TC 006 : Los Silva – Content Marketing Strategies and Podcasting

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Today we bring on Los Silva who shares with us the secrets he used to grow a blog to over 40,000 visitors in one month.  He has highly leveraged podcasting and gives us his tactics of how to turn a simple 10-minute podcast in a monster piece of syndicated content.

If you’ve ever thought about starting a podcast you’ll learn the system to turn it into a big piece for content marketing compared to just a simple audio.

If you’ve thought about getting into content marketing, this is a great strategy to generate a lot of content without a lot of work.


  • Record a video with Google Hangouts Youtube Live. This will end up on YouTube.
  • Download the mp3.
  • Upload the mp3 to Libsyn.
  • Libsyn will push to Stitcher and iTunes.
  • Uploaded the mp3 to SoundCloud as well.
  • Get the mp3 transcribed.
  • Post the transcription and YouTube link on the blog.
  • Create an image for the content. Could be basic, or feature both faces.
  • Post to social media such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Linked In.
  • On Facebook run paid ads or simply boost it at two different times.
  • Consider posting to Slideshare and Pinterest as well.

Then use a tool such as SyndWire.




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