7 Ways To Scale Your Agency


Joe Troyer: A few more keys to scale.

Joe Troyer: So guys, one of the things that I’ve found is that perception is huge. How many of you guys have found it hard to scale a client’s perception of you? You meet with a client one time and they love you and it’s like you’re God’s thing to earth. You are God’s greatest gift to mankind. The next person you meet with things like you’re stupider than a box of rocks. Like there’s no consistency. There’s no consistency.

Joe Troyer: So one of the things that I’ve been really thinking about is how do we do this at scale? How do we build that know, like and trust? Well, we do that by giving them that free offer, but what else can we do? How do we get them to buy into our bigger ticket projects and processes? How do we get them to go from spending nothing to spending $5000 a month with us? Like what do we need that customer thinking about in order for that to happen? Where do they need to be at mentally? What do they need to see in order to take that leap?

Joe Troyer: Show them value. Believe in the process. Definitely. I think that that’s definitely key. We’re going to show them value right away. But that doesn’t mean that they’re going to be ready to jump from $3000 to $5000 a month. Real results, Scott says.

Joe Troyer: So at the end of the day, guys, like you guys know me, I’m all about showing results in crazy, crazy fricking results. But what beats like a marketer’s results to a local business owner, to a realtor or whatever niche you’re getting into is seeing other people in this space kill it. That’s much more relevant to them. A realtor seeing other realtors have success is a completely different story and way better than an agency showing them a case study. Give me a four if that makes sense. It means a whole lot more coming from a friend, a peer, a competitor, in the space of realtor, than coming from an agency owner or agency sales rep talking about a case study. So I want you guys to think for a second about how you manufacture that. And I don’t say manufacture in a bad way, but how do we do that in our agency? How do we do that in our agency?

Joe Troyer: How do we see them, people having success? How do we see our prospects, our customers relating to people or saying shit man, I want to grow my company like that realtor did? I want to strive for that level. They sold 30 homes last year. I want to hit 30 homes. They sold 10, I want to get 10. I’m only at two. How do we get them to strive for the next level?

Joe Troyer: So by all means, interviews are good, but it’s hard to get interviews. It’s hard to get video testimonials. Can you get them, yes. Should you get them, yes. But it’s also a lot, guys just about perception. So if I get one of my clients to come on and say this is the results that I got for that customer, that’s great. But do you guys know how hard it is to get somebody to say what you want them to say? Like I need you to say this. And then you go to record them and they say the opposite. They’re like Joe helped me so much in my business. It was great. You should do it. And that’s probably better than most of their videos.

Joe Troyer: So this is what we’re doing. There’s also no real reason for them to do that for you, even if you’ve helped them. They don’t see anything in it for themselves. So what we’re doing is we’re running a podcast in the niche. And we’re interviewing experts from the niche. So we can get somebody on, and the title of the podcast can be how Marcy went from three homes a year to 50. Now guess what? When I’m emailing my customers, when I’m not running a webinar, I can promote this podcast. And I can talk about how Marcy went from selling three homes a year to 50 and that person raises their hand and goes, yeah, I want to be like Marcy. Do you think that that is a good thing for your brand or a bad thing? You can be tied to that person’s success even if you didn’t do the marketing for that person. Are you guys getting that connection?

Joe Troyer: And there’s something now in it for Marcy. She gets to come to an audience and speak. She gets to show her peers what’s going on. She’s got bragging rights versus her just recording a testimonial for you. There’s nothing in it for her to record a testimonial for you. Does this make sense? Give me a three if this makes sense, if this is an ah ha moment. Imagine the difference in your marketing if once a month you dropped out a podcast, just once a month with an expert in the niche that you chose to go after, in this example realtors, talking about how they blew up in the last one to three years, how they blew up their company. Do you think that that would help your marketing? Yeah, without a fucking doubt.

Joe Troyer: So the second way that we amplify, the second way that we are really, really crushing it with this is, guys, we gotta be omnipresent. The days of email only our dead. Like if you have an audience, and you’re building the audience, you’re staying in front of the audience, you can’t just be email. I don’t care how good you are. I really don’t care. You need to be in Omni channel. You need to be everywhere. You need to be top of mind aware at all times to your prospects, all times.

Joe Troyer: I’m sure that you guys have seen this from me over the past two to three months. That you can’t go to YouTube without seeing my face. You can’t go on certain sites without seeing my face on Google Display Network or seeing the Digital Triggers logo. You can’t go into Gmail and not seen an ad with my company on it, with my face on it. I am freaking everywhere.

Joe Troyer: Guys, it’s all retargeting. Do you know how much that costs? Like pennies. I pay when you see an ad or better yet, better yet, get this. Better yet, get this. If I run a CPC as the type of bidding, a cost per click campaign, I only have to pay for it when you see it. So I’m getting free branding all day, every day. You can’t get me out of your head. And I’m only paying when you click on an ad. So all that free, all that’s free branding and exposure the 99% of the time that you don’t click on the ad. All that you see is me, Joe Troyer and Digital Triggers logo in your freaking face.

Joe Troyer: So you should be everywhere. You should be everywhere. And by everywhere I mean Google Display Network, which accounts for like 90% of the traffic on the Internet. Or you should be on Facebook. You should be on YouTube, you should be in Gmail. And for those you guys that don’t know, you can control YouTube, Gmail and GBM. Let’s do it like this.

Joe Troyer: So this Facebook, I’d recommend doing inside of Facebook. Instagram you can do right inside of Facebook. For retargeting, I do that. Just for simplicity. Google Display Network, YouTube and Gmail, this can all be done right inside of Google Ads. So one platform, you get all of this. And if you set it up on a CPC basis, you’re only paying when somebody clicks. We just ran the mastermind open. How many of you guys saw that at some place, somewhere? I keep hitting my filter on my mic. Give me a one if you saw that promotion. We’re about to shut it down this week but how many of you guys saw that? Give me a one in the chat real quick. If I can get at least 90% of you guys to give me a one in the chat, I’ll share with you guys a crazy case study on why this is just fucking critical to scale. You got to be omnipresent. And if I can get at least at least 90% of you guys to give me a one, I’ll share a crazy case study with you that nobody’s seen, on just that webinar.

Joe Troyer: All right, you guys did it. You guys got the case study. So just the YouTube ads alone, I was going all out blitz in preparation for that webinar, for the mastermind open. So guys, this was my very first attempt at running retargeting on YouTube for webinars specifically. And it worked. I was going for volume and lots of volume. Because of that, my costs were a little higher than they could have been. I could have toned it down, probably chopped the cost per click in half. But that wasn’t the goal. The goal was volume.

Joe Troyer: So you guys can see here, we had the GoToWebinar. This is day one on the left, a little screenshot of part of day one and a screenshot of part of day two. See how often you guys see YouTube there? Check that out. Give me a two. You think this YouTube ad stuff works? I don’t care what niche, what vertical you’re in, you need to be running YouTube ads. If you aren’t, you guys are freaking losing the boat. I don’t care if you doing personal branding, I don’t care if you’re doing ecom, I don’t care if you guys run your own agency, if you sell an info product, it doesn’t matter. You need to be here.

Joe Troyer: So I was getting 50 cent clicks, 50% of people opted in. So I was getting dollar registrations specifically targeting you guys. It was retargeting only, not cold traffic. So dollar opt ins for a webinar registration. We ended up pulling in over 200 registrations alone from YouTube. 200, over 200 registrations from YouTube. So that was great. And I’ll break down the math for you, share with you guys kind of what that means for me. It’s a little weird. I’m sharing this case study with you guys so directly and this is who I was advertising to. So forgive me if I stumble a little bit. It’s kind of an awkward situation. Give me a three. Because you guys saw that ad. So it’s a little strange.

Joe Troyer: And I share this with you guys, not to brag, but I want you to go run with this and it’s so relevant to what we were just talking about. So webinar attendance is down and this feeds right into being omnipresent. It is harder and harder and harder all the time. Guys, I don’t care how good you are with your audience, it’s getting harder and harder to get people who show up for webinars. I got a lot of free branding with those YouTube videos. I got a lot of registrations. Trust me, I made a lot of money on the $1 webinar registrations.

Joe Troyer: But what I didn’t expect was for my show up rate to more than double. So I took 16 random webinars sessions over the last 12 months, and so there’s 16 sessions here. You can see we ran 85 webinars in the last 12 months. and you guys can see the registrants and attendees. So check this out, 15% attendance rate. You guys see that? The 15%. For me guys, that sucks. I’m used to averaging over the years, 30-35%, 25% being a bad webinar.

Joe Troyer: The struggle is real. You need to be omnipresent. So me running those YouTube ads, I got a lot of registrations, but what I didn’t expect was look at my attendance rate, 43% attendance rate. Like this is what’s crazy. 43% attendance rate. That’s unheard of. That is absolutely unheard of. So this is a big testament, a big testament to being omnipresent guys. I made my money back on this campaign many, many, many, many times over.

Joe Troyer: You guys want to see one more little more piece of data? I hope you guys are digging this shit. Nobody’s talking about this stuff. I can share one more little piece with you guys. One more little piece. Give me a one if you promise not to share this stuff publicly, at least my numbers. Please don’t share my numbers publicly. All right, one more piece. One more piece.

Joe Troyer: So this is the math. We had a 50% registration rate for the webinar. We had a 43% attendance rate and we had a roughly 20% conversion rate on the webinar. So essentially what that means is we got 25 clicks in order to get a sale. At 50 cents a click, we’re paying $12.50 to get a sale of at least $999. At least. You guys know the price point. I’m not hiding it. You guys have seen it, you watched the webinar. Check this out right here. 7992% return on ad spend. That is nuts. And guys, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Joe Troyer: So what I want you guys thinking about, what I want you guys thinking about, when we’re talking about scaling we’re talking about being omnipresent. When you’re running that offer of the month, get it set up and run ads during that time, the week you’re doing the webinar and the replay, be omnipresent with that. Target your audience, stalk your audience, stay in front of them and blow it the fuck up like I did. If you are truly omnipresent guys, you will freaking destroy it guy and you will get a nutso ROI just like I talked about. But you’ve got to stay omnipresent, I believe.

Joe Troyer: Millennials are becoming the buyer’s market. Millennials want to see faces, they want to get to know you. Get out from behind the camera. Show them your face. And if you can, that’s how we are going, that and omnipresence is how I believe we’re going to truly start destroying in 2019, 2020 and beyond these big brands because these big brands, nobody’s bonding with anymore. You bond with them. That’s what’s gonna make the sale.

Joe Troyer: And if you want the one little piece of extra advice, figure out a cause, figure out a charity. Millennials want to do business with people that have a face, that they can know, like and trust, that they can admire, but also, they like companies that have a cause. You’ve got two companies side by side. One has a cause, one doesn’t, which one are you going to build? Or which one are you going to invest in or do business with? Everything else is the same. The one that gives 10% back to X charity, the one that does this with their costs.

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