What’s The Best Latest Process To Get Ranked In The 3 Pack?


Joe Troyer: All right. Next up, Ralph Crawford asks, “I’m wondering what the best latest process is to get ranked in the 3-Pack?”

Joe Troyer: All right. What I wanted to do is kind of share with you guys the big 11 things that I would be focusing on right out of the gate, okay? If I had a client trying to rank inside of the 3-Pack, right, or I was trying to rank inside of the 3-Pack, these are the first 11 things that I would focus on, all right?

Joe Troyer: First and foremost, and I think something that 95% of people ignore, is you need your website that’s connected to the Google My Business to be optimized onsite for the keywords that you want to go after. I see people putting up one page, two page, three page crappy websites that aren’t optimized at all, don’t even have the keyword phrases that they want to rank for on the GMB even listed on the website, right? Nowhere do they say, like, “We do this service in this city and these cities.” Seriously? It’s not going to rank, right, unless there’s like literally zero competition, okay? You also should have some basics on that site like schema markup, right? Your images that you have on the site should be geotagged to the location and the service area that you’re trying to serve.

Joe Troyer: One thing just with geotagged images, I see a lot of people being super lazy with this, and they just geotag everything, like the city center. And so, the coordinates on every single geotagged image are exactly the same. Come on, guys, you can be better than that, okay?

Joe Troyer: Next up, fully build out your GMB listing, okay? Fill it all up. In all the places that you could put images, put all the images that you frickin’ can, okay? Put in all the categories that you can that are relevant, okay? Geotag all the images before you upload them, right? Build the whole thing out and build it out correctly. Make it look good, and make it complete. Make it full. Make it so that you can’t upload any more frickin’ images, right? Don’t just do the basics, okay?

Joe Troyer: Next up, create daily posts on the GMB listing, okay? This is super simple, super simple, and I see nobody doing it. To me, it seems like there is definitely some type of factor, right, for companies that are doing this right now, right? So, create daily postings on your GMB listing. An easy way to do this, if you’re already doing social posts, right, you’re pushing content to Twitter, to Facebook, or wherever, just also push it right to your GMB listing, okay?

Joe Troyer: Trump your competitors’ reviews, okay? I didn’t say, “Get reviews on your GMB listings.” Fucking trump your competitors, okay? Be superior by far, right? If in the 3-Pack there’s a competitor that has 30 reviews, get frickin’ 60, and make sure that you’re four-and-a-half or five stars, okay? That’s what’s going to make you stand out. That’s what’s going to make you the obvious choice when you get ranked in the 3-Pack, and ensure that you get all of the call volume that you can once you’re ranked there.

Joe Troyer: Let’s see. Get a ton of citations. Yes, get a frickin’ ton of them. I see a lot of people saying that they’re not ranking on the 3-Pack, and I’m like, “Great. How many citations have you done so far?” “Oh, we did 30.” “Then why are you asking me what else you can do?” Right? I buy 300 from the get-go, right? I’m serious about this.

Joe Troyer: Next up, make sure that you put your citation, your full NAP, right on all of your social and your web 2.02. And last but not least, folks, rank organically. Rank organically. I still think that this is a big deal. I still think if you do the things, the first 10 things, and your site is also ranking, right, organically in the top three, the top five, you have a much, much better chance of ranking inside the 3-Pack.

Joe Troyer: All right, James, third question. Will you ever open up your Backlink training again? So, James, 100%. The beta program for our Backlink Outreach Masterclass went very, very well. Everyone, literally everyone who implemented got results, period. I, however, don’t have an ETA yet on the reopen for the program. If I had to guess, and just a guess, don’t hold me to it, and this is why I hate guessing, I would say first quarter of next year for a reopen.

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