Stealing YouTube Keywords for Competitors


Joe Troyer: So the next thing, once we find the topics, then what we’re going to do is we’re gonna start stealing YouTube keywords from the competitors. So in vidIQ, so let’s find a topic. So let’s say that we’re going to make a video. Guys, this is a video I could make in my sleep, I’ve already made, on how to rank in Google, in Google Maps. It just needs to be updated. It’s tired. If you look at these dates, nine months, four months, one month, one month, three months. The most that I see here is … and this guy creates a lot of SEO content, this guy should be on my list as well.

Joe Troyer: But all of these are pretty dang new, right? 11 months, 10 months, one year ago. So essentially one year ago. Up until here, everything above the fold is within the last year and probably more like six months. So that’s something that’s really interesting to take away. This market, how to rank in Google Maps, like digital marketing training market, obviously moves a lot faster than most markets. It’s very competitive. But what we can do is we can come in here and we can start to steal their keywords.

Joe Troyer: So these are all the tags that they used. How to rank in Google Maps, how to rank in Google Maps 2018, how to rank in Google Maps 2019, how to rank in Google snack pack, how to rank in Google Maps 2018, rank in Google Maps fast, how to rank higher in Google Maps. So we can go in here and we can essentially yank all their optimization. And this guy is actually ranking twice, nine months ago and four months ago. So that’s kind of an interesting point. So this is an interesting take-away that I didn’t expect to see right here.

Joe Troyer: What’s the take-away that you guys could get from this? What’s the take-away that you guys could get from the deep end, ranking a video, number one for “how to rank in Google Maps” nine months ago, and then ranking a video four months ago for the same keyword phrase? Thoughts?

Joe Troyer: Yeah, we should 100% remake the videos. Google Maps updates all the time, Facebook updates all the time, Google algorithm updates all the time. So if you have a video that in nine months got you, or in five months got you … excuse me … got you 30,000 views, let’s say, why wouldn’t you do that same video again? You should. So if you have an opportunity, definitely do it. And that’s a little note to self, and something I wish I would have captured sooner, because we used to rank number one and number two in Google for “how to rank in Google Maps.” I don’t know where our listing is, but we crushed it. Here’s a third video for this guy. But we were crushing it with that keyword phrase.

Joe Troyer: Here we go, but that was four years ago. I should have made two versions a year for the last four years, and I would probably own most of the page here for this search phrase, and that would be worth a lot of business to me.

Joe Troyer: Okay, so again … Stealing keywords is really about stealing tags, and tags you can steal very, very easily with vidIQ. So we could come through here and we could grab all the keywords from everybody on the first page, and then we could come back through, we could get rid of all the dupes, and then we could come back through and get rid of every keyword that wasn’t relevant. And now we have a massive keyword list that is uber on target and that has proven to work, because it’s what everybody that’s ranking is actually using.

Joe Troyer: Okay, so stealing YouTube keywords and tags is super, super simple. The only other thing that I would take into effect if I were you is I would look at these top search keywords as well. So I would take into effect all the tags, these are great keyword phrases to rank for that you guys can steal, you guys can work into your titles, you can work into your tags. But also make sure that you’re working these in. All right, fantastic. So that is, guys, exactly how you steal YouTube keywords from your competitors.

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