Lead Gen Prospector Shutdown Notice

Originally released 2017.

For 3+ years I’ve been running a done for you list building service with my team of VA’s.

They run Lead Kahuna for me, and for you (my friends and customers) at a rate that you LITERALLY can’t beat even if you went through the trouble of hiring, setting up VPN’s, proxies, and managing the team.

Why? Because I found that the commonality between successful people on my list was consistent prospecting. It’s so simple.

But if you don’t have a list you can’t prospect. If you don’t continually build new prospect lists, you run out of prospects.

Simple, right?

The bad news is I need to reallocate the current team to another project.

So I will be closing the doors to concentrate them on a much bigger project.

So it’s with deep sadness I announce that Lead Gen Prospector, or LGP, is no more.


If your looking for a lead generation tool, we suggest Lead Kahuna.

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