How to Scale Your Agency Profitably Using the Perfect Outsourcing Solution with Chris Martinez

In this episode, Chris Martinez shares his inspiring entrepreneurial journey and demonstrates how agencies can scale profitably by leveraging the power of outsourcing.

Chris is the founder of DUDE, an award-winning agency based in Tijuana, Mexico. DUDE provides digital agencies with people and processes that will help them scale and become more profitable.

Topics Discussed

  • The people and process education at the Dude Agency 1:14
  • Chris’ entrepreneurial journey 3:36
  • How Chris got into digital marketing 7:11
  • Handling adversity as an entrepreneur 9:11
  • Agencies having defining pivotal moments 14:23
  • Agency owners being their own worst enemy 16:32
  • Building a business in Tijuana 18:31
  • Outsourcing in Mexico vs the Philippines 21:20
  • Dude Agency winning a business award 23:33
  • Solidifying company culture 27:03
  • Dude Agency’s philanthropic efforts 30:37
  • Team structure and pod based systems 33:50
  • Dude to Go 34:42
  • Dude Basic Unlimited and Dude Dedicated Employee programs 36:05
  • The benefits of running a pod based system 38:33
  • Types of projects Dude Agency works on 40:50
  • Chris’ book recommendations 47:21

People and Resources Mentioned

Podcast Transcript

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September 13, 2021