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How to Look Like a Rockstar in Your First 90 Days with Clients and Get at Least 30% More Conversions Every Month

In this special episode, Joe unveils a passion project almost two years in the making, a marketing solution that will increase client retention, ease fulfillment, and get the results that clients sorely need. Without a doubt, Joe has built a game-changer that is set to dominate the marketplace for years to come.

Today’s podcast episode was just a snippet of the launch promotion… See the whole webinar release here:

Topics Discussed

The One Service That Makes or Breaks The Results for Joe’s Clients

Why Providing This Service Will Produce the Outcome That Your Clients Hired You For

How Joe’s Passion Project Came Together

The Things That Make Joe’s Platform Better Than Anything Like It in the Market

People and Resources Mentioned

Podcast Transcript

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May 9, 2022