TC 030: Matt Stack – Successful Local SEO & Lead Generation Site Marketer

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

We first heard about Matt Stack from a different podcast where he shouted out Joe Troyer and Analytical Call Tracking.  After hearing the success he’s been having we knew we had to have him on.

Matt Stack is having great success with lead generation and local SEO for businesses and covers it in detail with us on the podcast.  He was even kind enough to discuss the niches he’s had success with.

We discussed…

  • What’s worked for him
  • Where he struggled initially
  • How to choose your ‘perfect’ niche include 5 different factors
  • How to vet your niche and research it deeper
  • Ranking sites and generating traffic
  • The sneaky way he gets 3 businesses to compete for his business
  • What makes an ideal client
  • His pricing model and recent high ticket upsell
  • Advice for others who hasn’t broken through

We even discuss his recent trip to Mexico where he met his new business partner.
Also check his post on shortcuts for local SEO research.




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