UCES Protection Plan Review – Are They Legit?

UCES Protection Plan Review

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

In the United States, having good credit scores is fundamental. There’s an increasing market for credit repair services. Keep reading If you need to improve your credit scores while  finding affordable Financial Services.

United Credit Education Services (UCES) is a credit repair company based in Michigan. It offers an affordable protection plan with credit restoration service and other features to help you keep your credit checked.

To begin with, it lets you monitor the three major credit bureaus using Smart Credit Report Monitoring, gives you access to unlimited dispute letters (created by experts), and has a credit builder program.

If you like what you read, then don’t leave because you are about to learn what United Credit Education Services can do for you.


United Credit Education Services is a credit repair company with over 17 years of experience that helps people in financial distress. The company has enough experience to provide quality solutions in today’s market.

They offer multiple services to help you improve your credit, plan your saving,  free yourself from debt, be in charge of your life and achieve your financial goals.

UCES assists with diverse law-related issues. From car accident lawsuits to divorce agreements and child custody cases, you can rely on United Credit Education Services to help you find the best way to face your situation.

Are Credit Repair Services Authentic?

Credit repair companies are authentic and offer a legitimate service. They can help you to repair your credit score by removing negative items from your credit report. They are the best option if you don’t have the discipline to do the job yourself.

They can do a great job fixing your credit and improving your financial future. Make sure to check first, don’t be prey for scammers. A way to check if a company is legitimate is to look at its Better Business Bureau rating (BBB). If the company has an A+ rating,  it’s most likely a good company.

Who Can Benefit From the UCES Protection Plan

The UCES protection plan assists you in building a better financial future. Ther product helps you develop positive budgetary habits, which aim to create and achieve a secure financial future.

UCES protection plan is perfect for anyone looking to improve their credit score or monitor their credit report actively. But it’s also useful for people looking for professional legal services, a life insurance policy, or debt management assistance. Their service has a broad scope o features that can benefit you over time.

Pricing for UCES Protection Plan

You can access United Credit Education Services for an $89 monthly fee. It also requires an activation fee of $99.

The good news is that the longer you stay in the protection plan, the lower your fee will become, ranging between $89- $49 per month. You won’t need to worry about being tied to a long-term contract stay in the protection plan for as long as you want. No strings attached.

What Are United Credit Education Services?

United Credit Education Services stands out for its multiple products. They offer over 12 different tools to improve your financial health, your saving habits, and your access to legal assistance.

Let’s review each tool to help you understand better the UCES protection plan.

Rocket Lawyer

Use Rocket Lawyer for all things legal. Get personal documents, and protect your business, home, and family with this service.

This feature grants you a Rocket Lawyer on-call attorney and a free 30 minutes consultation. You can also use Rocket Lawyer to employ an attorney if you need extra consultation time.

Your Rocket Lawyer access activates after your third month with the 4th payment.


Improve your spending habits by using the United Credit Education Services budget tool. Create a saving plan based on your current income and keep track of your spending habits with a feature designed to help you understand and record your spending habits to make room for your financial objectives.

Improve your spending habits by using the Unite Credit Education Services budget tool. Create a saving plan based on your current income and keep track of your spending habits with a feature designed to help you understand and record your spending habits to make room for your financial objectives.

Key features

  • Modern and user-friendly interface.
  • Categories to help identify and track your expenses.
  • Save time by transferring previous data to the following month.
  • Edit your budget from a month prior, and prepare your budget for two months forward.
  • Use the budgeting report to track your progress.
  • Credit Monitoring With SmartCredit

Credit Restoration

The most relevant element in your Financial Health is your credit score. A higher credit score saves you a lot of stress from Financial struggles, helps you to achieve better loan conditions, and lowers interest rates.

A successful credit restoration process can improve your finances in the long term and positively impact your life and your family’s.

Build your credit score by disputing obsolete, missing, and inaccurate items on your credit reports.

Credit Builder

Understand all about your credit report if you are to embark on the credit repair process.

UCES Credit Education Center comes with multiple educational services, credit tips, and resources to guide you in your search for credit score improvements. Identify the accounts that need immediate attention, and understand the reason and the impact it has on your finances.


  •  Customizable documents and letters.
  •  Credit-building tips and techniques.
  •  Financial literacy quiz.

Credit Attorney

Owning a debt is embarrassing, and debt collectors often can worsen the process. They are intrusive and unstoppable, and in extreme circumstances, even abusive.

When you are part of the United Credit Education Services Protection Plan, you can benefit from the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act because it entitles your credit attorney to order the debt collector to stop contacting you, and they must obey.


  • Get assistance with credit report errors, identity theft, and debt collection harassment.
  • Correct errors on your credit report and build your score.
  • Legal in all 50 States and US Territories.

Credit Monitoring

UCES credit monitoring lets you access your interactive credit report whenever you want. So you can constantly monitor your progress and performance.

The system allows you to set up alerts for unauthorized use of your credit, which helps you prevent theft. Monitor your credit score and ensure it is safe and protected using UCES credit monitoring.


  • Credit score protection
  • Secure your accounts
  • Real-time alerts to inform you when your credit is being checked or used

Debt Payoff

Honoring a debt is challenging and tiresome if you don’t have some background knowledge or previous experience in debt payoff. Sometimes this endeavor can lead you to find a second and even a third job. But using the DebtZero system offered by the UCES protection plan helps you accomplish your goal without an extra income.

DebtZero will teach you how to manage your money more efficiently to pay off your debts faster while saving money. Build and follow a payment plan with discipline to save in interest and live debt free.

Identity Monitoring

UCES protection plan, in alliance with InfoArmor, provides an identity monitoring service that alerts you at first signs of fraud.

The identity monitoring tool alerts you on credit inquiries, accounts opened in your name, unauthorized content on your social media accounts, compromised credentials, and financial transactions.

In the unfortunate event of fraud, you don’t need to do anything because our Privacy Advocates® are in charge of the process to restore your identity.

Life Insurance

You have to be an active 1099 participating representative of United Credit Education Services to access the life insurance policy.


  • Available to Active 1099-paid United Credit Education Services Agents.
  • Protect your family in the event of your death.
  • Assist with expenses, even when you’re not around.

Financial LockBox

It’s an online virtual security product to store your valuable financial information in one place. Since it is a virtual service, you can access your Financial LockBox from anywhere. Secure the information of utmost importance to you and your loved ones and share it with your designated person if there is an emergency.


  •  Create space to keep a list of all your files.
  •  Keep them in a secure virtual vault where they can’t be hacked or damaged.
  •  Determine a contact person who can access your documents in an emergency.

Net Worth

For UCES protection plan your financial literacy is important. Understanding the factors that influence your credit score and your Financial Health is fundamental.

In case you are not familiar with the term, your net worth is the total value of your assets, minus the total of your liabilities.

This product helps you understand how to lower your liabilities and raise your credit score.


  • Monitor your assets
  • Minimize your liabilities
  • and add value two your financial worth.

Saving Goals

United Credit Education Services helps you save for your future projects. You may have projects in mind, like your next vacation or a brand-new car, but credit repair isn’t enough.

Using the saving goals tool you can create a budget for multiple projects and set up reminders to add funds and achieve your goals.


  • Create Multiple Goals at Once
  • Utilize Your Savings Goal Report to Track Your Progress.
  • Ability to Add Additional Money Throughout Your Savings Period.
  • Optional Text Feature Reminding You to Save.

Will & Trust

You can access UCES legal forms to create a will that is legal and backed by an attorney. Fill out the documents online, and then print them at your convenience.


  • Last will forms
  • Living trust forms
  • Health care power of attorney
  • Financial power of attorney

YFL Family Mint

It’s the UCES award-winning online application for money management and financial goal-setting. Using it, kids (with their parents’ help) can begin to learn financial responsibility and acknowledge the value of money in the real world.


  • Empower your young children to learn financial skills.

Empower your young children to learn financial skills.

Alternative Credit Repair Companies

If you still feel that the UCES protection plan isn’t for you, go online and do your research. There are credit repair companies to fit your specific needs. I suggest you check these alternatives.

Is UCES Protection Plan Legit Or A Scam?

No, UCES Protection Plan is not a scam and offers legitimate credit restoration services paired with financial products.

Many people have reduced and eliminated incorrect or negative debt using this service.

So there’s no reason why you wouldn’t achieve the same.

That warps up the united credit education services plan review. I hope you’ve found the answers you were seeking. Thanks for reading!



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