Best DIY SEO Tools: All You Need to Strategically Plan Your Way to #1

Can I do my SEO? It is a common question for many entrepreneurs, and the answer is: yes, you can! The market is bursting with software and tools to help you build your SEO, but ranking higher in search engines is a process that is both challenging and exhausting.
best diy seo tools
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What Are the Best Platforms For Selling Digital Products?

The competition is fierce, and precision is fundamental because you need exact keywords to target to optimize your site for those search results. Without you need to be on top of your SEO game to succeed in the digital marketing landscape. 

The first step, consider if you are willing to invest your time and energy in the quest. If you are, you have come to the right place, so keep reading.

You do not need to be a technical whizz to do your SEO

DIY SEO tools and SEO software are user-friendly tools. You may need some research to understand some concepts, but you do not need to be an expert.

Besides, many DIY SEO software and SEO tool companies give access to free academies and blogs, where you can learn at your own pace, an advantage you can not miss.

DIY SEO software and tools to rank higher in search engines

Starting your SEO quest on your own can be overwhelming. We came up whit this list of the best 12 SEO software and tools you can get immediately.

1. SEMRush

semrush website

SEMRush is an all-in-one DIY SEO tool. It is at the top of our list because it provides the tools to help you understand the digital marketing landscape. It is the unquestionable must-have tool for excellence in the digital marketing industry.

This versatile and competitive SEO tool helps experts and beginners equally. With SEMRush you can manage regular SEO tasks like content management and distribution, advertising, market research, social media management, and reputation management.

SEMRush offers three levels: Pro, Guru, and Business.

Top Features:

SEMRush offers three levels: Pro, Guru, and Business.

  • The Pro plan entitles you to up to 5 projects and lets you track 500 keywords and 10.000 words per report for $191.95 per month.
  • The Guru plan gives you access to 15 projects, 1500 keywords, and 30,000 results per report for a monthly fee of $229.95.
  • The Business plan is the most expensive one. For $449.95 you can have up to 40 projects with 5000 keywords to track and 50,000 results per report.
    You can save 17% if you decide on the annual plan.

2. Ahrefs


Ahrefs is the star of DIY Keyword Research Software. An all-in-one SEO toolset to grow search traffic and optimize your websites.

To do that, Ahrefs crawls the web, stores tons of data, and makes it accessible via a simple user interface (Source)

The site explorer tool analyzes your backlinks profile and compares it to competitors. It helps you find the most profitable keywords for organic and paid searches.

The keyword explorer helps you get relevant keyword ideas and traffic estimations. The rank tracker tool helps you track desktop and mobile rankings for any location and get daily/weekly/monthly reports.

Top Features:

Pricing Plans

Ahref has four subscription plans:

  • With the lite subscription ($99 monthly) you can track 750 keywords.
  • The Standard monthly plan ($199 monthly) includes tracking 2000 keywords.
  • The Advanced subscription ($399 monthly) allows you to track up to 5000 keywords.
  • The more expensive one is the enterprise plan ($999 monthly) entitles you to track up to 10,000 keywords.

3. Mangools


Mangools earned this place on our list because we consider it the most user-friendly DIY SEO software. It offers a keyword tool, a backlink checker, and a rank tracker.

Using Mangools will give you access to volume and competition-level data, improving your Keyword research. Moreover, the Mangools academy offers you a variety of articles and tutorials to help you understand how to use their tools to improve your optimization strategy.

With Mangools DIY SEO software you will have an enhanced user-friendly experience.

Top Features:

Pricing Plans

If unsure, you can go for the 10-day free trial. No need for a credit card, and no strings attached. If you are ready to buy prices are:

  • The basic plan is $49 per month.
  • The monthly Premium plan is $69.
  • For the agency plan, you have to pay $129 per month. You save 40% cost on each plan if you go for the annual subscription.

4. Surfer SEO

surfer seo

It is the king of content optimization, so it deserves a fourth place on our list.

It is the top choice for marketers and bloggers who want to rank higher in search engine results.

SurferSEO lets you track your rankings, discover new keywords, and measure your performance on your search engine optimization tasks.

As you enter keywords into the Surfer Content Editor, you will see related keywords used to rank your content higher. It also shows recommended densities for all these keywords, making it easier for you to create SEO-optimized content.

Top Features:

Pricing Plans

They have a free plan, but it does not offer content editors or audits. If you are ready to buy :

  • For $59 per month, you can have the basic plan, which gives you access to ten content editors and 20 audits.
  • For $119 per month, you can access the pro plan, which includes 30 content editors and 60 audits.
  • For $239 per month, you can hire the business plan, which comes with 70 content editors and 140 audits.

They also have a 7-day money-back guarantee and you can also save 17% if you buy the annual plan.

5. Frase


If you are looking for writing assistance Frase is your best choice. They provide a content optimization tool powered by AI that can help you improve your website SEO. Frase features keyword research, competitor analysis, and content optimization.

Their competitor analysis tool lets you see where your competitors’ SEO stands so you can build a better strategy.

Frase is also packed with a content-scoring tool to help you write SEO-friendly content according to the keywords that will improve your ranking.

Learn to use this DIY Seo tool at your own pace with their crash course. Their easy-to-follow video tutorials will teach you everything you need about the product.

Top Features:

Pricing Plans

  • Buy the solo plan for $14.99, which is ideal for new projects that require up to 1 article per week.
  • For organizations with a content plan and SEO goals, you can get the basic plan ($44.99 per month) to write up 30 articles.
  • For teams that need more flexibility and collaboration, Frase provides the team plan, which lets you write unlimited articles for only $114.99 per month.

6. LowFruits – Low Competition Keywords


The name speaks for itself! As easy as collecting low-hanging fruit, this tool analyzes search engine results pages (SERPs) and provides an overview of the most relevant ranking factors.

LowFruit also lets you import your list of keywords for analysis or generate keyword ideas for free. Other fundamental features are word counting and website type detection, so you can easily understand with whom you are competing.

To use LowFruits, enter a URL into the search bar and click LowFruits will then give you an overview of the most important ranking factors for search engines. LowFruits also shows you the number of backlinks for a given page, so you can quickly see how strong that page is.

Enter your Url in the search bar and click “Analyze” to find out the ranking factors of that specific page. Also, find out how strong it is.

Top Features:


  • The Standard package is $29.9 per month and grants you 3,000 credits.
  • The Premium plan is $79.9 per month. You get up to 10,000 credits.
  • The platform also offers a “pay as you go” option for buying credits.

How are credits used?

1 SERP extracted (and analyzed) = 1 credit. It includes all of the other features.

7. SERanking


It is an all-in-one DIY SEO Software. Its features make it valuable for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and marketing agencies.

Follow the ranking of your website in search engines, research your competitors, and identify high-quality linking opportunities. SERanking also lets you monitor your SEO progress, keep an eye on modifications and errors on your website, and boost the speed and functionality of your website using SERanking.

Top Features:

Pricing Plans

  • The essential plan gives you access to 10 monthly projects for $39.
  • The pro plan grants you unlimited monthly projects, with 10 competitors per project for $89.
  • The business plan also provides unlimited monthly projects, but you can have up to 20 competitors per project for $189. The plans are highly customizable to suit your needs.

You can also sign up for a 14-day trial that will grant you access to the Essential 250 plan + White Label feature.

8. Seoptimer


Seoptimer is a Simple Do-It-Yourself SEO tool that can help you improve and promote your website without hiring an agency, which is always a game-changer for small business owners.

The tool crawls your whole site looking for problems and providing clear and easy-to-follow tasks with specific guides for your website type.

Seoptimer can also monitor your keyword rankings, updating and informing you about your performance.

Top Features:

Pricing Plans

  • $19 a month gets you the DIY SEO plan that provides you with Do-It-Yourself SEO Software.
  • Access the white label plan for $29 a month.
  • $59 a month gets you all white label features plus embedding.

Remember, a free trial is also available.

9. AlsoAsked

This tool adds, sorts, and displays “People Also Ask” data from Google search results. This information can help you understand what people want to find out when they look for your topic, and you can improve and fit your answers to these questions.

Top Features:

Pricing Plans

  • The basic plan is $15 per month and includes 100 monthly searches.
  • The lite plan will cost you $29 per month and gives you 300 monthly searches.
  • The Pro plan comes with 1,000 searches and costs $59 per month.

10. Moz Pro

moz pro

With Moz Pro, you can monitor the progress of your website, learn the tactics of your competitors, and more.

Moz Pro includes a variety of SEO metrics and additional tools to help you with broken links, keyword rankings, and other issues. This tool is a must if you are committed to improving the SEO of your website.

Top Features:

Pricing Plans

The prices range from $99 to $599. The annual subscription can save you up to 20% on each plan. You can also go with the free trial option.

With the annual subscription, you can save up to 20% on each plan.

Free Trial option.

11. Woorank


Go for competitor research with Woorank! It is the best DIY SEO tool for website owners and marketers to obtain valuable information about the status and functionality of their sites.

The tool has a wide range of functionality, such as competitor analysis, keyword finding, and website analysis. WooRank also offers a helpful WordPress plugin that makes using the service accessible.

Start by creating a free WooRank account and enter your website URL. Once logged in, you can perform a thorough website analysis to evaluate how your site compares to the competitors.

Top Features:

Pricing Plans

Enterprise plans and discounts or annual subscriptions are an option. You can get the pro plan for $79.99 monthly, which lets you track 50 keywords.

The Premium plan lets you track up to 250 keywords for $199.99 per month.

12. Uber Suggests

Uber Suggests

Use Uber Suggests and its SEO tools to find new keyword ideas and track the ranking of your website search engines. It is one of the favorite tools of SEO experts because it helps you to identify how many organic keywords a site ranks.

The author of this free SEO tool is Neil Patel a renowned marketing expert. It has free tools, but the pay version offers more features and data.

Ubersuggest is a remarkable asset when you are looking to improve your organic traffic and visibility. So if you want free SEO tools Ubersuggest has to be on your list.

Top Features:

Pricing Plans

It has free keyword research tools. You can pay for a subscription and gain access to additional DIY SEO tools. Consider the 7-day Free Trial option.

We have provided valuable information to get you started in the world of free and paid SEO tools, but there are other aspects we want you to take into consideration.

You could, but we do not recommend it. A free DIY SEO tool can help you get started, but unless you are already an expert, you will need to pay for some extra features to improve your content marketing strategy and SEO efforts.

How to choose your DIY SEO software?

Choose carefully. The price is a factor but be realistic about your goals, or you may throw away your money.

Look for a user-friendly, all-in-one tool that gives you access to all the features you need to grow your site. Ideally, it should have complete SEO software, local SEO tools, and a built-in crawler. And do not be scared to use the free trial.

Is search engine optimization for everyone?

No, it is not for everyone, be honest with yourself. Maintaining your brand in the top search engine rankings can become a full-time job, consuming significant time from your core business. Decide if you are willing to run the extra mile.

And if you are, choose from our list and join the rewarding world of DIY SEO.



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