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Scaling Secrets Unleashed – How John Logar Built a 30 Million Dollar Agency in 4 Years

 John Logar has had a wildly successful career in the digital marketing industry. His exploits are legendary.  He’s owned several multi-seven figure companies through the course of his 30 years in the business. When it comes to growing and scaling an agency, you’ll be hard-pressed finding someone more knowledgeable.

In this episode, John shares the principles and philosophies that he’s developed throughout his illustrious career. He breaks down his scaling strategies step by step and shows us what’s possible when you have the proper framework in place.



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Show Notes

  • John’s introduction {2:46}
  • Hitting Milestones {5:11}
  • Finding Resource Partners {8:18}
  • Robotics and Tradeshows {10:48}
  • Different Brands and Different Agencies {11:39}
  • Breakthrough Physical Therapy Agency {12:27}
  • Consulting Unleashed {15:15}
  • Thinking Bigger and Aha Moments {18:32}
  • Mistakes in the Marketplace {21:04}
  • The Math to 200k {23:57}
  • Areas Where Most Businesses are Failing {27:38}
  • Niche Criteria {29:48}
  • Moving to a 12-Month Program {34:03}
  • The Biggest Retention Mechanism {39:01}
  • How to Create Elasticity in Your Price Structure {43:38}
  • Tactics to Get Clients {49:02}

Resources and People Mentioned


Podcast Transcript


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January 6, 2020