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The Biggest Instagram Mistakes to Avoid in Marketing with Michael Roddy

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In this episode, social media growth and marketing expert Michael Roddy delves into the world of Instagram marketing, shedding light on the most critical mistakes and absolute no-nos that could make or break your success on this dynamic platform

About Michael Roddy

Michael Roddy is the founder of Empire Social Group, one of the country’s top Instagram marketing agencies. He began his marketing career as a video editor for an advertising agency, creating content. It assisted him in learning a great deal about social media marketing and content. He became a growth hacking expert, and people wanted to hire him to do Instagram marketing services after seeing the results of his abilities.

Today, Michael has established himself as a social media growth and marketing expert, having worked for the digital marketing industry’s who’s who. Many regard him as the go-to person for leveraging Instagram to help entrepreneurs grow their brands and businesses.

Why Market on Instagram?

From captivating Instagram Stories that bring your brand to life, to leveraging the invaluable insights of Instagram analytics, and maximizing the potential of a dedicated Instagram Business account, this platform offers a treasure trove of possibilities. Craft an irresistible Instagram bio that captures your essence and entices your audience. Unleash the power of this visual playground, elevate your brand’s impact, and watch your success story unfold

The Biggest Instagram Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re ready to amplify your Instagram game and rise above the competition, let’s explore the top Instagram mistakes you should steer clear of.

Buying Instagram followers

Purchasing followers may give the illusion of a large following for your instagram account, but it leads to an audience that is not genuinely interested in your content. It dilutes engagement and prevents meaningful connections with your true target audience.

Giveaways without strategy

Hosting giveaways can attract attention, but without a clear strategy and purpose, it may attract people who are only interested in freebies. These instagram users are unlikely to engage with your brand beyond the giveaway, resulting in low conversion rates and diminished long-term value.

Lack of understanding your avatar

Failing to understand your target audience, often referred to as your avatar or buyer persona, hampers your ability to create relevant and engaging content. Knowing your audience’s demographics, preferences, and pain points allows you to tailor your content to their specific needs and interests.

Insufficient value delivery

Instagram users seek valuable and meaningful content. If you consistently fail to provide valuable and engaging when posting content, your audience will lose interest and seek alternatives. To succeed in building you Instagram presence, it is essential to consistently deliver content that educates, entertains, inspires, or solves problems for your audience.

By avoiding these mistakes, you can build an organic, engaged audience on Instagram and achieve better results in your marketing efforts.

Topics Discussed

  • Understanding your avatar
  • Why you should never do giveaways
  • Knowing your traffic source an inauthentic audiences
  • Why you can never share too much value
  • Being authentic
  • What to do if you’re in an obscure niche

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Joe Troyer 0:36
What do you think are kind of the biggest nose besides or the biggest patients that you see? when other people have tried Instagram? Right and haven't worked? So well they come to you. And they're like, rodya done this, try this. Right? They're a little jaded. Right? You mentioned contents office is a big one, right? Like, they're not really talking to their avatar, what do you think are the other big things that you see the most often?

Michael Roddy 0:57
Um, so you know, like, you know, even going back like, right people, um, they'll work with other agencies that they work with other people. And they don't really understand most of these people, right? Like, they don't understand Instagram, the reason why they're hiring people is because they don't know how to do it. And it's not worth their time. Like, my avatar is typically entrepreneurs that are making like seven, eight figures a year, right? So they're not running their own Instagram pages, they didn't also know it, and they don't have time to learn because they're running massive businesses. So when they come to me, it's either they're just starting out, they need help, or they've worked with somebody who's really heard their page. Um, so a big No, no is like when you're working with someone, and they're pitching you on, like, Here's 100 k followers, just my money. If it sounds too good to be true, it's probably too good to be true.

And I would never do giveaways. Because giveaways are, it's only good for daddy. And the fall off on giveaways is like after you get an exponential number of followers, 60 to 70% of those people are going to fall off. Yeah. And then you got a page of people who are just trying to win an iPhone or 1000 bucks. So not only is your engagement going down, or not a nonexisting, because these people don't care about volume, but they're also going to fall off. So now you're stuck in this, like, you're stuck in this roller coaster this like you know, this thing of just constantly having to buy those giveaway followers because you're the fall off just so bad on your page on and then it was software with software tools, you know, you're also getting in trouble because Instagram sees that you're doing an authentic actions.

And then your reach and your hashtag impressions and your home impressions. Your visibility to your audience is just non existent. Because they see that what you're doing is they're going to pull back all your reach. So if people are like looking to look for and hire and work with people like that makes sure that they you will always ask questions on like, what's like the traffic source? Right? Like, how are you guys doing my page? Because not enough people ask that question. Yeah. So you know, they get that a dopamine head, they get that dopamine hit of some quick growth, and then it's awesome. But then they start seeing the fall off and the inauthentic audiences. So I think people need to be more aware of like, where the traffic is coming from, when they're, you know, kind of going into the space.

And then as far as like, you know, practices go, um, you know, people are trying to like post photos of like, their cars flexes and stuff like that. And that's okay, if you're talking about if you're using like a lot of copy in a story behind it, right? A lot of people post a photo, and it's like, new cars, like who it is, like, all that stuff, right? Like people want value. So like, the thing I see a lot of people do, too, is like, Oh, I don't want to share too much value, because I feel like then they're not gonna want my binary stuff. And I'm like, you can never share too much value on your social media channel, any channel at all, like the more value that you give people, the more results and the more qualified conversations you're going to have. And the more growth you're going to have organically because, again, people are thinking like what's in it for me?

Why should I follow this guy, no one's gonna be able to go and like solve all their problems with the content that you're giving them on your on your Instagram, but it's about giving them some result to the point where they're like, dang, this guy's really done. giving me a lot of information. I think the next best thing for me to do is to like work with this guy, right? So I think a lot of people get scared about giving too much value. And in my opinion, I always tell them like now give them all the value given the most you can possibly do because people see that they appreciate it. Um, and it's going to help you build something that's scalable, right? You're always going to be known as the guy who over delivers like, right like your Joe over- deliver Troyer. Right, so, you know, you got to just like you got to you got to like be true to that.

And you got to be authentic. And I think that's another thing too, is people don't people try to portray themselves as someone they're not on Instagram and people catch that quick. Yeah. So whether it's today or tomorrow in the future, people will find out if you're, you know if you're being a phony, right, so, um, you know, talk more about your journey, talk about things that resonate with people who are inspired by you, um, don't be scared to talk about failures, you know, talk more about things that everyone feels because, you know, the end of the day, a lot of people even DM me, and they're like, Oh, dude, like, that's so cool that you're here. Like, that's awesome. And I'm just like, dude, I was a bartender, you're, you're, you could do this too, if I can do this, like you can do this, you know, um, so let people know, you know, be authentic and let people know where you came from, and, and just keep being authentic. Because that's the best way to grow a page too. You know, don't try to be somebody you're not.

Joe Troyer 5:30
That's awesome add up, if somebody is in kind of an obscure niche, you recommend they kind of go up a niche or two, right? So if they're doing their competitive research, and the niches just kind of small, right? And they're like, man, like, my competition isn't really doing anything, right. Like, I don't really have much to model, what would you recommend? They go up kind of a level or two, or in a higher kind of niche? Yeah, or, you know, what's worked for you.

Michael Roddy 5:57
So what I always like, tell people, so like, I worked I work with primarily, like, two main different niches, um, and watch, I guess, three, so it's either entrepreneurs that are like, you know, coaches, consultants, service providers, thought leaders, and then I got, um, you know, personal development coaches, that's actually a pretty big niche right now, right, and then I got a lot of, and then I got a couple of fitness clients. So I wouldn't go and try to stick to like, when you're a nutrition coach, right, like people are like, plant based nutrition coach like vegans, right? Like, you're not going to I can't help you grow just a vegan audience, you know, but what I can do is I can help you in the fitness space, and then the nutritional space, you know, like, you don't need to essentially just go super niche, you want to stick to a niche, but don't go too niche, right.

So like, it's either fitness, business, personal development, you know, stuff like that, like that's the those are the niches you don't want to go sub niche because then it's hard to grow. It's easier to bring in a bunch of people that are into fitness or into nutrition into your into your page and nurture them with content about your specific expertise. Because now you're nurturing them, maybe they thought a little bit maybe they were a little biased towards you know, being vegan or your specific offer or you know, being a digital marketer, but if you give them enough value in education, you're gonna you can easily turn that around.

And now you have a qualified lead there's talking to your DMS letting you know Hey, man, I wasn't into this before but now I'm really interested so I wouldn't go super niche when I would just make sure that you stick to like the top niches right like if you want to go into like business, you know, personal development. You know, being a coach right? Or you know, coach in the fitness space, just stick to those niches don't just don't go hyper niche. Now, we want to gather people to your page and when you do, that's when you can talk about like the specific things that you're an expert in within fitness within business or within, you know, being an athlete or something.

Joe Troyer 7:55
Yeah, man makes perfect sense.

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