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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Do you want to improve your website’s visibility and attract readers with quality blog posts? Then this blog post may help you. The best blog writing services for 2023 will be discussed in this article.

We will present professional blog writing services to assist you in selecting a service for establishing your blog. These services range from producing appealing material to conducting in-depth research and attention to delivering SEO-friendly content. Prepare to develop your ideas into posts on your site that will captivate viewers.

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Top 10 Best Blog Writing Services in 2023

Brand Builders

They are experts in producing affiliate and eCommerce blog content for authority and specialized websites. They provide a full range of services, handling everything from keyword research to content posting.

All of Brand Builders’ experienced writers are native English speakers. Their expert writing services range from press releases to blog posts, website copy, product reviews, product & video descriptions, ebooks, and more.


Prices range from $160 for 2,000 words to $35,000 for 500,000 words, depending on word count.

SEO Butler

For organizations and websites wishing to grow their customer base, SEO Butler is a great solution. The consumers who stand to gain the most from SEO Butler’s services are independent companies and web marketing firms.

They offer content like blog articles or product descriptions that isn’t typically the purview of writing services. They offer various services, including social signals, citations, and guest posts on other websites. All of these goods are provided with search engine optimization in mind so that they will increase traffic to your website through organic activations.


The price depends on the content you require will affect the price. They work well for large orders since you may receive great discounts.

Niche Website Builders

A content and link-building company, Niche Website Builders, specializes in affiliate content with a search engine optimization focus for authority and niche websites.

Regular SEO blog writing services and affiliate posts are one of the things included in their services. Regarding turnaround time, your needs will be accommodated; their writing team is native English speakers.


The cost is decided by how many words you require each month; it starts at $700 for 10,000 words. Special pricing packages can be made for monthly content orders over 100,000 words.

Writer Access

A platform for content and copywriting called WriterAccess links clients with seasoned independent contractors. It enables clients to submit jobs and get quotes from expert blog writers with subject matter expertise.

It has built-in services like invoicing and payment processing, making managing projects and working with independent contractors simple.

WriterAccess makes sure that all independent contractors are screened for quality control. When they choose a writer for their subsequent writing articles, it gives clients a piece of mind.


Highly technical custom material prices range from $0.02 per word to $2.00 per word.

SEO Content Hero

SEO Content Hero is focused on SEO-optimized content and bases their pricing on the quality and quantity of orders. Customers submit requests that include information about the project’s topic, preferred SEO keywords, and word count.

They market themselves as providing a professional writer for all kinds of websites. They have worked with well-known clients, such as Empire Flippers and Surfer SEO.

SEO Content Hero’s services are good for small to medium-sized enterprises, marketing firms, web design firms, and bloggers. Anyone that needs well-researched and expertly written reports, blog articles, or written advertising content will profit from employing SEO Content Hero’s services.


Three price tiers are available, ranging from $6 per 100 words to $12 per 100 words.

  • Authority-level content costs $6 per 100 words. (when you order 50k words or more).
  • When ordering 50k words or more, the Professional level costs $8 per 100 words.
  • The Elite level produces top-notch material for renowned organizations, websites with six-figure search volumes, and other high-profile companies. When you order 50k words or more, elite writers charge $12 per 100 words on average and hold master’s degrees.
  • For organizations who want continuing blog writing services, SEO services, or in-depth research, SEO Content Hero also offers Customized programs. You can schedule a call to receive a strategy made specifically for you.


iWriter matches authors with businesses, website owners, and others requiring content. Anyone can use iWriter to hire a professional writer to create high-quality material. Simply explain the material you need to be created, input a list of target keywords, and establish criteria for important factors like word count.

The piece will be picked up by a writer on the platform, who will provide your personalized content. When writing about subjects that don’t require a high level of experience, iWriter may be convenient and affordable. The platform’s expert writers are adept at using a limited content description.


The cost varies according to the writer’s experience level and the kind of content you require. Additionally, turnaround times differ according to the writer.

Semrush Content Marketplace

Semrush is a top SaaS platform for managing online visibility that helps companies worldwide operate SEO services, PPC, content marketing, social media, and competitive research campaigns and receive quantifiable results from online marketing. Companies can design, manage, and measure campaigns across a variety of marketing channels with the help of Semrush’s insights and solutions.

Each writer on the market has been carefully chosen based on their expertise and the industries they have previously written about. Graphic design and stock media are other offerings on the market.


The cost depends according to the service you require. You may purchase a monthly or yearly premium membership as an add-on to get extra benefits like unlimited revisions and a 10% discount on orders.

Crowd Content

A self-serve platform called Crowd Content offers a range of content services. To offer content in numerous niches, their workforce now includes more than 5000 independent authors. Additionally, its database has authors with expertise in disciplines including law, medicine, and engineering.

Crowd Content’s short turnaround times are one of its main selling features. The company claims writers can finish projects in as little as 24 hours.

Simple specialist and authority issues to more complicated ones like law and finance are all addressed.


They offer two plans for their services;

For Marketplace: you must pay according to your desired content writing quality.

  • 1-star quality, 2.2 cents per word, entry-level
  • 2-star quality, freelancing at 3.5 cents per word
  • 3-stars, professional, and 8 cents per word
  • Expert for 4-stars and 12 cents per word

For Enterprise: You can create a plan that meets your needs, ideal for demands for large amounts of content.

Express Writers

Express Writers employs a pool of writers who can discuss various subjects and create blog posts in a few days. Despite the quick turnaround, the writing is consistently of a high caliber.

They guarantee quick response times and a simple blog content-writing approach. However, the cost of blog content can increase to $.30 per word and fluctuates depending on the level of skill required.

Express Writers can handle everything from landing pages to video scripts, slide shows, white papers, content marketing material, and blog entries for WordPress sites.


Depending on the expertise required, a blog content writing service might cost as much as $.30 per word.

Panda Copy

Panda Copy offers monthly “unlimited copywriting” as well as project-specific pricing. According to their website, their writing crew consists of 14 full-time authors based worldwide, not all native English speakers.

The benefit of Panda Copy is that it can assist businesses with many marketing ideas but not enough staff. Using Panda Copy, you can create as many blogs, articles, copy, social media posts, and tales as you want. Additionally, since this is all part of their service, you won’t have to worry about additional fees for the number of changes or word count.


Depending on your editing requirements, you may choose from three tiers of editing services from Panda Copy.

  • Personal ($99/weekly) – no contract, unlimited requests, and revisions, 2.5 hours (about 5,000 words) of editing.
  • Professional ($199/weekly) includes 5 hours (about 10,000 words) of editing and the same services as their Personal plan.
  • Business ($349/weekly) includes 10 hours of editing (about 20,000 words), Slack access, and the same features as their Professional plan.

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Why Hire a Blog Writing Service?

You can avoid worrying by using a blog post-writing service. There are quality blogging tools that can make it easier for you but it’s still going to require a good amount of time. You may concentrate on other business areas because you have an experienced writer committed to producing high-quality content for you.

While you can conduct the necessary research to learn the fundamentals, it will take time. Professional content writers will know how to construct titles, blog formats, SEO, and all the other small details that make your material stand out.

There are many advantages to using affordable blog writing services for your business. It will help you save time and enable you to produce more leads.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Does a 1000-Word Blog Post Cost?

Rates for a well-written, 1,000-word single blog post range from $50 to $200. Some bloggers charge per word, others per piece, and some demand a monthly fee.

The cost might be greater if the blog article involves substantial research or interviewing. For most businesses, spending money on a qualified writer who can create high-quality content that interests readers and supports promoting your goods or services is worthwhile.

Can I Hire Someone to Write Me a Blog?

You can pay freelance blog writers or managed blog writing services to create content for your blog. There are numerous businesses that provide content-writing services for blogs. While some people may be afraid to hire someone to work on a personal project, doing so saves you time and raises the caliber of your content. A good blog writing service will take the time to comprehend your site goals and modify the content creation process as necessary to achieve them.

What Is the Job of a Blog Writer?

Blog writers create high-quality content for their websites or blogs, edit, publish, and promote it. They develop and present ideas, write and edit blog entries, promote them to readers, and do research for the blogs.

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Blogs are now vital to all brands. And for many bloggers, hiring freelance writers or blogging services is not a viable alternative.

An effective blog can help you with your search engine rankings higher in Google for more search terms, expanding your consumer base and helping your business expand.

Employing your company’s best blog writing service will help you create stronger online visibility and establish your brand as leading in your field.



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