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Local SEO is rough and the latest Pigeon update has everyone scratching their heads.

Today we bring on Scott Davis and discuss how the Pigeon update effected local SEO and how to dominate the search results post-pigeon.

Learn to maximize your local SEO efforts after Pigeon and get your rankings back on top.

We’ve Provided the Transcription Directly Below


Tips From The Interview

1. Submit the same company description to every directory identically & let Panda visit the directories in your Vertical. You’ll outrank them on keyword queries relevant to your site because your content is unique and theirs is not.  Yext is a good way to syndicate that.  Similar to Moz Local.

2. Beat Yelp reviews & other review sites by adding a reviews page to your website. When people search for your business name & reviews, you’ll show up 1st.

3. Take advantage of G+ and Google maps. Some of these links are followed and will help your organic placement. (99 domain authority). Directories being directories don’t qualify for a Google map listing and thus won’t have that coveted Google link.

Post Hummingbird Keyword Research

As for thorough keyword research – I guarantee 99.99% of the people doing SEO are doing their keyword research wrong post-hummingbird. You have to aggregate the search volume for all of the terms that mean the same thing (but google has to recognize it’s the same query). Hotel in Dallas, Dallas hotels, hotel dallas tx — add all the search volume together and you’ll get the true demand for the concept. They all pull the same SERP results. (go look – 5% variance in position for the top 100 results — usually only varying in the 1st 10 results — is still the same SERP set.)

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Local PPC Tips

Spot 3 or 4.

Mobile for hotels don’t work as well.

The call out extensions are great, allowed them to add Free WIFI, Free Parking, Kids Eat Free.