Do You Recommend Specializing In Helping One Specific Type Of Business?


Joe Troyer: Next up, John asks, “Do you recommend specializing in helping one specific type of business?” 100%. I would highly recommend that you go deep in a vertical, right? So, you pick, “I’m gonna work with roofers and I’m gonna go deep,” right? “I’m gonna work with car dealerships and I’m gonna go deep. I’m gonna work with dentists and I’m only gonna work with dentist, right? And, I’m gonna be the dentist expert.” I 100% agree with that, and to be frank guys, I think it’s one the biggest mistakes that we made in our digital agencies, yes agencies over time, is not going really, really deep in one vertical, right?

Joe Troyer: Why? Because you can really understand the sales process so much better. You can understand what matters. You can make sure that your foot in the door offers amazing and they love it. You can make sure that you understand their psychology and what pushes their buttons, right? You can learn their lingo and then on the fulfillment, like guys once you do the fulfillment once, doing it again and again isn’t that difficult, if stay in the same niche. You know what the keyword phrases are, you know what pages you need to their website, you know how to optimize for them, you know what those anchor text ratios should be, right? So much of it stays the same. Right?

Joe Troyer: And now, instead of just being able to offer SEO, because it’s the only thing that you’ve been able to do, because you keep going in all these are niches and changing all this, everything every time, and you gotta do keyword research for every new client and everything is custom every single time, because you can set up a process, now you can go past providing just SEO, right? Now you can do social and come up with a process for social. And, because you’re working with one niche, you can keep applying it. So, now you got SEO and you got social. Why? Because you focused on a niche, you’re able to go deep and offer more services, and truly be that expert. And, you can just keep stacking and stacking and stacking.

Joe Troyer: Gimme a four if that makes sense everybody.

Joe Troyer: Again I truly believe this is one of the biggest mistakes that we made. Especially in today’s day and age, you need to build a list of prospects, you need to build a list of customers, and if they’re in all these niches all over, how’s your information gonna pertain to them?

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