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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

The rank tracking tool assists you in prioritizing your SEO efforts, allowing you to know what type of content you need to develop and optimize for greater outcomes in less time.

Below, we bring you a list of the best tools that provide you with the best position for your keywords. In addition, it includes its rank tracking features, pros, cons, and price.

What Is a Rank Tracker Tool?

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Keyword tracking is the process of monitoring the organic placements of keywords over time using actual rankings and previous information. A rank tracking tool allows you to track the success of your keywords and (Search Engine Results Pages) SERPs, as well as their impact on organic traffic to your site.

You may also be attempting to rank for keywords that your competitors search for to get some of their business.

The ranking track is an integral component of SEO and one of the most significant key performance indicators (KPIs) in the optimization process.

What Is Rank Tracking Software?

A ranking monitor is SEO software that simplifies the process of monitoring the ranking of your keywords in search engine results pages (SERPs). They can be purchased as a single product or as part of an SEO strategy.

The Best Rank Tracking Tools

1. SE Ranking

An affordable all-in-one SEO software that includes a reliable rank-tracking tool. SE Ranking also is a low-cost platform jam-packed with useful SEO capabilities, and it’s likely the most inexpensive ranking track tool on the market today.


  • Compare rankings for keyword difficulty and organic traffic projections with your competition
  • It has powerful keyword filtering, tags, and folder features
  • View all of the keyword analytics that is vital for SEO campaigns. View keyword search numbers, anticipated monthly traffic, and position history


  • Best SEO rank tracking tool that is accurate
  • Keep track of the major search engines.
  • Excellent keyword organization alternatives
  • Plans that are adaptable and low-cost
  • Include daily rank plans updates
  • Report creator that is simple to use
  • Effective competitor research tools


  • The variety of alternatives offered can be daunting
  • It may take some time to become acclimated to the interface

Pricing: Plans start at $23.52 monthly. Prices will be determined by elements such as ranking check rate, characteristics, keywords, and membership length. There is a 14-day free trial available.

2. Semrush

The SEO program allows you to monitor your Google search engine positions daily. Keyword research, competition backlink analysis, site audits, and the creation of white-label reports are also options.


  • The position tracking tool allows you to monitor search queries on Google or Baidu, and all plans include daily updates
  • Keep track of keywords for various places, devices, and languages. You may also examine your company’s search visibility in the nearby pack
  • Find out which websites are fighting for your chosen keywords. Compare your ranks to those of your competition
  • The rank-checking tool makes it simple to see crucial keyword information at a glance


  • An appealing UI for tracking keyword positions
  • All options include daily Google rank tracking
  • One of the most extensive keyword research databases
  • A versatile report builder with numerous widget possibilities


  • Only Google and Baidu ranking monitors are available
  • Higher beginning cost than other tools

Pricing: You can begin with a restricted free account or a free trial. Plans start at $119.95 per month.

3. Nightwatch

It offers precise rank-tracking data from multiple locations. You may also use the Nightwatch tool to create custom sections to find deteriorating material and low-hanging rank chances. Furthermore, its innovative strategy for local rank tracking is one of its distinguishing features.


  • Being able to track daily ranks on both Bing and DuckDuckGo search engines is a unique feature that few accurate rank tracking offers
  • To make an understanding of geographic targeting and local rank changes, you can follow keyword rankings down to the town, state, or zip code
  • Allows you to monitor keyword rankings across several sites, allowing you to track various competitors
  • Present your selected keyword data in the tool’s interface, the rank tracker tool provides extensive tags, sorting, and filtering tools
  • SERP rank past events, the number of search engines page results for a query, and expected monthly search volumes are all the helpful information


  • Excellent specialized best keyword rank-tracking software
  • Track a large number of keywords and websites for a low cost
  • Excellent keyword segmentation possibilities
  • Daily keyword updates are included in all programs
  • It comes with a handy SEO audit tool


  • White-label reports have seen a significant price increase
  • It excludes competing research instruments

Pricing: For 250 keywords pay $39 per month. If you sign up for Nightwatch you have a 14-day free trial.

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4. Serpstat

A one-stop SEO performance solution is used to examine your website, perform keyword research, locate backlinks, and keyword rank tracker. The tool provides a simple dashboard from which you can regulate all of your settings and execute various tasks.


  • Offers numerous handy options for tracking keywords of interest and competitors on Google and Yandex
  • Monitor worldwide and regional SEO ranks for mobile and desktop results from searches at the country, city, state, and region levels
  • Included are competitor keyword prospects, market share changes depending on keywords you want to track, and distinctive visual statistics demonstrating traffic dispersion across competing websites


  • A solid online ranking software with a broad toolbox
  • Daily keyword suggestions are included in all programs
  • More than 20 SEO, SEM, and PPC campaign tools
  • Discounts and flexible long-term subscription arrangements


  • Only Google and Yandex ranking tracks are available
  • The cost of obtaining branded reports begins at $149 per month
  • A significant feature set that may require some time to pick up

Pricing: There is a free version with limited access accessible, and complete packages begin at $69 monthly, which includes 4,000 keyword searches every day, 500 backlinks examined per day, and much more.

5. Mangools

KWFinder and SERPChecker are a few examples. They work together to assist users to keep on top of their digital advertising efforts. A simple Google search console that provides daily position updates is a full-featured SEO toolkit that includes features like keyword research, ranking tracking, SEO analysis, and a backlink checker.


  • Track your Google ranks with an easy-to-use SERP check interface that is straightforward and engaging
  • Can be tracked Keywords based on where they are located by state, nation, town, or DMA region
  • The ranking tracker tool delivers an index of performance scores as well as predicted keyword visits


  • Design an appealing and user-friendly interface
  • Search engine rankings trends are simple for beginners to assess
  • Daily ranking updates are included in all plans
  • Included are useful SEO research tools


  • Only Google keyword tracking is available
  • There are no adjustable reporting options
  • There are fewer characteristics and data than in other all-in-one products

Pricing: Offers a free 10-day trial and costs $49 per month.

6. Wincher

A basic and inexpensive rank tracker application with a simple-to-rea dashboard, daily updates, ranking alerts, and the ability to add up to ten competitors per domain. It displays keyword analysis, competition rankings, and other information. You can also white-label reports.


  • The plugin works in tandem with Yoast SEO
  • Track up to 5 keywords for each post
  • The historical data of keyword ranking position


  • Low-cost dedicated rank tracker feature
  • A straightforward SERP tracking interface
  • All options include regular updates and unlimited users
  • White-label reporting and API access are reasonably priced
  • Keyword research and search engine optimization assessments are included


  • Only the Google search console is available
  • Inadequate keyword research and data collection

Pricing: Begin with a restricted free plan. And paid plans begin at €24 per month.

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7. Ahrefs

It has a solid keyword-tracking tool and a backlink database. Using more advanced tools, you may monitor visibility and traffic using standard analytics, track location distribution, add filters and tags to keywords, also add CPC, return rate, anticipated search volume, and other tracking parameters to the keywords research tool.


  • Allows you to track mobile rank tracking on Google for your specified locations
  • Compare rival rankings, check search volumes, see keyword potential click estimations, and set up either monthly or weekly notifications by email
  • Provides rapid viewing of keyword rank checker history as well as a summary of the most popular search outcomes for each recorded search phrase


  • Dependable rank tracker with cutting-edge research tools
  • Consider adding alternatives for frequent keyword rank updates to your plan
  • Data on keyword research for several search engines
  • Includes essential research and website auditing tools


  • More pricey than numerous other rank monitors for daily updates
  • Only tracks keyword ranking for Google’s search engine
  • Reporting limitations and a lack of customized reporting options

Pricing: Begin with a 7-day free trial, depending on the number of users, projects, keywords, and crawl credits. Prices begin at $99 monthly.

8. SEO PowerSuite

Another powerful rank tracking that you can use to track your SEO activities. It provides tools like an internet site auditor, ranking tracker, LinkAssistant for link development and management, and SEOSpyGlass for monitoring competitors. Users will need a connection to the internet to extract the information. However, you can view reports on the app when offline.


  • Use the ranking tracking tool available but had limited functionality
  • The keyword tool offers infinite keyword rank tracking across many of the most popular search engines, including Google.
  • Set up geo-specific rankings to examine if different websites are ranking for the same keyword at the same time


  • Software that is both an inexpensive and powerful rank-tracking tool
  • Keep track of an infinite number of keywords
  • Keep track of keywords on various search engines
  • Execute an infinite number of tasks


  • The software is influenced by the way your computer or laptop operates
  • Access to complete reporting options requires the top-tier plan
  • Access is less flexible than with cloud-based technologies

Pricing: The free plan does not include rank history or other paid features. A premium license is available for $299 per year.

9. Sitechecker

A comprehensive SEO platform designed to elevate your website’s performance. Sitechecker offers a diverse range of powerful tools and features to enhance your online presence, making it an indispensable asset for businesses and marketers alike.


  • Analyze website health and performance with in-depth audits and reports
  • Track keyword rankings across major search engines to stay ahead of the competition
  • Monitor backlinks and analyze competitor strategies for better optimization
  • Access valuable insights and recommendations to improve site visibility and user experience
  • Utilize customizable reports and intuitive dashboards for easy data interpretation


  • Accurate and reliable SEO tracking capabilities
  • User-friendly interface with customizable features
  • Affordable pricing plans tailored to fit varying needs and budgets
  • Regular updates and ongoing support to keep your strategies up-to-date


  • Initial learning curve may be required to fully utilize all features
  • Some advanced features may require additional setup or configuration

Pricing: Plans start at $49 per month, with flexible options based on the frequency of audits, number of keywords tracked, and additional features required. A 14-day free trial is also available to experience the full potential of Sitechecker.

What to Look For in Best Rank Tracker Tools?

  • Keyword search rankings and positions throughout the accurate time
  • Both historical and current statistics are updated daily
  • Volume and traffic of searches
  • Prediction of how changes in ranking may affect your organic keyword traffic

Rank Tracker Tools for Your SEO Campaign

Checking how your site ranked in your chosen search engine is an important part of any successful SEO rank tracker tool plan, as long as you can locate a solution that delivers the data you require.

Frequently Ask Questions

How Does a Tracker Tool Work?

An SEO tool that collects keyword data from one or more search engines employing APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to track ranking positions for your search campaigns.

What Are the Most Important Ranking Factors?

The most important aspects for ranking on Google center around generating high-quality material regularly of keyword opportunities, delivering a speedy and useful page expertise, creating a mobile-friendly site, employing internal links, and acquiring backlinks from pertinent high-authority domains.

Why Is Rank Tracking Important for SEO?

Rank tracking is essential for SEO since it allows you to determine whether your SEO activities are effective.

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Tracking your website’s position is an essential component of SEO, and it can be done simpler and quicker with the correct tools.

Some aspects to take into consideration

  • Looking for the best website visibility
  • Examine keyword positioning
  • Changes in SERP are analyzed and strategy is adjusted accordingly
  • Examine your competitors’ keywords and make changes to your material
  • Assess the domain’s performance and potential lags

These tools can assist you in meeting your ranking objectives and increasing your internet visibility. It is up to you to determine which rank tracker or SEO tool is ideal for your needs.



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