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Dustin Miller is a PPC expert local to Digital Triggers. He’s been a longtime friend of the podcast and we were stoked to bring him on. We focused on his processes for managing clients so they don’t eat up all of his time.  We also dug a bit into how he runs his business.

Managing Clients

  • Setting expectations is huge. Educate and set expectations well.
  • Don’t make the mistake of thinking you know what they want. Volume or profitability?
  • What we can do for them reasonably over what time period.
  • How we are going to execute on it and how much time. Do we have to do a build out?
  • Make sure to set yourself apart and explain that your different.
  • An Adwords audit. Almost always we hop in the account and find some glaring problems. Missed opportunities.
  • Budget capping for example. Do you want less for less?

Software & Management Style

  • Task management software and we use Asana internally.
  • Toggle for time tracking.
  • Fresh books and Microsoft Excel.
  • PPC Biz Box for mini audits and prospecting.
  • Going to start use reporting tools.

Handling Client Communications

  • Some clients are email based only and they are the best.
  • Bigger clients want more touch points.
  • Some clients expect this over reporting.
  • Make sure you have an agenda for every call.

Managing the Campaigns

  • We know we’re going to do certain things every month. So we schedule it out.
  • Once you’ve done an audit, you know the scope of the work.

Managing the Business

  • Do you utilize outsourcing and VAs?
  • All in house. Web design for remote workers.
  • We handle white label work for others.
  • When white labeling we don’t have to deal with the client so there is less work there.

‘Eating’ the Set Up

  • We have an idea of what it’s worth per hour. We aren’t always able to recoup that build out.
  • 3 month minimum agreement. We need that much time to start to get results.

Long Term Plan

  • We want clients forever.
  • Sometimes the traffic is just too expensive.
  • We don’t have the longevity that we normally would so we are honest about charging more.

Vetting Their Funnel

  • We go through and look at their sales funnels. We’ll call the phone number.
  • Does the on page look good? How are the Google Analytics.
  • We try to only do it for companies that have already spent.
  • The biggest problem we found is businesses aren’t tracking or they are tracking incorrectly.
  • Some clients can’t track 100% of conversions so we have to build projections.
  • They don’t know how well we are going to do if we don’t measure it.
  • We have to measure it.
  • These are things we mention in the audit.

Free PPC Audit on Homepage

  • I see you have a free ppc audit on the homepage, how does that work?
  • Still free and still standard. Multiple audit requests.
  • We’ll qualify and do a mini audit before doing it.
  • We’re going to test charging for it soon.

Optin Monster Popup

  • Subscribers to the newsletter and we send out our podcast.
  • Inform, educate and ascend them to clients.

AdWords 101 Guide

  • SEO efforts for links coming in.
  • Good reviews on our Google plus page.
  • Better business bureau logo. Authority and trust factors.
  • Building on the authority thats helped us.
  • Being everywhere and having good educational content.

New Clients and New Business

  • Referrals, the podcast, local SEO.
  • Many people want a local company.
  • The conversion rate is so much different when they are calling you.