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How to Use Reputation as a Force Multiplier for Your Marketing with Tim McGarvey

In this episode, growth strategist and reputation expert Tim McGarvey explains how Reputation amplifies all other forms of marketing and gets clear on what Reputation Marketing is all about.

Tim McGarvey has been an online marketer since 2009. Clinic Marketing Group, his most recent venture, partners with medical professionals looking to improve their online presence and reputation as they launch a highly profitable and scalable business model..

Topics Discussed

Tim’s Background and How He Got Started in Marketing

Getting Clear on What Reputation Marketing is About

Reputation Being a Force Multiplier in Marketing

Working with a Client with a Bad Reputation

Common Mistakes When it Comes to Reputation

How to Get More Reviews for Your Business

How to Get a Good Review

Tim's Book Recommendation

People and Resources Mentioned

Podcast Transcript

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April 11, 2022