TC 008 : Spencer Shaw – Podcasting like a Professional and ‘High Touch’ Conversion

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Spencer Shaw from PodKick and the Business Growth Podcast joins us today and gives us great insight on the entire podcasting process.

He shares one audio trick that I’d never heard before.  The best part about the trick is that it’s super simple but can help produce stellar audio. We talk about his podcast and his process for choosing guests.

One of the biggest fears of starting a podcast is getting guests so we cover how he reaches out and books them. Spencer also talks about lessons learned from his most recent business and scaling. Plus he goes into a few of his own ‘high touch’ conversion tricks.

Takeaways Include

22:14 – Personally email someone joining your mailing list.
1:13:06 – You need to know how to speak the language of the interviewee
1:17:30 – Internet marketers are very easy to get in contact with B- internet marketers are very difficult to contact
1:18:35 – Replies back with a video instead of typing out an email.

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Getting Guests and Introductions

What I’m looking for guestwise is a person people don’t know about and that are getting real-life results. Now how do I find those people? Well, TechCrunch, Hacker News, that’s where a lot of interesting people are. I asked friends who do you think are really interesting that I don’t know or who do you know that’s interesting that most people don’t know. I want to find these kind of people.

Now there’s Rapportive. It’s a Gmail extension. You can use it to guess what a person’s email address might be. This works well for someone who is really hard to get in touch with or you’re not connected to. You can type it into Rapportive and their profile will show up.

The best way though is an endorsement from someone they already know or an introduction.

Spencer also mentions one time landing a guest after giving high-value feedback. He had followed the advice given by the guest and followed up detailing what he had accomplished following the tips from the guest. The guest was flattered and agreed to do the show. If you are specific letting people know how they helped you and you genuinely want to help them, they’re totally game for it.




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