TC 001 Mobile Revolution – Facebook’s Audience Network and 3 Common Mistakes With Mobile

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Today we bring on Jack Scanlan for Episode 1 of the TriggerCast to chat with us all about mobile.  Facebook recently announced the launch of their mobile ad network named “Audience Network”.  Jack shares with us his thoughts on the future of the platform and how to position yourself for it now.  He also shares with us the top 3 mistakes made with mobile.  Facebook earns nearly 60% of their revenue on mobile and it’s only growing.  Make sure you are prepared for the takeover of traffic by mobile.  Included below the video is a brief overview of the Audience Network.

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Key Takeaways Include

Starting at 20:50 – Make irresistible offer for the mobile users

Starting at 27:00 – Go after 4 of the most popular phones and build landing pages based on those sizes.

Facebook Announces Mobile Ad Network at F8 Conference

The new “Audience Network” brings Facebook’s ad network to mobile apps. Facebook is using the info they learned from implementing native ads into their own mobile app. This was the transition from right hand ads to newsfeed ads. Also worth noting is that Facebook makes nearly 60% of their revenue on mobile. Using the same great targeting we are used to with Facebook Ads, you can create native ads within the audience network.  Developers can integrate Facebook’s ad inventory with just a few lines of code.

Examples of the Ad Types Below


3 Examples of How it Looks in Action

1. Target wanted to reach people who both use the Target app and want to see “Frozen.” They found this audience in the Huffington Post app.

2. Coca Cola wanted to reach an audience similar to their existing customers and they found it in Vinted, a vintage clothing site.

3. Audible wanted to promote the “Game of Throne” audiobook to fans of the show. They found their audience in Cut the Rope.







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