TC 012 : Keith Baxter – How SEO Has Changed and Going From Organic to Paid Traffic

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Keith Baxter has been well known for SEO.  He gives us insights on how he got started in SEO, what used to work for him, and what’s working now.  He advocates strategies such as using paid traffic to help your rankings.  Keith also talks about one of his biggest failures as an entrepreneur and why it happened.

We also dive into content marketing and how his new podcast has been going.


2:32 – Google Hangout supplement review videos ranking for all the buying intent keywords. Some are still ranking to this day.

5:00 – New Google update, if someone said they cracked the code, they are full of it. Nobody knows what is going to happen and how to resolve the new updates right now.

35:30- Don’t do any linkbuilding, just use paid traffic.

40:10- – best consultants money can buy.

42:25- – submit content to and could be posted on huge authority sites.





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