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Get caught up on what you might have missed in the week with The Friday Reload.  We hand-curate the best posts, news and videos of the week.

For the week of October 24th, 2014



Apple Maps

Simply put stop ignoring Apple Maps when it comes to your own business or a client’s business.

We have more than a few articles focusing on Apple Maps this week.

List Your Business on Apple with Maps Connect

5 easy steps and it’s done.

Apple Maps Connect Pro Tip

Justin Mosebach an Internet Marketing professional with YDOP – Internet Marketing just sent in the very helpful tip for Apple’ Maps Connect:

Interestingly, if the phone call with the code doesn’t work the first time, you have to wait 1 minute until you re-try it. If that next try doesn’t work, you have to wait 5 minutes until the next try (and then 25 minutes after that).

However, I discovered a trick that if you log out and log back in, the wait time goes away and you can immediately try again.

After trying around 9am (with no success), I was able to claim our listing a few minutes ago. You just have to wait like 5-10 minutes or more for the call to come through with the verification code. I assume it’s slow because of everyone and their uncle trying to do this at the same time.

I was not given any type of option to verify the listing by an email address with the same domain as the business (as the Search Engine Land article alluded to).

Apple Maps Local Business Category List

Over 671 categories to choose from.  They put together a list and put it on Google Drive.

Changing Business Name? Don’t Forget About Apple Maps!

Just because it’s not Google, doesn’t mean it isn’t important.

Original Content for Recruiting Platform Lifts Social Engagement 61.2%

This case study featured Talentsquare’s move from sharing articles on their company blog to creating more original content directly highlighting their brand voice and expertise. As a result, overall social engagement via likes, comments, shares and clicks to Talentsquare’s company blog posts have increased 61.2%.

Original content wins ladies and gentlemen.  Yes I realize the irony of saying that while curating other people’s content.

Apple iAd Advertisers Can Now Retarget Across iOS Devices

apple iAd audience retargeting

Audience retargeting works in apps and across websites on iPads and iPhones in iOS 8.

Snapchat’s First Ad Is For The Ouija Movie

In its first revenue producing move, company posts a 19-second horror movie trailer.

It’ll be interesting to see how Snapchat holds up when ads come in.

Moving on from news related stories and jumping into the rest of the Reload.


How To Achieve a 73% Opt-In Conversion Rate

If you’re doing content marketing YOU HAVE to be using these content upgrades.  I’ve been slacking but they’ll likely be a part of every Reload moving forward.

Leadboxes Opt-In Stats

Firstly, there’s no magic “lead magnet” or “secret” in the download. What people are getting is a PDF download of the post THEY ARE ALREADY READING. They could just read the blog post, but people are still attached to downloading, printing and in a little way, “owning” content. Feeling like it’s safe and secure. Downloading a PDF allows them to do that. A hat tip to James Schramko for the idea to use a PDF transcript of the blog post as the downloadable the user opts-in for.

The point here is that you don’t need to create a crazy incentive for your readers to opt-in. If your content is good, they will – even when the information they are opting-in for is already available to them!

Secondly, the opt-in rates are really high with LeadBoxes. Getting opt-in rates like 79% and 73% without creating any additional content is INCREDIBLE.

Leadbox on

9 Growth Hacks Any Small Business Can Implement

  1. Webinar Hack
  2. Giveaway Hack
  3. Guest Post Hack
  4. Two-Sided Incentive
  5. Exit Popup Hack
  6. Retargeting Hack
  7. Drip Campaign Onboarding
  8. Invite Only Hack
  9. Live Survey Hack

How I Made My First $1,000 with Reddit Ads

I love this post because I’m certain most people here have never used Reddit Ads, yet here’s a guy who made his first $1,000 using them.

He sells a ‘box’ monthly featuring prime cuts of beef jerky and spent around $400 on Reddit Ads and made $2,200 in revenue.

The whole process and outline is worth reading, even if you aren’t looking at spending any money on Reddit Ads anytime soon.

Accomplishing a 45% Conversion Rate on a New AdWords Account

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 5.43.17 PM

Every AdWords manager dreams about achieving conversion rates over 10%, especially when the average AdWords conversion rate runs about 2.5%. So, for me, any time I can push a campaign conversion rate over 10%, it is like hitting the AdWords jackpot!

So when I managed to achieve an incredible 45% conversion rate across an entire account, and managing it within 30 days of launching a brand new AdWords account, it made sense to detail exactly what I did in order to replicate it across other highly competitive industries too. Here is the case study with the campaign background, the challenges with the client and how I achieved that 45% conversion rate that first 30 days.

6 Paid Campaign Tips & Traps For The Holidays

While on the subject of PPC let’s talk holidays.

paid campaign tips for holidays


  • Tip: Capitalize on Timely Keyword Trends
  • Trap: Bid On a Keyword You Can’t Afford
  • Tip: Location Targeted Bid Adjustments
  • Trap: Deliver the Wrong Landing Page Content to Location-Targeted Visitors
  • Tip: Try Something New
  • Trap: Spend Your Entire Budget Trying Something New

We Analyzed 8 Banner Ads of 8 Great Brands Using Follow, That’s What We Learned

Use Follow to analyze display banner ads.

Not all startups and small entrepreneurs have enough money to be spent on advertising these days. However, those who do have reasonable funds to invest should carefully think about what to write on their banner ads, to make sure that the ads achieve high CTR (Click Through Rate), and from people who genuinely are interested in discovering more. Follow can help you do that.

I love Follow and love what they did with this post.

Analyzing 8 Banner Ads of 8 Big Companies

Below here you may see a percentage summary of what we found out.

Do the ads have a specific offer in the title? 62.50% do.
Do the ads mention a benefit? 62.50% do.
Do the ads mention a feature? 50.00% do.
Do the ads include a specific CTA (Call to Action), clear enough that makes a reader understand what happens after clicking? 87.50% do.
Do the ads include the company logo? 100.00% do.
Do the ads have a teaser, supporting message for emphasis? 75.00% do.

5 Post-Conversion Strategies to Increase Customer Lifetime Value


A conversion shouldn’t be a one-night stand. After the initial conversion, you need to continue to nurture that relationship. Image source.

  1. Focus on Customer Service
  2. Exceed expectations with unexpected surprises – Love the Facebook share there.
  3.  Incorporate upsells into your offers
  4. Keep the conversation going with marketing automation
  5. Gather feedback to improve products


Stock Up

Search the best free stock photo websites in one place.  tumblr_n6cd0rXxs11sfie3io1_1280

The image above was found using Stock Up.

The great part about this site is the search feature.  There are plenty of great stock photos out there but navigating them can be difficult.

Startup Notes

startup notes

P.S. If you have an iPad you can create beautiful things as well.  Check out Paper and Pencil by FiftyThree.

Lukewarm Emailer

Get signups, fans, and introductions
After sending 300 cold emails with Lukewarm, 19% of my recipients responded with interest.

Cold email is so hot right now.

Product Psychology

A free course on User Behavior.

user behavior

Infographic Optimization Hacks

Looking to launch an infographic?  Smart move.  Now use these slides to make sure it goes well.

Lower your Facebook Ads cost and triple your ROI with these 6 A/B tests03 - interest

1. 4 Tips before you start

  • Never sell to cold leads.
  • You need a big audience.
  • Track the entire funnel
  • You’ll need a few tools to conduct an efficient A/B test for your Facebook ads.

2. All interests targeting options are not created equal

3. Men & Women- we’re all equal, but…

4. Age matters

5. Not everyone speaks English

6. Spend time optimizing your landing pages

How To Optimize Mobile Pages To Drive Phone Leads

How To Optimize Mobile Pages To Drive Phone Leads


According to a study of 3,000 mobile searchers by Google & IPOS, nearly half indicated that they are more likely to convert elsewhere if they can’t call a business directly from the search result.No Call Button

When is the ability to call most important

Check out the original post for more info on turning your mobile pages into call generators.

Why Google’s New Custom Affinity Audiences Matters to You 

Why Google’s New Custom Affinity Audiences Matters to You

Last week, Google announced that Custom Affinity Audiences is available for everyone on the Google Display Network. Google’s Custom Affinity Audiences gives advertisers more flexibility in how they target across the Display Network. It’s been a busy few weeks for advertisers with the release of new targeting toys; In addition to Google’s announcement, Facebook also recently announced their Audience Network expansion. In this post, I will share my insights on how Custom Affinity Audiences will impact you as an advertiser.

What is it?
Custom Affinity Audiences allows advertisers to reach the exact people they are looking for as they create the audience parameters. This feature is the culmination of two years of Google launches, including affinity and in-market audiences.

Affinity – Someone with a strong history of viewing a subject, i.e. a technophile
In-market – Someone who is actively browsing, researching or comparing the types of products you sell, i.e. a new technology

Now, Google is providing advertisers with this information in a way that allows them the ability to define their audience with a combination of interests and sites.


How the Golden State Warriors got 2M clicks on a video in 24 hours with no ads

A Simple Traffic Generation Strategy You’re Probably Not Using – Take It!

How Large Multi-Location Businesses Can Dominate In Local Search

How to Write Click-Worthy Blog Headlines Without Resorting to Clickbait


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