GetLasso Review: The Best Affiliate Marketing Plugin for WordPress?

GetLasso review

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

If you’re a blogger, then you know that affiliate marketing can be a great way to make some good ole cash. But managing affiliate links can turn into a really tedious endeavor at times. That’s where Lasso comes in. Lasso is an affiliate link management plugin for WordPress that makes it easy for bloggers to manage their affiliate links. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at what Lasso has to offer and see how it compares to other affiliate marketing tools.

How Does Lasso work?

The Lasso WordPress plugin is an affiliate marketing program designed to help you maximize your website’s earning potential. It works by identifying relevant, high-value products and services that are most likely to convert into sales for your business.

Once Lasso is installed on your WordPress site, it will start searching for related products and services from its extensive database of partners. For example, if you run a blog about health and wellness, Lasso will look for affiliates who market products or services related to this niche.

When Lasso identifies a product or service that might be profitable for your business, it will generate a unique referral link for the offer which can be used in posts and pages on your website. When visitors click on the link, they will be taken to the partner website and Lasso will track their purchase behavior.

The Lasso plugin also includes a powerful reporting system that allows you to review your performance data in real time. This helps you identify profitable opportunities and adjust your strategy accordingly.

What are the Benefits of Using Lasso?

Lasso is incredibly easy to use. With just a few clicks, you can manage all your affiliate links in one place. You can also manage multiple affiliate programs and  manage the performance of each link. This makes it easy to track which links are performing well and which aren’t, so you’ll always know where to focus your efforts.

Plus, Lasso integrates with popular WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO and Elementor for enhanced performance tracking and optimization.

Key Features

Affiliate marketers can effectively manage their links thanks to a number of features offered by Lasso. Here are some of them that we’d like to highlight:

Customizable Link Displays

The ability to include dynamic affiliate link displays is Lasso’s crowning glory. By default, there are six themes available from which you can select your preferred layout based on how your products appear on your page.

Users can add information to the product or service that will make it more visually appealing to readers, such as the title, description, buy button, and image. Additionally, all of these themes are responsive, meaning that they will function just as well on mobile devices.

Affiliate Link Opportunities

Your commissions can easily increase overnight using the opportunities feature. Without having to manually edit each post, you can strategically place affiliate links on your website in locations where you know they will increase sales.

This can be done by using the WordPress dashboard’s keyword search feature. If you’re promoting a specific product like pet vitamins, for instance, and you want to experiment with adding more links, you could pick a keyword that pops up in several posts and insert affiliate links into them all at once.


The dashboard allows you to manage affiliate links, compile all of your important links in one place, and get notifications when a link needs your attention.

This is ideal whether you have substantial affiliate websites or just a straightforward WordPress website.

By automating the process of discovering new opportunities and displaying them in lovely product boxes, Lasso’s dashboard not only offers useful insights into your affiliate links but also saves time. You can use the dashboard to quickly make changes to your site at scale.

Click Tracking

You can find out which affiliate links are producing revenue with Lasso’s Click Tracking feature. Lasso provides information so you can concentrate your efforts on your website’s most lucrative links by connecting to Google Analytics. It also makes finding and fixing underperforming affiliate products simple

Amazon Integration

Lasso offers complete integration with all of its features if the Amazon affiliate program is one of your main sources of income. Your WordPress site and your affiliate account can be directly linked by Lasso using your API and the tracking code. This makes it relatively easier to retrieve any product information and monetize it with links.

The affiliate links will also automatically update every 24 hours, ensuring that your product pages and prices are always current. The tool will notify you if Lasso is unable to update and check stock levels for you.

Link Cloaking

You can conceal your affiliate links using Lasso. By setting up a URL redirect using your site address, the plugin will mask your affiliate link. This method both shortens the URL and rebrands it, giving it a more reliable appearance to your readers.

To hide your URLs and give them a custom name, just toggle the switch. This helps you stay organized and makes it simple for customers to remember your products. Using Lasso to cloak your affiliate URLs is a simple way to safeguard your commissions and keep track of your sales information.

Import Links

You can seamlessly switch from plugins like PrettyLinks and ThirstyAffiliates by using Lasso’s one-click import feature. You can choose to do it one at a time or do a bulk import. This saves a ton of time and makes it simple to set up this robust plugin.

Suppose you decide to discontinue Lasso in the future. Your links will keep working as they always have if you re-use your old plugin.

Link Health Management

The dashboard for Lasso makes it simple to see where your sales are coming from by keeping track of clicks on all of your links. Additionally, it will let you know if any of your links break or if an item you’re promoting on Amazon runs out of stock.

Lasso keeps an eye out for broken URLs in your affiliate links. You will be notified if a link on your website is broken so you can fix it right away. You can keep your links operating uninterrupted in this way.

Link Health makes sure that all of your links are active and that you never lose out on any potential revenue. Anyone who relies on affiliate income will benefit from this.

Comparison Tables

Lasso makes it simple to create tables for displaying product comparisons. You can design tables for your affiliate products in a modern style. You can change each element of your comparison tables, and you can select from a variety of presentation layouts.


Lasso has very reasonable prices despite offering more value than the majority of comparable WordPress plugins. There is only one price plan, which can be paid for in either monthly or yearly installments.

Monthly – $29 per month

  • Free 14-day trial period
  • Conversion optimized displays
  • Discover affiliate opportunities
  • API-free Amazon data

Yearly – $289 per year

You get everything in monthly plus

  • 2 months free – $59 in value
  • staging sites included
  • DFY display customization

Main Drawbacks

Some tasks, like reviewing your affiliate link opportunities, can take time because not everything is as systematized as it could be.

Modifiers in affiliate link URL slugs are not supported by Lasso. This limits your options and forces you to prepare all of your URLs in advance.

Top Lasso Alternatives

There are a few comparable affiliate marketing plugins worth mentioning in case you’re not completely sold on Lasso.


AffiliateWP provides WordPress-powered websites with premium affiliate marketing options. With this tool, you can set up an affiliate program in minutes and give your affiliates access to a dashboard where they can monitor their performance, see their earnings, get their referral URLs, and find creatives.

You can make this all happen while you benefit from real-time tracking for affiliate-generated visits, referrals, earnings, and affiliate registrations. AffiliateWP can track affiliate referrals accurately even on servers with aggressive caching.

Their premium plans start at $149.50/year

Pretty Links

Pretty Links is a WordPress plugin that can assist you in increasing your affiliate revenue from existing content. Pretty Links allows you to manually or automatically manage your affiliate links.

Pretty Links’ automation allows you to save time by allowing the plugin to insert the appropriate affiliate links based on keywords. Using the Affiliate Link Cloaker, you can easily cloak your affiliate links and serve them with the URL of your choice.

Premium plans start at $99.50 per year

Thirsty Affiliates

ThirstyAffiliates is a WordPress affiliate link cloaking and redirect plugin. It’s more than just a link Cloaker. ThirstyAffiliates includes tools for keyword auto-linking, creating reports with charts and tables for actionable statistics, geo-location linking, smart uncloaking, proactive link fixer that ensures your affiliate links are always up to date, automatic 404 checkers, and integration with Google Analytics events.

Premium plans start at $79.50 per year

Easy Affiliate

Easy Affiliate is an all-in-one affiliate marketing tool that allows you to manage referral statistics, influencers, and payouts all from a single dashboard. You’ll also have access to direct pay-per-lead integration, fraud detection, one-click payouts, and an elegantly designed, simple dashboard that your affiliates can easily navigate. It is compatible with the majority of major email marketing services, eCommerce platforms, and payment systems.

Easy Affiliate plans start at $99.50/year.

Tasty Links

Tasty Links is one of the leading WordPress affiliate plugins on the market, with features such as auto-linking keywords, complete control over your referral links, and your standard customization options. Managing affiliate links is made simple with Tasty Links’ intuitive interface. The tool makes it super easy for affiliate marketers to manage their links. You also get advanced link control, and simple disclosure.

Plans start at $49/year.


Lasso is an excellent tool for managing more than one affiliate site. It cuts down on time wasted on tedious tasks. The themes that come with the plugin can undoubtedly elevate your page’s appearance.

Although there are some drawbacks to using a plugin like Lasso, affiliate marketers who use WordPress will find it to be a great fit. Because of how simple it is to enhance the appearance of your posts thanks to the product displays, it’s especially useful if you don’t have much of an eye for design.

If you’re an affiliate marketer who’s on the fence about the tool, the 14-day trial gives you plenty of time to decide if Lasso is right for you.



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