Best ways to set up a Google My Business account from scratch


Joe Troyer: Next up, Claudia asks, “Would like more clarity about this. If I register at Google My Business for a client, what’s the best way to do so? Currently, I see them in my own account attached to my mail Google account,” so her Gmail account. “And if they already have a Google My Business and I would like to help them optimize it, what is the best was to get access to it?”

Joe Troyer: Sorry, I had to grab a sip of water there. So Claudia and everybody else, if you’re setting up the GMB, the Google My Business, from scratch, I would either use a brand new Gmail account that you set up for the client or an email from their domain. For me, 95% of the time it’s in a Gmail. Why? Because most of the time getting an email account and getting access to it from a client is difficult and takes way too long.

Joe Troyer: Somebody says, “Please explain put all your citations on Web 2.0.” That’s was the last question. Put your NAP – your name, address, phone number – of the business on all of your Web 2.0 accounts and citation accounts.

Joe Troyer: So if the business already had a Google My Business account … You start working with a roofer, you want to help them optimize their Google My Business listing, you would simply get them to add you as a manager. So Claudia and everybody else that this is relevant for, I would highly recommend just taking a quick screen shot of this. These are the instructions.

Joe Troyer: You’re going to sign into Google My Business or they are. If they have multiple locations, they’re going to choose the location. They’re going to click users in the top right-hand corner. They’re going to click invite new managers icon, and then they’re going to put in your email address. Then they’re going to choose your role – owner, manager or communications manager. I always have may clients set up me as manager. And then click invite.

Joe Troyer: Also then also in there, they can manage, open invites, and they can delete people that they’ve already given access to if they want to, etc. So it shows all the owners and managers, can cancel invitations, can remove access, all of that stuff.

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