The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Your Email Deliverability [Part 2] with Adrian Savage

In part 2 of Joe’s interview with email marketing expert Adrian Savage, we continue our deep dive into the fundamentals and 80/20 of good email deliverability.

Adrian has worked with influential digital marketers such as Neil Patel, Eben Pagan, and Ryan Levesque. He’s the founder of Deliverability Dashboard, a tool that helps you solve deliverability issues quickly by measuring your email delivery and engagement.

Show Notes

  • Content – words, images, links, and frequency {0:54}
  • Testing daily emails {5:20}
  • The sound approach to doing promos {7:42}
  • Deliverability Dashboard {9:50}
  • Free health check {12:49}
  • Deliverability Defender {13:15}

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April 12, 2021