3 Services You Want To Focus On When Starting Your Marketing Agency

Focus On When Starting Your Marketing Agency

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Joe Troyer: Scott asks, next up, if you were to start your business today, what three services would you focus on? All right, so what three services would you focus on?

Joe Troyer: I took this question a little bit further, to help give me some clarity, and also to hopefully help give you some clarity. For me, I believe that everybody should have two to three core offerings that they offer. By core offering, it’s obviously a service, but by core offering, you should be charging at least $1000 a month for you to do the service, okay? As an agency, folks, most of this should be profit. I’m not talking about offering AdWords, and having the total budget be $1000 a month, where you gotta pay for AdWords, and you get your profit out of the 1000. No. It’s $1000 a month, minimum, with most of this being profit for you. At the end of the day, if most of that isn’t profit for you, how are you going to be able to get a customer good results?

Joe Troyer: If there’s not enough profit in it, if there’s not enough money in it, you’re not gonna be sticking around very long to help that customer. Hey, Joe Troyer. Hey, Frankie Allen, what’s up buddy? The three core offerings that I would be running is retargeting on all the platforms for customers. Again, controlling their brand, their messaging, their offers, what people are saying about them, and focusing on converting prospects and customers into first-time business and/or repeat business. Okay? I would also focus on Google My Business, and local organic SEL. Long term, nothing is going to get a better return on investment out of any marketing that they do more than Google My Business and local organic SEL. It’s just not.

Joe Troyer: When you spend money on a TV ad, and you run that ad for a month. Let’s say it costs you 20 grand to run that TV ad. When it’s done for the month, it’s done. There is no long term ROI that you get from that. Google My Business and local organic SEL is more like an investment. You’re investing every month in building up those rankings and beating out your competition. By all means if you stop, are you gonna over time kind of slip? Yes, but it’s the only platform where you’re gonna get residual. You’re gonna have residual momentum built up.

Joe Troyer: Okay, and last but not least, folks, for me, the third service that I would be offering is AdWords. Again, this would be AdWords management as a service, and my minimum to do this would be 1000 bucks a month.




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