Syndwire Shutdown

Originally released Q1 of 2014

It’s with deep sadness I announce that Syndwire is no more. At the end of the day, it simply isn’t working out. It’s not meeting my standards, and I’m sure for many of you – your standards either. I think the key thing is to understand why – why we built Syndwire.

Why we built Syndwire.

My marketing agency was having a ton of success ranking videos, and websites in google with the power of “web2.0’s” or what some people later called social pbn’s.

Quickly this service took priority because of its results.

As we started to scale we had problems like you always do. We had things we wanted to do that the tools on the marketplace couldn’t do. And we were paying over $2,000 mo/ for a piece of software (Onlywire) to post content out to all of our “networks” of profiles on all the top social profiles.

We saw an opportunity and sought out to build a cheaper, and more flexible tool that would allow us to scale and do what we wanted/needed to get the best results possible. 

Fast forward multiple failed multiple attempts at building Syndwire and after firing multiple dev teams (If you’ve ever built software you know what I’m saying)…

We launched Syndwire.

It was a smashing success. 

Our customers were smashing it. Literally brute forcing Google rankings all day every day. We were doing literally millions of successful posts per week. 

Did I mention when we launched (6+ years ago) it was $199 a year or $299 a month. 

At one point in just 1 week Syndwire members (most likely you reading this) ranked on the first page of google for over 100,000 keywords. 

It goes without saying a boat load of people saved a shitload of money copying our tactics and leveraging the shotgun that was Syndwire. 

Social Networks Don’t Like Shotguns

Early into Syndwire, we started to realize we had a problem. Our tool was getting used like gangbusters (a good problem to have) however the content that was being submitted and how it was being submitted – the networks (web2.0s/social profiles hated. 

This made our full time jobs to play cat and mouse with the networks to keep our posts going through. We’d setup an API connection a user would add 1,000 brand new accounts and then hammer the network with 10,000 posts in a day to those 1,000 new accounts. It goes without saying this isn’t normal behavior. For any of the networks or for a brand new API key.  So… it would get deleted. We’d get smarter and add in rotating API keys and multiple domains to avoid detection – but we were always at war with the networks. 

And to a user – now I gotta go re-add and authorize all my accounts? That sucks – I know the pain. 

It’s been over half a decade of playing whack-a-mole!

To be 100% clear this level of shitty user experience has driven me bonkers since day 1. This 100% never met my expectations. 

Behind the scenes we’ve had dozens of developers, rebuilt the entire platform or what developers like to call “refactoring the code” multiple times.

The Ranking Opportunities Are 1/20th Of What They Were

We used to be able to smash rankings within minutes of posting.

We used to be able to takeover 4,5, 6 or more spots on the search results

Now it’s hard just to rank a video in google. What google really wants to rank video is retention on views.

And Google has some sort of filter on what keywords they will or won’t show videos for that I have never been able to quite figure out.

I Should Have Pulled The Plug Earlier

To be honest I should have thrown in the towel and shut down Syndwire long ago. But I’m super stubborn and thought I can make it work, I’ll put in the time and resources… Plus the theory of “sunken time” or “sunk money” always got the best of me. And I still could remember all the crazy rankings in Google like it was yesterday…

I am proud that we kept it going for so long.

Seems like the tools come and go so fast these days. It’s been one heck of a ride, and I just want to say THANK YOU for your support.

All active subscriptions have been terminated. If you had an active subscription, there will be 0 more charges. If you have any questions or concerns you can reach us at: support at digitaltriggers dot io.


If your looking for social posting or social sharing tools here are 2 that have a little different take than Syndwire. – Easy cheap social poster with GMB connection can even automate posts from other networks to GMB with a few clicks.

Sendible – What we use to post podcast content to social channels.

Or if your looking for something a little more aggressive there’s Joshua Zamora’s social sharing exchange platform.

What’s Next?

Am I done building software? No.

But I have given myself permission to quit on projects that aren’t pulling their weight and you should too.

I’m excited to reroute the energy and resources that have been on Syndwire for years into other projects!

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