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Table of Contents


Joe Troyer: Without further adieu, let’s go ahead and do this. First and foremost, whenever you’re starting an agency, whenever you’re trying to grow your agency, you got to have a list building tool. You got to have a way to generate prospects. First and foremost, I wanted to talk to you guys about Lead Kahuna. I wanted to review Lead Kahuna, talk about why we use it. For those of you guys that don’t have Lead Kahuna, I don’t know where you’ve been hiding because I’ve been talking about it for years. But if you don’t have Lead Kahuna and you’re looking at picking it up, I want to give you what I call my best bonus. I want to give you a bonus that’s going to not distract you, but I want to give you guys a bonus that’s going to help you take your investment into Lead Kahuna and really take that to the next level.

Joe Troyer: When you’re using a list building tool, what comes next then is you’re going to prospect to those lists. I’m going to give you a bonus that’s going to help you guys do that, all right? First and foremost, our team researched, used and tested quite literally 100s of list building techniques over the years from training and list building services, and techniques and software. From what we found in our own business, nothing beats running and building lists using Lead Kahuna.

Joe Troyer: I believe that Lead Kahuna should be phase one and not the be all end all, it’s the only thing that you do. I’m not saying that. But it should be phase one of your cold outreach and that says could outreach, so sorry about that. It should be phase one of your cold outreach prospecting. Longterm, you’re going to do more than just Lead Kahuna, I believe especially if you’re going really deep in a niche, Lead Kahuna’s not going to get you all the data. It’s going to pay to go buy some lists and you’re going to get a return by joining some associations where you can also get a list. But that’s going to be more expensive. Lead Kahuna is a way to get in the market and get a lot of data and I believe for a very little cost. That’s why I believe that it should be phase one, phase one of your cold outreach prospecting.

Joe Troyer: We’ve been running Lead Kahuna for years and, and I got to imagine that we’re probably in one of their first 30 or 40 actual customers. I know that David rolled it out to a beta group first, but I know the owner there of Real Strategic and Strategic Marketer and proud and thankful to call him a great friend. Because of that, I was one of the very first users in there.

Joe Troyer: I want you to understand that the reason that I love Lead Kahuna is not just because of the relationship that I have with David and his team. The first reason why my team chose Lead Kahuna was that they have more data points flat out than other sources, so they tell us all kinds of things. They tell us how many reviews a prospect has. They tell us their average review rating. They tell us their website URLs, what platform their website runs on, if they have Google maps, if they have a Facebook, if they have a Twitter. They tell us all of these data points. This really helps us personalize our offer and our communication. If we’re doing cold email, it helps us stay out of spam.

Joe Troyer: I’m assuming if you’re looking to generate lists and you’re looking at Lead Kahuna, then that then cold email is probably going to be your first prospecting method. Then you’ll probably start getting on the phone with people once you start getting your message dialed in. Then you’ll probably do some voicemails or some voice drops. This data is golden because it’s going to help you kind of customize your language and your offer.

Joe Troyer: Especially when it comes to cold email, it’s going to help you stay out of the spam. The reason is because we’re able to really personalize the email and other communications with all of these additional data points, which means the emails end up or can end up if we use these data points to our advantage, we can insert tokens with these different data points and it’ll make the emails and our other communication very unique. Which gets us a great response, which helps us stay out of spam filters, and ultimately, really helps us scale.

Joe Troyer: I know that there’s a lot on here on the screen, but guys, these are just some of the fields that we get when we run Lead Kahuna internally, company name and address, and city, and state, and postal code and country. Then it gets crazy after this. the Facebook desktop cover URL, the Facebook desktop cover URL screen shot, it actually takes a screenshot of it and we put that in the emails. The Twitter cover URL, the Google Analytics. Do they have Google Tag Manager? Are they using the Facebook retargeting pixel? The list just goes on and on and on. What’s the YouTube URL? What’s their Google My Business videos? Are there any? What’s the Google Plus Score? How many Google reviews do they have? With Google Maps is it owner verified? Is the site mobile optimized? Guys, the list just goes on and on and on. This is just one of the big reasons why I love Lead Kahuna.

Joe Troyer: The second reason why I chose Lead Kahuna why a team when they did their own vetting process, Lead Kahuna as well, is frankly because it has much better success rates of generating correct key details like first name, last name, emails and name of the business owner and correct other details like email and phone number, then the other scrapers that we tested. Because Lead Kahuna has the support that it does, they have an entire team of developers working on Lead Kahuna and putting out updates and all of the time there are updates. That’s really critical for a scraper because every single time that one of these websites changes, you’ve got to go update the scraper. If you don’t have a really active dev team and you go buy a scraper for $27, like there’s a really good chance that that scraper isn’t gonna work a week from now, a day from now, a month from now, because the website that it was scraping from changed their website and now the scraper can’t detect the fields and pull back the data.

Joe Troyer: You got to be careful when you’re investing in software and, especially when you’re investing in scrapers, that you’re investing with the right team and a team that’s going to stand behind the product. Lead Kahuna has been an amazing product for years and the development team stands behind Lead Kahuna. That’s why my investment goes to lead Kahuna. That’s the second reason why, or really a third reason, if you will.

Joe Troyer: I wanted to just real quick, over the shoulder walk you guys through how a Lead Kahuna works. First and foremost, this is what you see inside of the Dashboard and you’re going to find last 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, this little profile of captured leads sent emails, a voice broadcast and mailer created. Then you’re going to find a total leads found. You’re going to get some campaign status. This Dashboard, I want you guys to understand, is is based upon, in my experience, I believe that it’s based upon your actual user because I don’t run Lead Kahuna. I’ll boot it up for like demo purposes. I’ll run a search or to when I’m really interested about something and I need data like right now, but I have an entire team that runs Lead Kahuna on my behalf for me and for some of my best customers as well, a complete, done for you service. I can tell you that we have definitely built a whole lot more leads than is showing here.

Joe Troyer: The other thing to note is that under campaign status here, you’ll see that Lead Kahuna has the ability to drop voicemails or send voicemails, send out mailers or create mailers, send out emails. I don’t use it for these features. I use it as a scraper solely, not as a a prospecting tool, just so that you know,

Joe Troyer: The other thing is obviously it’s July of 2019 recording this video. You guys will see that over here under latest news, this is all the updates that they’ve done. I want you guys to see just so far in July they’ve done two updates. In June they did an update, in May, they did two updates, in April they did an update. This thing is being updated on a rapid basis. You’ve got to make sure that that scrapers are being updated often for them to work.

Joe Troyer: Under the settings you’re going to see all kinds of integrations. You’re going to see like a Twilio integration to do voice broadcast, and things like that. You’re going to see like mail lead, so under here you can actually email leads. You’re going to be able to call leads through here. This uses your Twilio phone number. You’re going to see some settings for other integrations, so email, Twilio, De-Capture. you’re going to be able to see all that right inside of here. We got email verification services in here as well, like NeverBounce and BriteVerify. if you’re going to be doing cold email, you got to make sure that you’re using one of these two services and that you’re verifying your email so you’re not sending two bad emails. Quickest way to shut down your cold email prospecting and for it to quickly turn into a bad situation is not doing email verification.

Joe Troyer: We got a mail leads, call leads. We got this embed images too. This is a really cool feature where you’re able to take a screenshot of the URLs that Lead Kahuna grabs and chose to you and you’re able to overlay marketing messages over top. When you send out emails and when you’re prospecting, these communications can be crazy, crazy on topic. It can say I found a problem with your Google Maps listing and then you got an overlay on top of their Google Maps listing, their actual one, in a screenshot and you didn’t do any of that, Lead Kahuna did. Some really cool stuff there.

Joe Troyer: Message leads guys, honestly, I don’t even know what this is. This is the email campaign. I don’t use this functionality. I’ll never tell you guys I use something if I don’t. What I use is this section right here and this is what my team uses as well. Folks, we use this all day long, all day, every day with multiple members on my team. Essentially, what we’re doing is we’re going up here and inside of keyword we’re going to put in a keyword and I’m going to put something in here just that’s easy, that isn’t going to have like any competition so that this runs fast. I’m going to put in float tank and then I’m going to put in city. I’m going to put in Jupiter. I think there’s only like one or two float tank places in that whole area. If you’re not familiar with float tanks, go Google them. Deprivation chambers, they can be called as well. Then we would want to use email verify or that’s an option you can use. You got to know if the platform that you’re using is doing this right or has an integration, you need to know if that’s happening there. If not, you want to do it here. Then you’re going to want to always be using proxies and also have the captcha set up inside of settings. With any scraper you’re going to have to deal with that.

Joe Troyer: Then over here, you want to make sure that all these default search points are on and then all of these additional data points, or what makes up all these different additional fields, so this is like blue, this is the business information. Then Green, this is the website details, right here. Then blue. But then after that, like reputation, so this is all the reputation fields that it grabs. You can unselect that if you want. But guys, whenever we run Lead Kahuna, one of the reasons why we love it so much is all the data points that it brings. If I’m talking with a prospect and I’m armed with all this information, that’s an amazing conversation and I have amazing context. I always run it with all of the additional data points that I can possibly run, so that. Then, I would just go to find leads. Then you’ll see here it says processing and you’ll see it running here in the background. Unfortunately, I don’t have any proxies on me. I didn’t prep for this video to use any proxies, so this is gonna take me a little bit of time and we’re probably going to have some captchas pop up here, but we’ll just wait for that to happen.

Joe Troyer: In fact, what I’ll do … I guess we just got to sit around and wait for this thing to finish. Float tank. Jupiter, Florida. I guess I could show you guys this. Under messaging leads is where you create your emails, so you can create a campaign and you guys can keep this, and then you can create a profile and use that. Sender name you put in here, your reply email and then you can put in some different subject lines for split testing. This is the message that you’ll use. There’s even a drip option down here. But for me guys, the reason that I don’t use this tool is I don’t like a spray and pray type of prospecting method.

Joe Troyer: I like very thought out methodical campaigns and I like my campaigns to follow up with people over time. If you’re only sending out one email at a time, and you’re just blasting it out, 1 email to 5,000 people and then you never follow up, trust me when I say you are completely missing the boat when it comes to cold email. That’s the other reason that I don’t use this, and it’s a desktop based tool. I’m using a software as a service. I’m using a SaaS with with some evergreen type of functionality. I can say take out of my 5,000 prospects every single day, take 10 out of my prospects and Adam into this bucket and start this cold email sequence where they’re going to get 5 prospecting emails 3 days apart unless they respond back to me opt-in, so just a little bit of context there.

Joe Troyer: It actually says that the process is completed, it found two total leads. We’re going to go back to local leads and here we can see what’s going on. Understand that any of these fields are like drag and drop, So to speak. I can make them bigger or I can make them smaller. You can see here that it’s not going to get all the details. Definitely if you got proxies in your using captchas, in my experience, you’re going to get more data. You got two emails though. We got website type. One of them is Wix and this other one, man, I don’t even know what the heck this is. This is using WordPress. Blog didn’t find, other one found a blog. Contact form found or didn’t find, obviously here it found. Desktop site load time, mobile site load time, SSL verified. You guys can see just all of the details that this found.

Joe Troyer: By all means guys, it’s not perfect. Understand that this is a scraper. If you expect all these fields to be filled up, you’re having the wrong expectation. It’s just not going to happen. For deal sites, this company may not be running a deal site, so wouldn’t have data here. Sometimes it’s not going find the owner’s first name. Take it for what it is. Social covers, here’s the covers that it found. Retargeting. This top one doesn’t have retargeting. Bottom one found Google. You guys can see this is obviously lots of data here that we’re able to use.

Joe Troyer: Let’s jump back over into the keynote presentation. We went through the demo. For me, really the only thing that that we use this for, and I say we, I say my team and me, and really my team more because I’ve set up systems and processes for this, and because we do this for so many other of our customers, really, we only look use local lead section and then we could click on web leads. then all day, every day we’re just chucking in the keyword, which is the niche we want to go after, vertical we want to go after. We’re checking in a city, a state. We’re making sure that we have all the additional data points selected. We’re putting in our proxies, we’re making sure our captchas in there, and then we’re clicking search.

Joe Troyer: The only other thing that you should know is again to, to use NeverBounce or BriteVerify to do email verification. When we’re doing it, done for you for people, we let people choose, do you want to use that option or not.

Joe Troyer: Lead Kahuna gets my full endorsement. It is a tool that I’ve been using, folks, sheesh, man, for a long, long time. It’s $299 a year. For a scraper guys, like there’s high end scrapers that cost a lot more than this per year. There’s also low end scrapers that costs like $25 on the Warrior Forum, there are dime sales and they’re little cheapo products. But you can tell they never get updated. They’re never around for a long. Honestly, for this price point, I think it’s a really good price point. You could obviously leverage Lead Kahuna, do a lot more with it than I do. But either way, I think it’s a fantastic investment and I think it’s a tool as an agency or anybody really doing B2B marketing, it’s a tool that should be in your toolbox.

Joe Troyer: All right, you guys can jump in. I got a link for you guys. This is my affiliate link. Full disclaimer, when you guys buy this, I make a little commission and because I make a little commission I’m going to throw in a bonus for you guys. When I think about a bonus, what I’m looking for is a bonus that’s going to compliment the product. There’s either got to be a gap or a way that I can help you get a better result faster. For me, I think like you’re using Lead Kahuna, you’re using it to find prospects. For me and what I teach, the next thing I teach is cold emails. I would suggest going into cold email next. Because of that, I would highly recommend that you guys jump into cold email. Because of that, I’m going to give you guys a soup to nuts training on that I call Cold Email Domination. This is going to take you guys from an A to Z and teach you guys what you need to know about cold emails.

Joe Troyer: Folks, at the end of the day, I’ve generated over seven figures in sales from cold emails and I’ve helped a boatload of agencies and entrepreneurs, and freelancers quite literally build their businesses using cold email. I’m the guy to help you out with this process and I think that it’s a match made in heaven to be able to grab Lead Kahuna, a great fricking tool, save you guys a lot of time, effort, money, and then piggyback on top of it my Cold Email Domination Training, that’s a fantastic one-two punch that I don’t think you’re going to find a better deal, better offer, better training out there anywhere. Go ahead, I highly recommend that you guys pick up Lead Kahuna. You’re not going to find a better price. This isn’t a tool that’s generally available to the public. I’m one of the only people, if not the only person, that of has evergreen and evergreen always available link for his students and customers to buy Lead Kahuna, or at least that’s how it is for the moment. I can’t say that it’ll be around forever. G pick it up. I don’t know what you’re waiting for. Digitaltriggers.io/leadkahuna.




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