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Table of Contents


Joe Troyer: The next question is all about outsourcing SEO. So, this is a big one. We get asked probably once a day, or every other day, “Who do you recommend to do SEO for me?” Or, “Do you have a vendor that can do my white label SEO?” Or, “Do you have somebody that I could just pay to do my SEO or my SEO outsourcing?” And I want to, once and for all, hopefully nip this question in the bud, so to speak. Is it nip it in the butt? Nip it in the bud? I’m not really sure. But I want to really tackle this question once and for all.

Joe Troyer: All right, so at the end of the day, why would you want to outsource your SEO? I mean, labor costs could be better. Labor prices can be better. At the end of the day though, I think the biggest thing is that you scale your time, and you save some money. At the end of the day, that’s why everybody should be outsourcing, right? Give me a two-minute chat if you’re trekking along, that makes sense, right? Right, Frankie? Right, Philip?

Joe Troyer: At the end of the day, I see some people have a very negative connotation with outsourcing. There’s nothing wrong with it. Sometimes us Americans, especially, we think we’re just frickin’ smarter than everybody. And it couldn’t be further than the truth. There’s nothing wrong with outsourcing. And, depending on different economies, people make different wages. There’s nothing wrong with utilizing different parts of the world, and using that to your benefit. We, Ryan, Claudia, that’s on the call is from the Philippines. Quite a few members on our team are. They’re just as smart as you are. They’re just are raised from somewhere else. Their economy’s different. Things cost different amounts of money.

Joe Troyer: I completely support the Philippines as well. In fact, if I didn’t outsource in specific parts of my business and businesses over the years, I wouldn’t have been able to scale. And therefore, I wouldn’t have been able to really hire Americans, period. Because you know, somebody right out of college wants at least $50 grand a year just to start. And then you got to pay that. You’ve got to pay them all, you’ve got to pay the government, all the taxes and all the fees, on top of their wage. W-2 employees are expensive. So thank God for outsourcing, or my business, I’m sure, wouldn’t be where it is at today.

Joe Troyer: I think though that unfortunately, 99% probably, 9 out of 10 at least of the people that I speak to, are completely outsourcing wrong. Some of them felt like they’ve gotten burned. Some of them have just had horrible experiences. Some of them are left with just a lackluster, like “Yeah, that didn’t really work.” And so, what I want to share with you guys today, is the shift in mindset that I believe, that you need to have in order to outsource correctly. See, I need you to think about this in a different aspect, have a different train of thought. I don’t want you to think that I’m going to train someone to do your SEO. Or, you’re going train someone to do your client’s SEO, that you’re getting paid for.

Joe Troyer: Instead, you should train someone to geotag images for Google My Business. And set the corresponding or correct categories inside of GMB. You’ll want to train somebody how to create location pages on your website, come up with a process for that. Do 100% train someone to go set up pillow links for your site. And by pillow links, I mean citations, I mean, Web 2.0 sites, local directories, okay? All of the things that you’ve been taught. By all means, 100% do train someone to do an indexing audit once per month. I have a great tutorial for you guys on our website, all about that. Take that process, go through it, understand it yourself, and once you understand it yourself, and you run it for yourself, then put that into a system that you have done once a month by somebody else.

Joe Troyer: At the end of the day, you want to train on micro processes like this. You don’t want to outsource just your SEO. Trust me when I say, you’re asking for a pile of shit, and a lot of fucking problems, you are. You have to break everything down into bite-size pieces that literally anybody can follow. Just looking at my notes here, making sure I hit everything. So for me, once we get done with the process, you’re creating a standard operating procedure. You want to go through, and you want to look at it with a different set of eyes. You want to take a couple of minute break, and this happened the other day.

Joe Troyer: We were bringing on and on-boarding some designers for our new site at Digital Triggers. So we created a brief for the designers. Here’s what we want our featured images to look like. And I had Xandro, one of the team members on our team, write this thing up, and designers started submitting work for the featured images. And all of them are getting everything wrong, like all of them. Like, “Hey man, Xandro, knock, knock. Can I see that brief? We need to chat about this. Everybody’s getting this wrong. If everybody’s getting it wrong, are the directions really that easy to understand?” It’s like, good point. And so I went and looked at it, and it was complicated. Everything was repeated three and four times, but in other sentences. It wasn’t short and to the point, and easy to understand. You couldn’t just look at it and then 30 seconds or 60 seconds, understand what the hell you were supposed to do. It was just too complex and too diluted to make any sense.

Joe Troyer: So now, guess what? We fixed it, we cut it down, and we’re already getting better responses back. We’re getting better work back. So just a real-life case study, and real-life use case for you guys.

Joe Troyer: Again, as the entrepreneur, like we talked about in the last video, your job is to blaze the trail. Figure out what to do, to figure out how to do it, you could actually do it yourself, and then hand it off to somebody else to do it for you. So, turn to the experts in life for training. If it wasn’t for me and hiring experts, and paying them a whole lot of money, I wouldn’t have the knowledge that I have today. And I wouldn’t be here today. Take those things, implement them into your business. It might take a little tweak to make them work perfectly, systematize it, hand it off to somebody else to run, day in and day out, on your behalf.

Joe Troyer: Then all you got to do is manage the expectation. And that’s one of the things that I don’t talk about a lot is, once you turn it over, you got to make sure that you have an easy system to follow, to make sure that the train isn’t running off the tracks. If it takes you an hour to QA the person or to actually make sure that your outsourcers’ doing the job correctly, and it’s taking the outsourcer an hour to do the task, you’re just washing out your time, right? You’ve got to figure out what the KPIs are, the Key Performance Indicators. What do you have to look at, so that in as little time as possible, you can ensure that the train is on the tracks, the process is being done correctly, and it’s getting the end result.

Joe Troyer: So, that’s it. And I would highly, highly suggest that you guys make me one of those experts that you listen to, so I can help motivate you, I can help guide you. And when you fumble, and you fall, we all will, we all deal with it, it’s all right, I’ll be there to help you back up.




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