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Confessions of a Digital Nomad: How Ronnie Teja Runs a Network of 15 E-Commerce Sites Across 50 Countries

Ronnie Teja has been making waves in the world of E-Commerce on the strength of his upstart fashion brand, Branzio Watches. A quintessential digital nomad, Ronnie also operates 14 other E-Commerce sites across 50 countries around the globe.

In this interview, Ronnie sheds light on the many lessons that have contributed to his success. From his humble beginnings as a Canadian Immigrant to his short-sightedness as a young entrepreneur, he bares it all. Watch this episode and learn first hand what it takes to make it in the ultra-competitive world of E-Com. 


Show Notes

  • Ronnie’s Humble Beginnings {2:17}
  • What Ronnie’s Team Looks Like {5:12}
  • How Branzio Got Started {6:36}
  • Finding a Niche and Going Straight to the Source {8:24}
  • Ads and Making The Sales Happen {9:32}
  • Ronnies Mindset on PPC and SEO {10:27}
  • Getting the Numbers Right in Every Step of Your Business {10:52}
  • What’s Wrong with eCom Today {12:09}
  • The Shift to A Long Term Vision {17:05}
  • The 80/20 in Launching a Product {22:05}
  • Cashflow and Funding {27:00}
  • How Ronnie Increased His Site Visit by 10x {30:00}
  • The Thing with Getting Your Hands Dirty {36:32}
  • Ronnie’s Book Recommendations {37:23}


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Podcast Transcript


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January 20, 2020