Comparing the Importance or Priority of SEO and Ads for Local Business


Joe Troyer: How would you compare the importance or priority of SEO versus Ads for a local business? I think that ads, first and foremost, is a kind of deceiving word. What do you mean by ads, right? Are we talking cold traffic ads? Are we talking warm market ads? Are we talking ads to existing customers? Because, for me, all of those ads pay off very differently. If we had a scale, and we said Ads to Current Customers, we have Ads to Prospects, so they’re prospects, but they’re not customers yet. Then we got ads to Cold Market.

Joe Troyer: You should be doing things freaking ASAP. This is just going to help you get more with your current advertising. The cost is gonna be jack, right? This is retargeting remarketing like we talked about before, and like we talked about last week. Everybody and their mother should be doing remarketing and retargeting. You guys know the cost and the value that you get out of it.

Joe Troyer: The great thing about retargeting and remarketing, and these specific types of ad campaigns too, is that these are very fast acting. They’re very low cost and fast acting. You can get this set up in terms of tracking. You can get this set up, and the campaign creatives done, and everything set up and running and live in, let’s call it a week. These are going to be up and running and producing and getting impressions from your prospects in a week.

Joe Troyer: This, this is a little bit of a different story, right? This RIO is gonna be almost instantaneous. This ROI is going to have to be proven. This is gonna take a little bit to figure out. It’s not gonna be profitable overnight. A lot of people, for example, run Google Ads. A lot of businesses run Google Ads, and they run it for a month, and their cost to acquire a customer is really high, but they think that in month one they’re gonna be profitable.

Joe Troyer: You got to run that thing longer so that you understand what campaigns are working and which campaigns aren’t. Which ones are sucking dry the ad spend and which ones are converting like crazy that you should be spending more money on. These things … let’s do that. Let’s say High Priority. For me these are high priority. Let’s say then Medium Priority. I’ll flesh this out a little bit more because I think it needs it so you guys can see the whole picture. And Low Priority.

Joe Troyer: Man, if I could just type, I’d probably 10x my life. My spelling, my grammar sucks. All right, so Medium Priority, Low Priority. For me, desktop search would be kind of the lowest priority. It’s just gonna be the least converting mechanism. Mobile gets so much traffic and so much demand like we’ve talked about. It doesn’t mean that I don’t want to do it and I’m not excited for it. By all means, that’s a really big channel. There’s just other things that I want to do first.

Joe Troyer: For me, high priority, let’s just say remarketing ads to current customers, remarketing ads to prospects in here as well. For me, in terms of high priority, is like we’ve got to build out a GMB so that it comes up for branded searches. That’s freaking high priority, right? We got to protect our brand, protect the business, business’s brand with reviews and the first page of Google. What I mean by that is, when you search for the brand, on the first page of Google you should see the GMB pop. There should be a good amount of reviews there. It should be four and a half stars plus on that Google my business account, right?

Joe Troyer: Then you should see Yelp. You should see Yellow Pages. You should see Manta. You should see Better Business or the BBB. All four or all five of those sites that I just listed as well all show the Google review snip-it inside of the search, so they’re all gonna show those stars, right? You do some videos talking about the reputation with Rep Videos or one of the other platforms out there. You can control the whole first page and people’s perception of your brand.

Joe Troyer: Those are all high priority. Those things are gonna get you guys huge returns. This is all, for me, high priority, easy to implement things.

Joe Troyer: Next up, again, I would have to say then would have to be … let’s say Mobile Search Campaign. We’re kind of talking about some of the same things we did on that other slide in the other video with the AMA. Medium priority, mobile search campaigns, and really what you guys asked about was SEO. We got to fit in with SEO. I think SEO can either be medium priority or could be low priority.

Joe Troyer: At the end of the day, I think it has to do with what the business owner wants. Are they willing to invest now to, in the future, have a marketing campaign that potentially has a much, much lower marketing cost, or do they want results now and will work on their margin and will work on turning over that same customer four or five times, building out an average customer value now? That’s the conversation that you have to have with the local business owner, I believe.

Joe Troyer: Some of them are gonna want to do SEO or will make the budget from the beginning. Some of them won’t. It also depends on where you advise them to stick their money. I think that these things are kind of interchangeable. I would definitely do a mobile search, but in terms of where does SEO go? If we could make their PPC profitable, we’re gonna build them a super fast growing business, and then we stack SEO on it, and we can really start to get things uber profitable.

Joe Troyer: I hope that helps. Protect the brand, build the brand, right? Then stack sales on top of it. Light the fire underneath it.

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