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My friend Carol has always been interested in the real estate industry. That’s why she decided to give it a try, therefore she came to me for some help and insight from someone that’s been in the marketing industry for a while. 

She told me about this all-in-one solution called Deal Machine and asked me about it.

Since I know how important it is for Carol to become a successful realtor. I decided to help her with her research and find out all about this software, and I came up with this guide on why and how to get started on the Deal Machine App.

So read on to learn about Real Machine and how it can help grow your real estate business.   

What is Deal Machine?

The deal machine is an app that helps realtors and other real estate professionals to find more real estate deals and discounted prices quickly and efficiently. 

It’s available on web browsers and a smartphone app, and it has over 3.6K users for Apple (4.8 ratings) and 100 k+ downloads in GooglePlay (4.6 ratings). 

I’ll give you detailed information on all its features later. For now, let’s say this real estate investing software has helped many flippers and wholesalers close more real estate deals. 

Using the app helps to locate, quickly and easily, foreclosed or vacant off-market properties, retrieve up-to-date homeowner contact information, and get in touch with homeowners through phone, email, or direct mail to find out if they are interested in selling their properties. 

Is It Only for Real Estate Investors?


It is one of the main questions that come to mind when reviewing new tools. The features of deal machines can help entrepreneurs, real estate entrepreneurs, and businesses to grow their operations and increase their incomes by discovering unique deals. 

However, the product is specifically created for real estate investors. whether you remodel to sell or buy and hold to generate income, this software will help you find and target properties more efficiently. 

Real estate wholesalers should already be well aware of the benefits that Deal Machine can provide. 

Using it there’ll be no need for the old cold calling method to target potential properties because with the mobile app you can create your list and contact the sellers, saving yourself valuable time and resources. 

What Can Deal Machine Do for You?

It’s time to know what this tool can do for you and how it can help to enhance Carol’s entrepreneurship and yours, as well.

Driving for Dollars 

To me, this is the most interesting feature of the app (besides, it sounds like a lot of fun).

Using driving for dollars, real estate investors can generate a niche list of leads. The investors and their teams can drive around their communities (in person or online) to find distressed properties.

Using the deal machine app, you can immediately tap on a property and save it as a lead to follow up or add to your list.

You can even use this app as an incentive. Make a competition and see who is the top property finder of the month.

List Builder


Using List Builder List allows you to create a lead list based on information about the property, the seller, or other key data points.

MLS expired listings, foreclosures, USPS vacant, high-equity, and absentee owners are some of the most common data points. Deal Machine has 700+ data points and 70+ filters you can customize to build your list of properties anywhere in the United States.

Real Estate Data 


An accurate source of property data is crucial for all kinds of entrepreneurship, especially for real estate, because you know what they say… It’s all about location.

Deal Machine offers a high rate of accuracy, when you discover a property using their software or app you’ll immediately know who to contact. 

They feed from public records and 3dr party data, so you can have updated information for all the properties. This data includes the owner’s name, contact info, mailing address, mortgage information, and more.  

Skip Trace


What is skip trace anyway?… Skip tracing is a process where a real estate agent locates potential customers for real estate deals. In other words, is the exclusive knowledge of the clientele that a real estate firm or an investor can influence.

Deal Machine will handle your batch skip tracing at a rate of 500 records per minute, so you don’t have to wait. You can also upload your existing spreadsheet for bulk skip tracing.

Direct Mail Marketing


Return on investment is something we can’t neglect. Using Deal Machine, you can send engaging and efficient real estate mail to potential sellers.

Customize your emails, add pictures of the properties, use the colors of your preference in a custom message.

Keep track of your email marketing efforts because Deal Machine lets you monitor every step of the process to know your exact response rates. The system also lets you know and automatically updates the status of returned emails to help you decide your next strategy.

How to Get Started on Deal Machine

You can start using the free seven-day trial, which looks like a short period. If used effectively, it allows you to test everything before buying. 

The prices, if you decide to buy, are the following

  • The starter pack (for beginners and part-timers) is $59/per month 
  • Pro (recommended for most investors) is $99/month
  • Teams (teams and 20+ deals) is $299/month 

You can save 17% when you buy an annual subscription. 


It’s time to jump into some frequently asked questions, so I can narrow some gaps you may have (I know I did). 

How Accurate is Deal Machine?


On their website, they claim their data to be 96.5% accurate. So I decided to put them to the test using my close friends’ info, some colleagues, and my own. They nailed it on every search. 

So you can trust that you have the highest chance of targeting the right person every time you use Deal Machine. 

Who is Behind Deal Machine?

David Lecko is the CEO of the Deal Machine. His vision behind the product was to use technology, like other industries have done, to enhance the real estate investing industry. 

Lecko used to drive for dollars to find investing opportunities in his neighborhood. As time passed, he realized the process was more complicated and time-consuming than he initially thought. 

So he came up with the perfect solution for his and your problem. 

The Deal Machine App lets you snap a picture of the house, verify the address, and immediately lets you access the owner’s name and contact info, so you can express your interest in doing a deal for the property.  

It’s an easier and speedy way to find potential clients and better income sources. 

Is It Easy to Become a Real Estate Investor?

It is the million-dollar question, and something I’ve asked myself multiple times. It’s not extremely difficult to build yourself a decent investment portfolio, but it has an important learning curve to consider. 

This adventure takes time, effort, and a fair amount of patience, but I would say that if it’s something your heart desires, you should go for it. Like my friend Carol. 

I would consider breaking down your process into six steps.

  • Educate Yourself

Learn all you can about real estate investing, and learn as fast as you can. The internet is a great resource to begin, dive in, and find as many articles, books, and expert tips as you can. 

Local meetups and seminars are also valuable resources for networking and expert advice on the subject. 

  • Set Clear and Realistic Goals

You need a precise roadmap to know where to conduct your efforts to. But be realistic! You aim to succeed, so be completely honest with your short-term and your long-term goals. 

Make sure you answer these questions: 

— Why do I want to invest in real estate?

— Do I want real estate to be a full-time profession or a passive income?

— What are my financial goals for the next 1, 5, and 10 years?

  • Narrow Down Your Location and Market

Building your real estate portfolio requires choosing the area you want to focus on. 

Are you going to invest locally, or are you extending your search to nearby towns and cities?

  • Start Building Your Network

In real estate investment, your success is linked to networking. Build positive connections with other investors, local realtors, lawyers, and brokers. They are well-informed about the home industry and have access to opportunities before the public does!

  • Learn How to Assess Properties for Sale 

It should have been part of your step 1, but if you’ve forgotten, I’m using step five to remind you. 

  • Let’s Find Yourself a Juicy Deal

Remember that practice makes perfect, so despite all your previous research and preparation, the best way to learn something is by doing it. Get out there and start looking at properties, making offers, and closing deals. 

Consider using Deal Machine to make your life easier! 

Wrapping Up

After finding out what Deal Machine can do for real estate professionals, my friend Carol decided to try it.

We particularly liked the potential to find off-market deals and real estate leads. Contacting the property owner directly is also a powerful tool because it helps you turn motivated sellers into potential clients.