month (example) FEE. With like a 3 month money back guarantee if you fail to raise the volume of calls/emails and rankings ect………

    • Joe Troyer

      Exactly. Video is easy, and you should use that to your advantage.

  7. Simon

    Great interview (owned it). Love the ideas on Google verification. Going to get myself out of the box and get some addresses ASAP. Cheers

  8. justin

    Awesome info Joe as always thanks. When you talk about using a smaller business for the local boxes for verification, you mentioned you would get the first one verified, then call them up and tell them to switch it to a different name. Are you changing a suite or box number so its unique to the previous address in googles eyes?

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