Passive Income Unlocked Review

The Passive Income Unlocked Protocol is a budget-friendly online training program created by Jeff Bridenstine and Ben Esman.

The training  is designed to empower individuals with the necessary expertise and abilities to cultivate thriving niche websites that generate sustainable passive income.

In this review, we’ll examine this budget-friendly course and explore whether its affordability makes it the right choice for you.


ℹ️ Passive Income Unlocked is a niche site training and engaged community spearheaded by Jeff Bridenstine and Ben Esman

😍 What We Love: Affordable, straight forward curriculum

🙁 What We Don't Like: Lags in keeping up with the constant AI advancements and Google algorithm updates. Lacks search capability

💰 Price: Starts at $90 for 6 months

Bottom Line: Bargain basement price, you get what you pay for

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What Are the Best Platforms For Selling Digital Products?

Discovering The Top Affiliate Marketing Courses

After thorough research into affiliate marketing courses, we’ve found that The Passive Income Unlocked Protocol is the most budget-friendly choice. However, there are certainly more robust options available. We’ve sifted through numerous courses to compile a list of the top affiliate marketing programs. Take a look at our findings to discover the best fit for you.

What is The Passive Income Unlocked Protocol?

The Passive Income Unlocked Protocol presents an online learning program tailored to instruct individuals on developing profitable niche sites.

This comprehensive workshop delves into essential aspects of launching a niche site venture, encompassing niche selection, mapping out topical structures, identifying high-performing keywords, crafting quality content, and exploring monetization avenues.

Additionally, the course offers fundamental insights into affiliate marketing, covering strategic placement of affiliate links, discovery of lucrative affiliate programs, and various techniques for boosting affiliate revenue.

Your Revenue Road Map with Passive Income Unlocked

Passive Income Unlocked facilitates individuals in generating revenue by offering effective strategies and guidance for constructing data-driven niche websites.

Emphasizing the significance of driving traffic from search engines like Google, the course elucidates various monetization avenues, including display ads, affiliate marketing, and the sale of digital products.

Rather than depending on intricate technical approaches such as SEO, the focus lies on the creation of premium content to captivate and retain audiences.

With the Passive Income Unlocked Protocol, you will learn how to monetize your niche sites using the following methods:

Display Ads

This constitutes the primary source of revenue. According to industry insights, display ads serve as the fundamental means of generating income with niche websites.

It’s worth noting that the creation of informative niche websites often deters individuals due to the higher traffic threshold required for income generation through this avenue.

Affiliate Marketing

Diversifying your revenue streams on your niche website includes exploring affiliate marketing.

This method involves endorsing products or services from other vendors and earning a commission for every sale initiated through your referral link.

Typically, commissions range between 5% and 20%.

You will learn how to enhancin the effectiveness of your affiliate links through enrollment in the Amazon Associates program.

Digital Products

The course will guide you through the process of crafting and marketing digital products via your website.

Step-by-step instructions will cover the creation of templates, eBooks, PDFs, and other lucrative digital assets.

These products can be sold directly from your site or used as incentives to encourage sign-ups for your mailing list.

Who is the Passive Income Unlocked Protocol Suitable For?

Passive Income Unlocked caters mainly to beginners eager to delve into niche site construction. Nevertheless, even seasoned site builders can find value in the course’s offerings.

It distinguishes itself from typical digital marketing courses by eschewing technical strategies like SEO or link building. Instead, its core emphasis lies in crafting niche websites that yield tangible results and monetizing them efficiently.

About The Course Creators

The masterminds behind Passive Income Unlocked are Jeff Bridenstine and Ben Esman.

The duo are known for their success in constructing lucrative niche sites, their personal websites yield an impressive $50,000 per month in passive income.

Their transparency regarding their business model and their generous sharing of expertise within the course reflect their commitment to empowering others.

Jeff Bridenstine and Ben Esman Review

In my opinion, the biggest keys to succeeding when building a site are to be consistent and to be patient. Set task-oriented goals that you can achieve daily that work toward your overall goal, and just know that if you keep at it long enough, you’re very likely to succeed.

Jeff Bridenstine

Since 2018, they’ve been immersed in the niche site world. Jeff recounts a trial-and-error journey until discovering the winning formula for improved outcomes. From there, their websites flourished, attracting significant traffic and amassing millions of page views.

Everyone wants to get rich quickly and live the millionaire lifestyle. To make a profit, niche sites take time, patience and perseverance..”

Ben Esman

Jeff and Ben assert that their online course promises to impart the precise tactics they employed to cultivate niches now generating over $50,000 monthly.

Nevertheless, they’re forthright about the timeline of their business model.

Jeff stresses that it took approximately two years before their niche site enterprise evolved into a reliable source of passive income.

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What's You'll Get Inside The Course

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn inside the course:

Over 10 Hours of Video Lessons

Explore more than 50 detailed, step-by-step videos providing comprehensive guidance on building a thriving niche website.

Step by Step Walkthrough of Jeff and Ben's Process for Building Sites

Utilize the Passive Income Roadmap as a guiding tool to navigate through each stage of the course seamlessly, ensuring you stay on course from start to finish.

Multiple Templates and Checklists

Access and employ numerous checklists and templates developed over the years, aiding in streamlining processes, to enhance efficiency in your endeavors.

Access to a Private Community

Gain insights from individuals who have already established successful websites. Jeff and Ben actively engage with and contribute to the community on a regular basis. 

Access to Updates and Changes

Gain instant access to newly added or updated content, ensuring you stay abreast of industry changes and shifts in strategy over time.

Here’s a break down of the modules the course curriculum:

Passive Income Unlocked Protocol - Course Curriculum

How Much Does The Passive Income Unlocke Protocol Cost?

You’re presented with two payment alternatives to access the premium training of Passive Income Unlocked:

  • An annual subscription priced at $150
  • A 6-month subscription available for $90

Both options grant entry to the course materials and the exclusive community.

Keep in mind that apart from these subscriptions, you’ll need to allocate some extra funds for website hosting and a domain name. According to the PIU team, these are the only essential expenses.

Additionally, while the training may recommend certain paid tools for efficiency, it’s possible to manage without them if you’re on a tight budget.

Alternatives to The Passive Income Unlocked Protocol

After thorough exploration of various affiliate marketing courses, we’ve determined that The Passive Income Unlocked Protocol stands out as the most economical choice. But there are certainly other more commendable options available, we’ve compiled a selection The Best Affiliate Marketing Courses designed to meet a range of needs and preferences.

Here’s a sneak peek:

🏆Overall, The Authority Site System is the most complete and best for newbies to affiliate marketing

🥋Affiliate Lab is the best affiliate marketing program for advanced training.

 😎 Authority Hacker Pro is the best afiiliate marketing resource for seasoned entrepreneurs

Passive Income Unlocked Protocol Pros and Cons

Here’s a rundown of the things that we love and didn’t like about The Passive Income Unlocked Protocol


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the course only for beginners?

The curriculum delves into the precise tactics employed in constructing our niche sites, presented in a comprehensive, step-by-step format.

While beginners stand to gain the most from this course, individuals with some site-building experience can also derive some value, but might ultimately end up feeling shortchanged.

If you’re already have experience or want something more robust, you may want to explore other, more technically advanced courses available in the market.

When can I expect results?

Outcomes will differ depending on various factors, including your frequency of publishing, the quality of your keyword research, and the competitiveness of your niche.

While some individuals experience substantial traffic growth within 6 to 12 months, it’s not uncommon for this timeline to extend further

What sets Passive Income Unlocked apart from other similar courses?

Unlike some other courses that delve into complex technical aspects like SEO, Passive Income Unlocked prioritizes simplicity and effectiveness, making it easier for participants to implement and see results.

Wrap Up

The Passive Income Unlocked Protocol offers significant value, especially for newcomers venturing into niche site development.

However, despite Jeff and Ben’s respected track record in this domain, the program’s affordability alone might not justify the purchase. There are better options available that stay up-to-date with constant AI and Google algorithm changes.

It’s important to consider more robust alternatives before making your decision.



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