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Have you ever heard about watch trading? Well, in this article, we are going to discuss all you need to know about the Watch Trading Academy. 

Wich is a course by Pejman Ghadimi. If you’re here, you’re probably wondering if this is a scam. Below in this article is all you need to know about this course. This includes background information, pricing, and an overview of the course content. 

You’ll know if Watch Trading Academy is right for you when you’re done. 


Let’s go!


Who is the man behind the Watch Trading Academy?

Pejman Ghadimi is a serial entrepreneur and author of the best-selling book Third Circle Theory and Radius.


Over 20 years, Pejman founded several trading companies, including an exotic car trade and a luxury watch trade. He made money selling information on how to set up and run a trading business for profit on his Exotic Car Hack and Watch Trading Academy websites.


He has mentored over 36,000 students worldwide through online courses and mentoring. Pejman published company earnings of $68 million in total sales in 2018, proving his claims to be genuine and not fraudulent.


He wasn’t a big fan of watches, so the idea of ​​trading in luxury watches initially didn’t seem very convincing. But he knew there was a huge demand for luxury watches because people were willing to spend thousands and even millions just for them, so he entered the market and decided to give people what they wanted. 


Watch Trading Academy – What is it?

Watch Trading Academy is the newly rebranded version of Pejman Ghadimi’s Watch Conspiracy course. Both programs teach you how to buy a watch at the lowest present value (intrinsic value) and sell it for a profit. According to Ghadimi, flipping the watch is normal for him to get his ROI of 19% within 72 hours of purchase.


The business model is simple but requires a lot of effort and patience. Ghadimi stresses that even after enrolling in his course, you must actively follow the model to see results. This makes flipping the watch a lucrative sideline but not a passive eCommerce income.

Watch Trading Academy doesn’t fit the excellent category with the ribbon on top. After all, buying and selling watches is a unique way to make money.  


It’s certainly possible to make money from flashy companies like this, but I will only look elsewhere if you’re interested in spending years experimenting with unproven business models.


His watch trading strategy is straightforward. He claims that if he buys a $1,000 luxury watch and resells it for a profit of 20%, he will make a profit of $200 per sale. 


After making the first trade, make another trade of $200, and the money will be doubled that way. In months he will make five trades, and in a month, he will earn $1,000.


Is Watch Trading Academy A Scam?

Technically not. 


You can for sure make money with this program, but building a successful business is easier said than done. Well, there’s nothing wrong with working ahead and making money later.


But if you’re forced to grind for three months and then grind another nine months before seeing “real money,” that’s no big deal. 


Watch Trading Academy Price

The Watch Trading Academy course costs $997 for lifetime access; if you think about it, you could buy a $1000 luxury watch. 


But the price you pay for his course is the price he paid favorably for his 15 years of past mistakes and his watch trading experience. 


If you ever want to be successful in business and minimize the loss of money and time, you need a mentor who can teach you all about the business model.


Here, Peyman teaches us as a watch industry mentor what to do and what to avoid in the luxury watch industry. For $997, you get access to the following:


  • Lifetime Admission To The Complete Watch Trading Academy Platform & Resources 
  • Step-By-Step Video Training On: How To Earn Money Trading Watches 
  • Admission To Pejman Ghadimi Himself And 7500+ Private Members-Only Facebook Group 
  • Instruments and Resources Including Best Watches To Purchase, Target Pricing Cheat Sheets, Authorized Sellers, And More. 
  • Entrance To Our Library of 100s Of Case Studies And Extensive Watch Buying Guides 


How Does Watch Trading Work?

This course is divided into three main parts and does not include the bonuses included in Pejman’s course.


Part 1: Market Research 

The first thing Pejman teaches is market research, specifically how to look for a watch and determine your price range. 


This is good exercise as there are many luxury watch brands such as Rolex, Omega, Blancpain, etc. All these brands have different prices, so it’s essential to ensure your luxury watch is reasonable.


One of the things he does is helping you to find luxury watch bargains and prices on eBay. Most of his time is spent in his eBay sales area, which has a history of selling luxury watches.


You can use this data to understand what price to target for your first sale. There are many more tricks Pejman covers in this part. One is his participation in the fine watch forums and industry communities.


Part 2: Authenticity 

When it comes to luxury watches, there are many cheap copies. People do this because they understand how much they can make by selling a fake luxury watch at the original price.


Sadly, historical records show that 30% of people are looking for fake luxury watches because they want to look rich but don’t want to pay a high price.


With so many counterfeit watches on the market, Pejman shares some tips and tricks to help you determine if your watch is genuine. This training is gold. Because you want to be sure you are buying an authentic luxury watch.


This training will help you avoid being scammed in the future. Also, only a few people can identify the authenticity of a watch. If desired, this can also be turned into a consulting service. He covers various ways to ensure everything is legit, including seller profiles, photo viewing, and more.


Part 3: Selling 

The final part of the training is on how to sell these luxury watches, primarily on eBay. Pejman demonstrates a primary strategy for selling watches on eBay with high conversion rates.


Please take a good photo of your luxury watch and post it on eBay with a caption that ensures your selling is legitimate and your luxury watches writing strategy. 


Another thing he mentions is selling these watches rather than relying on eBay as a primary traffic source. You can find other alternative marketplaces selling luxury watches on Facebook Marketplace.


It’s also essential to mimic what other successful retailers are doing to sell their watches. The luxury watch trade is constantly evolving. What you did last month may not work today, so staying up to date and imitating others who have done it successfully is essential.


Bonus #1: Private Facebook Group for Members Only

Watch Trading Academy has a large private Facebook group with over 7500 members. Here you can get advice from other experienced course participants on all your questions regarding the course or the sale of luxury watches. You can even request a price quote for a specific watch type or brand.


This is also an excellent place to connect and network with other luxury watch retailers. You can easily make money if they are interested in buying your watch.


Bonus #2: Real Luxury Watches Replica Inspecting Lesson 

This bonus lets you touch replicas of luxury watches that are too difficult to tell apart from the real. 


Pejman shows some ways to verify them by pointing out shared characteristics of counterfeiting watches. 


Bonus #3: Case Studies 

The course has many case studies. Most of them come from college students who made a profit selling luxury watches. By researching how the look was marketed, you can learn a few things about how they deal with it.


Bonus #4: Real Deal Example 

Another bonus is that you can see step-by-step how Peyman trades luxury watches. This bonus will show you how to do what the teacher himself has mastered.


Bonus #5: Most Profitable Watches Cheat Sheet 

This cheat sheet will help you understand which types and brands of watches are most profitable. A cheat sheet lets you focus on what to look for and avoid. There are many luxury brands out there, and of course, as a beginner, you must decide which brand to choose.


Watch Trading Company Reviews: Pros and Cons 


  • The business model of trading luxury watches is not very competitive compared to other online business models out there
  • A simple business model that takes zero ads knowledge and marketing skills
  • Beginner-friendly, straightforward teaching how to make money selling watches on eBay and other marketplaces. 



  •  $997 is not cheap for some, and some students feel the course is not worth it 
  •  The business model is both passive and semi-passive. You have to find watches, research prices, and sell them every time in a hurry to get more deals. 
  •  Luxury watches take time to sell. Sometimes, the hold period can be up to 60 days before someone decides to purchase. Sometimes, a luxury watch may trade at a low-profit margin.


Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, I recommend this course if you want to break away from mainstream online business models such as affiliate marketing and e-commerce and try something new.


This is not a scam, but it is a legit watch trading course and may seem overpriced to some. Trading luxury watches are much more predictable than trading stocks or foreign exchange, as you can control the variables that drive watch prices and demand.